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  1. Both my girls went to uni from home .....so all the mess just cluttered up the house and books and note books were everywhere, and if i was doing any studying it was unbearable. When they got married and left home it was all left with me , it took years for them to agree i could get rid of things. I even came across library books which i took back, with loads of apologies....No fine was applied they were just grateful to get them back.( And i left very red faced as one was mine. ) Now my girls are 42 and 34 and come this September are both returning to uni to retrain, one in animal psychology ( equinine i think ) and the other as a theatre technician.I have visions of my GC going hungry and shoeless as money so precious has to go on books and paper, i can see i will not have any finances to call my own for the next 4 years. But All the mess and clutter this time will be in their own homes.
  2. My , we are becoming a group of Silent sufferers of age. I sit in my little world , sometimes thinking it is only me ! You are reassuring me that I am not alone with my aches and pains,with my cupboard full of meds and a drawer of suppliments i forget to take. Come winter and the codliver oil lives by the kettle, next to the vit D...no chondo as they are shell fish based and i am allergic.. I try to eat well , but i have so many days due to pain that i don't eat well at all if i'm honest , and i wonder why i don't lose much weight, but i know i am borderline with the thyroid .I do eat a vit D rich yogurt , i prefer that to pills, i take enough prescription meds and i think that is why the suppliments get forgotten. But also if i don't take the supps i have to make the effort to eat better. Such a vicious circle.
  3. I too haven't popped in here for a few weeks, so you can all imagine my surprise at the changes. I wasn't sure if my lap top was misbehaving, so came and went a couple of times, decided my eyes weren't playing games with me. When your so use to things, any change throws you off a bit, the colour is taking some getting used to. I haven't come across any problems outside of the adjusting to it all, I do prefer the old green and yellows though , they were easy on the eyes. If this is the colour for now can we have a smiley with sunglasses on as i find the blue bright, ( but i am light sensitive ) If nothing else ...you have kept us on our toes
  4. Its a girl , so excited for the Royals, the palace will be full of Pink..... Congratulations to the R Family.
  5. Reviewing this for spacechick. I am informed that the surge now has Cycling on its tracker. The revision is accessable when loading daily activity, OH didn't say how but the cycling activity id down loadable to your page. So you may have to look for it , but they have added it after requests.
  6. Glad to hear the deed is done and the offending appendix has been removed. Take it easy now and get some rest , enjoy Easter.
  7. Metronidazole is well known for making one feel wretched , dizzy , nausea and vomiting. Shouldn't be taken on an empty stomach .Which if feeling yukki to start with isn't always good. And if given IV, usually an anti emetic is given with it. So glad that this will be resolved for you, mine grumbled for months, I had them out at 4.35 am on the 6th june 1976. I have a very neat six inch scar on my brief line so not noticeable . Didn't do keyhole back then. I hope you don't get any worse and it is bearable until your surgery date . And afterwards enjoy the rest .
  8. Gosh he's not into chat is he.....he says it charges up really quickly , but he does his atm every other day, he's been home 10 days. You can change logged info by dashboard, clicking on the block ...say sleep. scan around the top right corner for the invisible edit logo, click and enter your relevant info or change exercise times , activity and then onto Log to keep the changes. It isn't difficult to use. The flex showed me just how bad my nights are. I showed my Rheumatologist my sleep record on my phone and he upped my drugs at night so I can get some decent rest.( break through pain arthritis) If nothing else while OH has been home I could see how much exercise he does and have had a good talking to him about doing more ! He said he wouldn't use the mp3 but I know he is ., caught him downloading, but he won't admit it. He won't say much but he really likes it.
  9. How does it react to short top up charges (I was thinking of doing mini charges when in the shower or bath) It actually says that's a thing you can do, I do it every other day. I cycle, and I know it doesn't like GPS for cycling! how easy is it to amend activities on the dashboard? (I have heard some people don't use the GPS and put that they are spinning as cycling exercise) Haven't tried any yet as I still getting used to it. I'll be able to give more info when I get back to work (next week) as that's where I use it most.
  10. when I lived in a village we had similar problems. I used to park my car opposite my house and my neighbour did the same , at least we had a bit of a view from Vans. Street parking laws I feel need to be reviewed by local councils periodically. When a councillor moved onto the green he somehow managed to get double yellow lines all around the green side of the road, and the house owners would parked outside their houses......limiting the green to single file traffic which eventually was made one way around the green.. I often wondered if it was done by the same councillor.
  11. I had a grumbling append for months years back . The doctor only admitted me when I began throwing up and pooping and when I belched it smelt bad....nasty appendix it was, I would go to A&E especially if you have rigors ( shivers) it means you have something that needs sorting out.
  12. OH has one. he loves it. ( I have his old flex.) He has waited for this so he can wear it as a watch and not wear two things on his wrist. He is really pleased with it but has only worn it to shower in...he won't risk getting it wet. I wear the flex to swim in and it is OK. OH is only home till Friday morning so if you want to ask anything ask soon so he can send a reply.
  13. My Grandaughter got into the one she wanted. They are a village area so have a choice of quite a few as seniors are all bussed out. So Conyers at Yarm it is .
  14. OH got home on Wednesday and ordered the fitbit surge , which I had promised he could have for his birthday. He is more than pleased with it . And his fitbit flex ? I have it now ,, with a new strap and it is more than OK for me , and I know I can go in the pool with his flex as he wears it to the gym , shower and pool when swimming. Can't beat recycling.
  15. I can answer this.......Yes they do Fart, we had a lovely hammy who ate far too much salad and had the runs poor thing , and we heard her fart for a couple of days when things were quiet and she was pooping all over her cage . Our fault really as we gave her a lettuce leaf and they don't really tolerate lettuce very well , we found it hilarious as well a feeling guilty for feeding it to her. So you can guess who had to keep washing her bum...yes me, but I brought loads of gloves home from work. We didn't feed her lettuce again. Our Vet even told me off.
  16. I spent the afternoon with my GS aged 15 , discussing computers, components , plugins and attachments as well as code writing looping and He stared at me blankly.... " Granma , they didn't have computers when you was young." Me " No but we got our first Amstrad when Aunty Helen was 4 and we had to do our own programmes if we wanted to play most of our games ." GS " Oh , but your a nurse granma, where has all this stuff come from ?" " Well sweetness before this old granma was a Nurse she was an electrical tech studying engineering, the boys I studied with taught me physics and helped me with math , and I helped them write there essays and kept there circuit boards tidy during practical's ." " You know too much granma." " So shall we look at a Raspberry pi 2 ?" " A What ? " he says. I thought kids knew all about the latest kits and languages and code etc.... perhaps I'm wrong, but he is looking at it on the internet as GD is home on leave next week and I'm sure he'd like to build a raspberry pi2. And tomorrow we are going to get Ashed then over to junction 32 for Chinese lunch. ..I love my GC.
  17. Keep good paper work, do figures and finances monthly, it helps when doing your tax returns . Pay your NI stamp religiously...pension / benefits you may one day have to claim. Check up on the wages allowed before tax , it is always changing. If working from home ? you can claim a percentage of certain bills against your tax allowances, you will need to check with the tax office which ones. You can also claim against your tax for work clothing. So if it applies to you keep receipts. Also if driving is involved your mileage rate. ( ?p per mile you can claim, not sure what it is these days.) If you think you can do your own returns it will save the expense of an accountant. Good luck .
  18. My OH has a fitbit, and is about to upgrade to a surge HR.....I think its that one, he will be home end of the month. He likes it , wears it next to his wris"Ooops, word censored!"ch.
  19. My present oven a Zanussi electric, pyrolitic cleaning , is built in a tall unit with my micro above it...can't use an under oven due to arthritis. It has a large capacity and built in grill you can use with door closed. This is the best oven I have had in 20 + years. It cooks as it says and with the temp it says. It is a multi function oven and I can use it as a fan or conventional. Cakes and pastry come out perfect as do my Yorkshires. Since I had my kitchen done over a year now and with the oven up at waist height , I can honestly say cooking has become a joy again. But as an oldie , I do miss my Gas newholme cooker with fold down grill . Now that was a cooker and a half, but times move on .
  20. All signed. My meats come from my local farmer , legally and humanely slaughtered , and well cared for. I can't bear the thought of eating Hilal sourced meats. Not after living in the gulf for 12 years and knowing how they treat their animals there or slaughter them. I used to buy the more expensive sealed European / Irish beef, marked Not Hilal , it was as expensive as buying Pork for my OH. Needless to say I used to eat more fish , bought off the beaches at the open fish markets...and tuna...all line caught or in throw nets and hauled in by hand. I'm not sure I could be vegetarian , but I can go weeks without eating meat at all.
  21. cycling too , for the thigh muscles, a friend has a floor cycle, stands 18 inch of the floor with rotating pedals and hers can be adjusted for resistance, she got it from mobility aids but not sure which one. They are good for knees.
  22. As with anything ailing our joints we are advised to lose weight. And exercise . Yes well they don't hurt do they ? Right ....so take the meds , cut out naughty things in your diet and get down to your swimming pool and gentle walking is good , it tones the muscles up so they support the joints. And the water resistance is a good workout. I was very sceptical but haven't used my wheelchair at all this as winter as I go to the gym and get in the hydrotherapy pool and walk . Forwards , sideways and backwards , everyday when I can but 3-4 times a week is my average, then into the sauna afterwards to warm up . As I have multi joint involvement and problems , movement hurts , but at least I am moving , not losing much weight but I feel lots better in myself. You could always ask to go to hydrotherapy at your local hospital and get some exercises which you do in the water then carry on at your gym / pool.
  23. The wind is getting up here now , I can hear it howling past the front windows, rain too. Another sleepless night...I can't sleep when its blowing a gale out .
  24. I got a kath kidtson day bag in dark blue, a bottle of J'adore absolute , and a twin set of pearls and earings. OH said pearls need valuing and it is also my anniversary present . Loads of nice things to nibble on including marmite choccie yummmm and slippers. OH got an IOU as he wants a new fitbit , but it isn't on the market yet, we have pre ordered but I gave him an IOU till it is released. He wants the surge HR.
  25. the rain started around 3.30pm and the wind not long after. Has been pretty wild since, 7c though but feels well in the minus with the gale that's blowing. Had to put the bins out and ran down the garden to check on the girls and batten a few things down. In for a noisy night I think.

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