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  1. I love my Kindle Paperwhite as well Much better than my original one, and not nearly as heavy as my iPad.
  2. Our local newspaper "The Manchester evening News" raised over £1million in the first 12 hours - today the M6 has been closed near the sister shelter in Warrington as so many thousands of people turned up to short term foster the remaining dogs. Makes me proud to be Mancunian There are also some local builders who have offered to rebuild the shelter....Police have released the 15 year old there were holding on bail, no news yet as to what they think happened.
  3. I did velcro on mine and they seemed to like that, Plus with it being a metal ladder I wonder if it was getting too hot in the sun? They are happy now though.... finally
  4. In my experience, Triple science is a lot more work than double science. I have had two go through Grammar school, one , who didn't want to do science did double science, and the other , who is doing a science degree now, did triple. If she doesn't want to end up in a science field, she is just as well doing double science, it may help her get higher grades overall is she doesn't feel bogged down by something she doesn't enjoy as much as other subjects, or finds the workload too much alongside everything else.
  5. Thank you Percy 049, I do have lots of purpley blue in the garden On a different note, for the last two days (ever since I put some velcro stuff on the rungs of the ladder!!) they have gone to bed at 10pm in their house and using the ladder, and all three of them have layed in the nest box! I feel like proud parent that we actually got there!!
  6. So I bought some rug stopper stuff and put it on the rungs of the ladder, but they were still hanging around at the bottom so tonight I have crawled through the run ( still luckily pretty clean!!) and deposited them through the front door! I did have one egg layer in the nest box, ( at some point ) and my ginger Elanor did go in this afternoon , spend 20 mins in the nest box before coming out without an egg! She chose to do it when I had taken the ladder out for alteration and just flapped her way up there Hoping they get the hang of this soon as it's doing nothing for my knees! (Hope no one had a camera!)
  7. Early days yet, but mine won't use the ladder at all either up or down - never had a problem with the cube so not sure how I can get round this - maybe wrap some sisal rope round the steps?
  8. Well I can get them to the end of the run and they let me pick them up and put them in the back door. However they, as yet, are not even thinking about using the ladder to go in themselves and would rather sleep in the run! They were very wary this morning coming down and one layed in the dustbath today despite there being eggs in the nest box this morning. Nor sure how I am going to get them up and down to the Go Up Hope someone can tell me they will get used to it in time - never had this problem with my eglus or cubes before so I'm not too sure what the actual problem is -silly sllly girls!
  9. Well they arrived on Thursday, but haven't set foot in it yet!! Two eggs laid in the run and they seem to like sleeping under the Go Up where I can't get to them with the extension on!! Anyone any ideas how I can get them in? I know about the torch trick, but at the moment they stay up way later than me!!! Thinking i may slot bamboo through the run to block off the bit under the house later and see if that helps?? Any other little tricks gratefully received as I am getting too good at egg rolling down the run with a bamboo cane!!
  10. Did your cube arrive ok chuckmum6? I have had cubes in the past but gave up chicken keeping completely 4 years ago due to back problems and arthritis in my hands. I am so glad to hear the sound of chickens in the garden again
  11. Well they have arrived and layed eggs on the way up to say hello
  12. Well my purple Go Up, three ladies and a run extension arrive tomorrow!! I'm so excited!! It's three years since I gave up chicken keeping after 5 years of expanding and contracting flocks My next door neighbour has one of my old eglus and still has 4 chickens which I can see over the fence! I can hear them making chickeny noises and have really missed having chickens. So tomorrow I start again! The GO is perfect for me, small enough for just a few, and now on wheels like the cube so I can move it easily and shouldn't need any help from OH. I have a nice Omlet person putting it together for me tomorrow as I know I wouldn't be able to do run clips anymore with my arthritic fingers. Can't wait to come home from work tomorrow and find it all set up at the bottom of my garden........so excited!!
  13. My DS is at Salford and they have a communal kitchen/dining /lounge in his flat with microwave,fridge/freezer, cooker and hob. There is a communal laundry and they took small small stuff like a kettle/toaster themselves.
  14. What Omlet mean is that the house is suitable for upto 4 birds! The standard run size clearly isn't.
  15. Soooooooo cute!! Hope one day I may persuade OH to let me incubate some eggs.......
  16. As a Season Ticket holder at a well known football club, me and OH LOVE the World Cup ( and most sport for that matter!!) There are no flags or mad people running around in my road, but we do enjoy quietly watching in our own home (though we were a bit noisy last night when Holland beat Spain!! ) Guess it was because I grew up with a sport loving Dad and as I was by far the youngest, i was the one who sat and watched with him in his older years. I'll watch anything but Rugby League
  17. I will have a Go UP after 19th june and would be happy for people to look - I am in Manchester
  18. I have used these for chicken runs and cat runs! http://www.tarpaflex.co.uk/acatalog/Mono_Cover_Tarpaulins_-_Clear.html Our small cat run, which was our chicken run several years ago has had the same one on now for about 6 years and it doesn't have a rip at all. WE just bought some new ones to go round our second run and they arrived speedily as long as they are in stock.
  19. I'll have to try and remember to do it monday then Memory like a sieve!!
  20. Do Omlet answer the phone on Saturdays or are they only open weekdays? I meant to phone today but forgot and need to change my order before OH says no!!!!!
  21. Do you already have an extension? The basic run is 2m but you can add 1m extensions... You can add more than 1 but it depends on whether you plan to move your GoUp around a lot as 4m of run is not at easy to move as 2m or even 3m. It is possible though if you want to
  22. One each of the omlet ones to start with - I had chickens, about 8 until it all got a bit much a few years ago so am trying to keep it low key this time round... don't want to catch "Morehens" disease again
  23. I used to have this with my old Ginger who was 24 because he didn't walk far enough to wear them down. I usually clip all my cats claws from time to time with some nail clippers just to make sure they don't overgrow. Normally they wear them down by walking around ?

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