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  1. My spaniels have Burns as its hypoallergenic and one of them has IBS. It also has meat only from the animal on the label unlike some that have additional meat from other animals to bulk it out. Jack can only eat Chicken so its great for him and my lively Cocker spaniel loves it too. Not much problem with wind and only 1 poop a day
  2. My spaniels go in together, they are different types, the older one is Cavalier King Charles and the younger one a Cocker. I think they were separate to start, but once they were friends they went in together. They often sleep next to each other anyway if they doze My Cavalier lets the younger dog get away with all sorts - she won't let him near her bowl, but will guard and growl , whereas he is much more submissive and lets her take anything. I feed them at separate ends of the kitchen so each has their own space to eat. All his toys became hers as well But he isn't bothered as long as he has a comfy lap to sleep on which she has learned not to invade! Guess it depends on the temperaments of your dogs.....
  3. Thanks Cat tails, that's exactly what I needed - i have small wall in the area I wanted to put it but that will be ok as the Go is higher than I envisaged I love it when my plans come together!!
  4. We also crate trained our two spaniels and they both sleep in there every night and when we are out. Yes, it's case of if you know they have been out to the toilet, just ignoring them otherwise they will expect you to come to them if they make a noise. Takes a little while, but if they have a blanket or favourite toy in with them it can help. It does get better though the first couple of settling-in weeks seem to last forever!!
  5. Hi there, my Go Up arrives in a couple for weeks and I think I know where it is going to go in the garden, but, I was wondering if anyone who already has one can tell me the height of the door from the ground at the back? Just want to make sure I have clearance to get to my lovely eggs
  6. Thanks for your support The owner of the cat has just rang me ( I left my number with a neighbour at that end of the road ) and he didn't seem at all concerned.... just said "Well these things happen!" At least I feel a little less guilty now but slightly miffed that he was less than concerned about his cat If it was one of mine I would be gutted!
  7. A few years ago I was driving down my road. Its a side road, which narrows in the middle as there is a road into the local very big Park then it narrows again to the other end. All the way down the road people have to park partially on the pavement to allow one car down the middle, and by the park entrance it is quite narrow. A couple of years ago, I had an accident with a 9 year old girl on her bike in the really narrow bit. She came out from between two land rovers, I braked hard but still caught a glancing blow... She hadn't even realised she was in the road. She was absolutely fine, just a couple of bruises and the police were more worried about me than her and came to make sure I was ok a couple of days later. Today whilst driving past the same spot on my way to take the dog to the vets I hit a cat He didn't run in front of me, and i always drive past that spot slowly after the last time and there were also children on the pavement. I think he ran from an alley, but I didnt see him go under the car, and must have caught him when he ran out the other side. I pulled up further up and agreed with the mother of the kids who got me a cat basket from her house that I would take him to the vets. He had no collar and no chip and the vet put him to sleep. Bur I don't know who his owner is and the people nearby weren't sure either I feel so rubbish about driving past there again it took me months to get over the last one and I will probably avoid that stretch of road again now. I have lots several cats to road accidents in the past and never blamed the drivers but feel really guilty now.
  8. Those who remember me from times past will know that I have several cats! I am currently owned by 6 so I thought I would introduce them again: Maya the 12 year old Bengal Storm 8 year old Maine Coon [/url] Layla 7 year old Maine Coon Alfie, our Huge 6 year old Maine Coon boy Merlyn our 1 year old Lilac Somali boy and Emrys our 6 month old Chocolate Somali boy who is our kitten of fate!! Since i was last on here, we have lost our elderly Ginger Jaffa - aged 24, our beautiful Aby Simba who was 16 and our stunning Maine coon Tilly who was just 9
  9. I am having a Purple one, not sure its the same "purple" as the cube/eglu ( had both in the past!!! ) but prefer it to green Can't wait to hear the chootling sounds again.... can hear my neighbours but I soooo missed it!
  10. Ooooh hello everyone again!! I haven't been on here for a few years really, struggled with chickens due to arthritis for a while but the new Go UP is just right for me and two lovely ladies so am taking the plunge again. I do "see" some people on Facebook but am really pleased there are so many I remember still on the forum.
  11. My daughter is on her erasmus 12 months in europe. She changed her contract number to PAYG so she can keep her original number when she comes home and uses it very occasionally to keep it "live". She has bought a PAYG rolling contract SIM in both Italy and Germany and used that with no problems and when she gets home she's hoping to change her number back to a UK contract. She did have a new contract free phone before she went though and we had enough problems with Vodafone getting her SIM changed over before she went
  12. I have been lucky in that both ED and YS go to a Uni only 20 minutes away - though they don't live at home. I always thought it was important for them to learn to fend for themselves and make their own decisions. ED hated her first year Halls but was happy in her student house in her second year which meant I didn't see as much of her. This year she is on an Erasmus year abroad which means I have only seen her for two weeks in the last 9 months and 3 more still to go. It's been good for me as we haven't had as much contact as its been too expensive - doesn't stop me missing her though. YS came home to do his washing at first until he worked out how to use the machine at hall and now he has a new set of friends we don't see him as often and I am expecting that to be less again next year. It's been hard, especially when the house is so quiet, but more animals and work have kept me busy and I do relish being able to do things on the spur of the moment as well It gets easier but i don't think it ever goes away!
  13. Just seen this on Facebook as I don't come on here very often now. Met Poet and her mum once at an omlet meet at Bents Garden Centre. Lovely ladies and all my sympathies to Ian and her Mum. Will miss her musings RIP Poet
  14. I recently gave up after 5 years of keeping chickens. I have problems with a disc in my my back so OH has to do cleaning duties in the WIR. I downsized twice but couldnt resist the lure of lovely new pure breeds. In the end, it was OH who was not happy about cleaning out days and wanted rid. We also have a naughty cat who over grooms and refuses to use a litter tray.We wanted a second cat run so she could live outside if necessary. Having said that, we split the cats up and they all cried to be squashed in one run together!! We do have chickens next door though so I am not totally without the sounds, though sadly without the eggs
  15. The Sunday show is recorded after the phone lines close on saturday. The BBC in their infinite wisdom just won't show the public until Sunday Just seen Robbie on TV earlier.... so upset
  16. Lovely News! Congratulations
  17. Ha, thats made my morning. The woman is M.A.D!!!!!
  18. Watching Mark again I have to say there was so much more male action in his dance than Harrys. Thats why I dont think it deserved 10's. Each to their own I guess
  19. Seems there are two of us Chelsea!! The intos are awful, its ok for the actors but the non actors must find it hard.... and what happened to seeing the dance progress?? Very litle of that this year

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