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  1. Found this link www.robwheelerpotter.com and ordered some for myself. They are very pretty and just the right size for Pekin eggs.
  2. Have you seen 'A Hand Thrown Pottery Egg Cup Made By Me, A Perfect Size For Bantam' £4.00 each with p&p on top at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133698418489?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkcid=28 I’ve also been in touch with Francine Raymond of “The Kitchen Garden”. If you go to her website at http://www.kitchen-garden-hens.co.uk/ and send her a message through ‘contact us’ she too has some spare that she is selling cream with blue spots plus a spoon £6.50+ £2.00
  3. Sometimes I really do wonder how ducks have survived as a species. My little call ducks are such nice little beings. Nicer really than my chickens who can be quite vicious. My ducks' rounded bills mean that their pecks don't hurt even on the palm of my hand, and the worst my little drakes seem to do is to grab the bottom of my jeans and make funny quacky noises.
  4. Welcome Stepnout. In Canada you just might find the Omlet harsh weather cube cover helpful
  5. I am glad Robin is better again. Prolapses are grim especially when it gets hot and flies come out. Over the years I've kept chickens I have come to the conclusion that they are one of the hardest to keep pets I've had. Fancy rats and hammies and even dogs you just keep clean and well fed on the correct food and take them out and have fun with them. Chickens seem to get all sorts of nasties however clean they are kept and regardless of whether or not I fork out on the most expensive Garvo food.
  6. Reminds me of your avatar, Valkyrie
  7. Despite the warm weather this has really put the shivers up me
  8. I certainly think that as Shakespear's Hamlet said "There are more things in Heaven and on Earth, Horatio Than are dreamt of in your philosophy" Whether they are spirits or just strong impressions imprinted in places I can't decide. What seems clear is that unhappiness seems to imprint itself more than joy which is a tad depressing in itself.
  9. Aren't they pretty girls! I love the way they are all so different. Do you buy that tonic or do you make it up yourself?
  10. I love Facebook but have never seen the need for Twitter. I find myself wondering how on earth people have the time for all that 'following' . . . but then I realise I can spend loads of time on Facebook and it has taken over almost completely from my Omlet fixation
  11. What lovely breeds you have chosen! Looking forward to the pictures even if it will make me green. Love their names.
  12. Well that's me sorted . . . I've agreed to have another Poland so perhaps not giving up any time soon after all
  13. I do hope your operation is not as big as you think, Margaret, and that all goes really smoothly. We'll be thinking of you. I keep thinking that the wise thing would be to not get new chickens as the old ones toddle off this earth and am now down to 6, but whether I really can bite that bullet I don't know. I have been so put off by the fact that it is easier round here to get treatment for a pet hammy than a chicken. I long for a sort of 'Yorkshire Vet' situation where if I spot one not looking well I can pop round to the vet and get her some decent treatment, but I guess I am in a rural area where chickens are still very much considered as a disposable commodity I have lost another one today (she was old at 7 but . . . ) and thinking about it, I can't imagine my garden without chickens. I think it would seem very barren after all the bustling that is always going on in it. And who would eat the left over sweet corn?

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