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  1. Ocado have license to sell waitrose stuff but are independent of waitrose. I use them all the time, have a delivery pass and have had very few problems in 3 years. They even managed to get out to me in the snow and ice we had, with hardly any substititions. Not the cheapest but very reliable and good quality.
  2. My glug and grub holders did show up on Friday through parcelforce
  3. Happy New Year to everyone... here's hoping for a happy and peaceful 2011!
  4. Yeah, I always the had the things you may have forgotten as well but I really hate the size of the screen now. I use a widescreen monitor and it used to sit nicely in the middle like this forum does.... Now I have to constantly turn my head so read across the page...... wrong wrong WRONG!!
  5. Ha, I have 7 indoors now My indoor cats ... well I'm not putting them out in the cold and my old kitties just won't go out anyway... ho hum - roll on warmer weather... I forgotten what its like to have a cat free zone
  6. We had about 4" on Friday night when my poor OH was tring to get back from Utrecht. Wisely he and a colleague managed to get some of the last seats on Eurostar and though it took him 14 hours he was home very late friday evening. Yesterday though, my DD had a driving lesson. Her instuctor asked her if she was "up for it" and she said yes. We then had a 1 hour unforecast snow storm which she had to drive through. Her Instructor said he was really proud of her! I encouraged her to go as I thought it would be good experience to learn in a dual controlled car how to cope with the horrible snow and ice we were left with. I think it should be part of the driving test too
  7. Ooooh sorry but my RSPCA rescue cat beats him by 2 years. Jaffa is at least 20 now and has been at death's door for the last 6 years or so according to the vets. He is going senile and will yowl for no reason and forget where he is or that he has been fed! He gets away with all sorts now
  8. Jules, I cant see the point of Alesha full stop.
  9. I agree too..... that was so wrong.....
  10. We went to tuscany in that really hot summer of 2003. It is a beautiful part of Italy! We flew to Rome and then hired a car and drove up. Stayed at a villa complex near Sinalunga which wasnt an exciting town but the views were lovely. All the hillltop towns are sooo pretty - Montlecino and Montipulciano were our favourites until we went to Siena during Palio week and had the most amazing experience of Siena as a medieval town. We didnt get to florence or to see family in pisa but we did also go to Perugia and Chiusi. Chiusi was amazing as we went on the catacombe tour do see th etruscan tombs to find out there were only us. The guide came and we went in our car with him to a remote farmhouse and down a hill to the entrance to the tombs. It was so wonderful, and even though we had to translate everything for the kids they still remember it. Seeing stuff 2000 years old was incredible. I think tuscany was the most memorable family holiday we have ever had so I am sure you will love it, whatever you go and see!! Chiusi etruscan tomb Palio in Siena Montelcino Food and ice cream was fab everywhere though they do eat late and pasta is only a mid meal snack, (starters, pasta ,meat and pudding!!) Siena central square
  11. Oooooh he has a lot of those symptoms... also the tachycardia and high blood pressure which is why he went blind earlier this year but then got his sight back afdter a few days on Blood pressure medicaton. he is depressed, drinking a lot, little appetite... might mention it next time.... thanks a lot for that............
  12. Simba is home and seemingly a bit better than he was. He doesnt eat much but he is eating which is a start. His test results were no different than before, so not kidneys............. he has high globulin and has done for a while. Could be FIP but his two PCR (?) FIP tests have come back back negative, the last only a few months ago. The other possibilty is cancer. He is on Istin, Predniselone and interefon alpha and seems to be holding his own. Next appt is going to be a week ( if he was going downhill) or 3 weeks so at the moment I am happy that he is doing OK and am going for the three weeks. Fingers crossed
  13. Unfortunately they won't give us any more info until she has signed the papers..
  14. I refused to give them her details saying I would talk to her and they left the paperwork with me. It is a 25% cut, but as she has very little anyway, anything for her would be a huge bonus nomatter how small. I am unsure if I need to get a power of attorney for her... I am her appointee with the DSS and deal with her benefit paperwork but I don't think that applies to anything outside her benefits. I think it is probably her Dad, my aunt doesnt remember much about him as her dad and our Mum were only together a short time during WW2 then they got divorced. She doesnt seem to think he ever got married again. I may think about consulting a solicitor for some advice if necessary before I present all this to her...............
  15. This is the second time that I know our family have been contacted and it's my half sister they want to talk to. I seem to remember they traced her at my Dads about 9 years ago but he died before they could do anything. Now they have traced her back to me. She is my sister with learning difficulties and lives in an Anchor sheltered housing scheme. I didnt give them any info about her, but from what I gather it is to do with her dad's side of the family. They need her to sign some papers to go ahead and she would have to give them 25% of whatever she is entitled to. It may be very little, but it may not am I am worried it may have an effect on her benefits. She has no savings as such. Has anyone been contacted by these people or even heard of them? They advertise themselves as being on a TV programme called Heir Hunters but I have never seen it. Anyone out there got any clues as to whether they are bonafide or not??
  16. I have a Jaffa just like that one - it's so sad when they go missing and you never do find out what happened That kitten is truly scrumptious tho
  17. He's home...not really eating but we have to go back on Saturday for his test results. Fingers crossed
  18. Spoke to the nurse who has looking after him tonight ......... he has been flushed out and had bloods done but can't come home until he is eating. Didn't want normal food so she was cooking him some chicken and if that doesnt work she was gonna cook him some fish! Hope he doesn't expect this when he comes home
  19. You can find care and feeding advice on the tortoise trust website http://www.tortoisetrust.org/care/cpardalis.html
  20. Our poorly cat is back at the specialist vet again... Simba is 14 and has been back and too ever since he went suddenly blind about 18 months ago, which was about 8 months after he was very ill with pancreatitis. He is hardly eating, has now lost the sight in one eye, and has wobbly legs but has lost soooo much weight. None of the blood tests so far have show a reason for his high blood pressure but they are still suspecting kidney failure. They aren't actively looking for cancer yet until they have the results of the latests tests but he is in to be rehydrated and flushed out. Poor boy has been through a lot in the last 18 months. I know we will never have another "people" cat like him, who adores his humans and likes to cuddle them and sit round their necks. He actively searches out people and will deposit himself in the crook of your arm and purr manically. He also loves dogs and has cuddled up with every dog we have had It's already much quieter without his large Purrsonality
  21. I bought a set though Delicious magazine ages ago and we are still using them - they are sharp and robust and all stainless steel ( all one mould, not separate type of handle). I dont think you can write everything off based on just one cheap set? WE have had no increase in junk mail either...........

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