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  1. I've used Rossendale pet cemetry far too many times. They have a different price structures and you can have rose bushes in their garden, or caskets etc etc. http://www.rossendalepetcrem.co.uk/index.htm
  2. my son got £30 for his one A this year. I would give £20 for a B and £10 for a C - below that I know that havent put any effort in My daughter also got some for her AS levels ( £90 altogether for a B and 3xC's) I give them the money so they can buy what they want or save it. Recently they have both been putting this sort of money towards their expedition funds so it has gone towards something htey are working for I was given money by my Dad 30 years ago for my O and A level results - it was an incentive to work hard and do well ( I think!!)
  3. Lovely Girls - I had my wyandotte and RIR from Jackie last year, lovely girls and she likes the omlet cube as well!!
  4. DS Y10 results were A in Maths and A* (chemistry) A* (biology) and B (physics) in his science modules for this year. He now starts his AS Maths in Y11 and so obviously takes after his Dad
  5. Yes they did - for some reason this year it is today for the first time ever! Though I know my neighbours boy gets some today and some on Thursday, maybe there are still some examining boards who are on a Thursday results day??
  6. My DS is going to get his Maths later that he has done early. Later at his school fortunately means 1pm as opposed to 10am for the Year 11's. How can they make then wait until Thursday?? Thats cruel. Good Luck to everyone else!
  7. I also used AVG for years until v.8 but I now use Avast which I am pretty happy with. For sensitive sites etc I have Rapport which i got free from my bank and protects credit card details etc.
  8. got unit marks today - does anyone know if you can redo coursework in January? Her music coursework was what let her down ( so much for the teachers!! ) so if she could resit and get a better mark that would make a huge difference.
  9. We've just got back from holiday but DD got her As results phoned through yesterday. She got B in English language and C in German, Music and Maths. She was disappointed and has changed her mind about what she wants to do at Uni now. She did want to do Music but they want high grades where she wants to go, and so is going to do German somewhere instead. We will get her unit scores in the post tomorrow hopefully and we can go from there. I just said she has a year still to go to improve her marks and maybe she should drop Maths as she spends lots of time keeping up at that as she finds it hard.
  10. I have three Maine coons, these two included who have really silky coats that dont matt. My other one does matt quite often and she is a nightmare to groom as she hates it. I had to have her tummy shaved at the vets last summer it was so bad and she wouldnt let me near it ( and believe me i had the scars to prove it!) At the moment I am brushing them with a wire brush weekly as they are moulting but they are generally fairly low maintenence
  11. Just thought you may like to see some up to date photos of my youngest two Here's Alfie, now 2 years old And Layla who is just 1 year old And yes I did wake them up to have their photos taken
  12. Yes it is me - havent been on here for ages I show my big Maine Coon Alfie and my slightly smaller but not by much Maine Coon Layla. Dont know how far you would have to travel for shows in Devon as I actually find that the hardest thing , some cats hate travelling ( my bengal springs to mind!) but Alfie and Layla are as quiet as mice which is good when you are the only one in the car! I only do 4 or 5 shows a year. I would say, start bathing, grooming and trimming claws early so they get used to it , thoguh one of mine hates that side of it so she never gets shown. Alfie is a star and laps it all up - he is a premier now but may never get to Grand Premier as he chipped a big front tooth and had to have it out Layla was well liked at her first show so I may take her again. Some cats never really like being shown and if they didnt like it I wouldnt take them. Also get them neutered as the neuter classes are generally much friendlier than the adult (unneutered classes) as they are not being used for breeding. It is lovely to come home with lots of rosettes but some days you get none and other days you get lots, depends on who is judging and whether they like your cat! You can only try it and see if you and the kittens like it Also you can have a look at the Cat Planet website ( I think its www.catplanet.co.uk) as they have lots of info about shows and showing) Good Luck and hope the kittens arrive soon - pictures are compulsory you know!
  13. Oooooooh I have a smoking Dragon from there as well And my Grandmother came from devils bridge. Aberdovey isnt too far from there, lovely little seaside town with great beach you can do seal watching trips into the estuary.
  14. I was glad she won as well as she is a local girl to me - only 2 miles away - its all we have seen in the local paper for the last month or so!! She will make a brilliant Dorothy!
  15. My Simba had a clicky ankle yeas ago -I pressed for an x ray and it had been fractured and was knitting together wrong. He had to have it rebroken and pinned. Worst case scenario, but I would get your Vet to have a good look at it as Simba was walking around fine, just noisy!
  16. I thought there was a much darker side to the Dr last night, reminded me a bit of the Chrisopher Eccleston days. It was good though, and Amy Pond shows that she isn't just a pretty face, she actually found the answer!!
  17. I was prepared to watch with an open mind as I was a huge DT fan as the Dr - I loved it Yeah, a bit odd for an opening episode but can't wait to find out what River Song is up to and for the Weeping Angels to return. I thought it was well written - you could tell it was a Steve Moffat story as there were a few hints of darker elements in it. I do wish they would leave the theme tune ALONE though!!!!
  18. We aren't planning on making it a business, just for us or letting a few close friends and family stay there so there will be no income from it. Having talked to OH this evening I think i have pointed out that having to refurnish another house is a big deal, especially if there is any work to be done, and that money could go into our own home ( of which we will have paid off the mortgage first) So hoping he will decide that a lodge ( especially as many are on offer at the moment) is the way to go . The idea is for us to have somewhere to go, with the dog, rather than have other people occupy it for us. Not everything has to make a profit if we get the enjoyment out of it I think
  19. Sadly, OH is coming into a reasonble amount of inheritance after the death of his father. We want to pay our small ( by todays standards!! ) mortgage off and buy a holiday home. If we pay our small mortgage off I can surrender the endowment policies I have with it as they are not doing terribly well anyway to give us an extra lump sum. Question is .......... do we buy a small house in a cheaper area, probably in north wales or less popular areas of the lancashire coast, or a luxury wood lodge in the Lake district . There are some good offers on lodges at the moment, presumably because no one is buying and I can see that lots of farms are diversifying into this. OH's problem with this is that they do depreciate and he is worring about losing a lot of money on this. however we have found a new site where they have knocked 25% off a couple of lodges until 31st May. Houses are much more expensive and would require to borrow again to buy, we would also have to take acount of any repairs that the property may need, redecoration and of course, furnishing a whole other house!! This would require a much bigger loan, but longer term property values may go up rather than down. It woudl also mean a two up two down terrace. So we are just going round and round in circles at the moment. Has anyone on here got a second home?? Any one work in estate agency or similar who could give us the benefit of their advice? Or any valuers or surveyors who know about long term trends? I know it's all going round in myhead and if we dont come to a decision the money will just end up in a bank somewhere for ever
  20. Here's hoping she will back at home with you all soon
  21. well, a Premier ( neutered eqivalent) anyway. Yesterday was the Lancashire cat show in Wigan. I had planned to take both Alfie and Layla until my f-i-l passed away a week ago. I really didnt think I could go yesterday. My OH has been very low and with Brother in law coming from canada to stay with us for a few days for the funeral I just had too much to do to clear the spare room So I asked a couple of cat people ( like all you lot only with cats ) and a local friend said she would love to take alfie along with her own cat, and several others offered to help brush and look after him during the show. And he won again..... first, Best Brown tabby maine coon and another Certificate which means he is now Premier Darktower Ohio! I am so proud of him as he is so cool and laid back when he is there and now I can move him up into the Grand premier/Champion classes for my next local show down the road in May. Also - they won't read it on here but a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful friends who were happy to take him out for the day. Here he is relaxing at home today.
  22. Lots of hugs for you and Milly from me and jackxx Hope she is feeling better soon x
  23. I take my spare eggs into the staffroom or OH takes them into work - we sell them for £1.20 a box. we have regular takers and the money goes to the teenagers funds for expeditions to India and Kenya. How clever of my girls to sponsor the teenagers

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