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  1. I wasn't too sure about the departure from Cardiff but I LOOOOVVEEDD it! It reminded me more of the early series of Torchwood ( though I found C of E very powerful) and i am so glad that Gwen is still there. JB was great and cant wait to see the next episode. Just hope that the things go back to normal at the end..... hate the idea of Captain Jack being mortal... maybe they want to kill him off
  2. I symapthise as we are having the early starts too though we do get some later ones!!! I try to keep it as low key as I can,, I dont speak to her, just let her out of her crate, open the back door and then she goes out. When she is done I usually leave her with her bed in the kitchen and go back to bed for a few hours. Seems to work OK for between 1 and 2 hours and then she is raring to go!! Pictures are a must......
  3. My son is currently away for a month with Camps International but they do Gap years as well. they have bases in Africa and indonesia. My daughter had a month out last summer with World Challenge and she went to India. They are not full years as they were both under 18 when they went and have had to raise their own money to go, but they are reputable companies who organise flights and stuff and the expeditions have some fun as well as projects work in them, so they get to take part in lots of activities. My daughter went up the himalayas and then to Jaipur to help in a slum school.. My son is based near Mombasa and will scuba dive as well as help in several villages building schools etc.
  4. Prom Night No 2 for us this weekend. DD is off to the Place Hotel in Manchester for her Upper 6th Leavers Prom with her Boyfriend. Here they are in the garden Hoping she has a good time as she has worked really hard this year with her A levels and distinction in her Grade 8 Flute. We are very proud parents
  5. No, I have given up keeping chickens ! The Coonies don't live outside permenantly, but I am not allowed to let them roam free as I signed a covenant with the breeder. They were all 4 in the big run at the bottom of the garden but now I can split them up they have more space. And my oldest Tilly hates being cooped up in the house and won't use her litter tray so she is the reason we try to give them as much outdoor time as possible. They have a big outdoor play gym in each run, and a decking plank hung from the roof that they can sit, or get a really good view from. It' s about head height and the love being up high even though it does swing about a little!!!
  6. My former chicken run and home to 9 lovely ladies is now a "Des Res" cat run for two of my four Maine Coons. Just need to get them a house instead of a couple of cat baskets to sleep in!
  7. as far as i know he is available not really... I was just glad he let me take some photos and that he was ready on time and not on his playstation
  8. This weekend is our Prom weekend. DS is tonight and DD on Sunday. I managed to grab a couple of pics of DS in the garden before he was whisked away with his friends in their Mum's beat up Volvo estate!!
  9. It depends on your local aithority. I'm Term Time only and get paid for 39/52 weeks. I am also part time so get 26 hours based on a full time of 35 hours per week. It can make a huge difference so I would ask them to get an actual salary figure
  10. Emma you can't have given him a name already!! Does seem to have been the day yesterday , maybe all the thunder storms around
  11. Ha, I'm not even in a teaching union but am in Unison and I had to fill in a declaration of what I was doing: a) striking b) wanting to work but not crosing a picket line c) working as normal Our union advice was to cross a picket line if there was one but not take on any additional duties like teaching roles etc that we wouldnt normally do. Our school has decided to close to children be we will still be going in.
  12. If you felt you had to keep him at home for those days, are there any local dog walking services who could come and take him out whilst he is on his own? My CKC Jack is on his own for 2 days a week and we have a service who come and pick him up, take him for an hours walk and then bring him back. He is often out 2-3 hours in the middle of the day and also has the company of other dogs? Don't know whether as a student you could manage the £10 per walk they charge here, presumably they charge more down south?? Just an idea
  13. She is one gorgeous little kitten..... well done to you
  14. Just want to introduce our new little bundle of mischief and teeth! Here is Izzi. She is a blueroan and tan cocker spaniel, now 10 weeks old and always into mischief. Jack loves to play with her and the cats have put her in her place a couple of times, but she is a real sweetie and can do sit, come and outside already!!
  15. Awwww she looks lovely Sarah.... shame about the weather for them..
  16. We have prom weekend next weekend. DD is on her 2nd prom... first was 2 years ago and this si for 6th form . She has a dress form Coast this time which she should be able to wear for parties and stuff afterwards and a pair of shoes form the M and S outlet. Ds has his first next weekend as well... he isnt much interested in what to wear a long as he has a red bow tie ( A Dr Who thing!). So that will be two late nights in one weekend for me..... can't take the pace these days!!
  17. DS is doing his Open water Padi on his trip to Kenya this summer. He is 16. Only thing my GP said was that it is much nicer to dive where it is warm and you can see rather than in cold quarries and the sea round the UK. I wish I was going diving in the Indian ocean with him but I dont think there is room in his rucksack!! Good luck to Rosie and I sure she will love it. I wanted to be a marine Biologist when I was her age, but I was rubbish at science in the end
  18. I have an old cat who is senile/has dementia. He is 21 though! He "forgets" he has been fed, pesters for food then remembers he doesnt want it, he has weak back legs, his eyes are going cloudy, he attacks the other cats for no aparent reason, and yowls extremely loudly when he gets really confused. Its odd though, when he yowls, the other cats will come over to him and wash him as if trying to snap him out of it. He is also going deaf and can often only hear if you clap rather than speak - something to do with sound waves I think. He does have lucid times though and I am not ready to give up on him quite yet
  19. I am not the person to say no to a MaIne Coon I now have 4!! They are all different personalities ranging from neurotic to bolshy with a totally "horizontal" one as well. Rescuing is good but remember they are being rehomed for a reason so be prepared with your other cats that htey may not get on, and many can only live as a solitary cat. I am a member of the maine coon cat club so can pass on info of rehoming coordinator etc if you want any help. Just PM me if you want to know more
  20. Looks familiar. I have given up with the skelter as Alfie my BIG cat loved hooking the eggs off and knocking them on the floor. the skelter was always left in place. Do you think they would make a cat proof skelter as my little box holds nowhere near as many
  21. Well done guys! I was on the original One Show when my chickens were delivered in 2006 - that was the one Martin was talking about.... when Bird flu was around and they had to dress in white suits as they were going to a chicken farm after us ..... and johannes had to drive round the block 4 times to get the shot right and Rajesh Mirchendani fell asleep on my sofa I didnt get invited into the studio audience though so well done! And weren't those chicks soooo cuteeeee!
  22. DD is doing (all being well) MFL at UNi from september so she has been oK. DS is 2 years younger and is doing sciences, but with Spanish hopefully. Reading info about what subjects will get them a job after Uni...... MFL has the highest % of graduates with a job after 6 months out of any subject. And I was also reading that Science with an MFl will put you right at the top of the job pile. So it isnt just about getting into Uni now, it's about getting that decent paid job after as well
  23. One of my new girls arriving at the weekend is a Poland so I am very glad to hear this

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