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  1. Oh braces....DD couldn't give up cola so drank everything through a straw to keep it off her teeth. Lots of soft food , soups and even baby food at one point. No toast or hard crusts . She gave up All sweets but used to suck small pieces of chocolate , everything was cut up to avoid biting and she took a fruit knife to college everyday. ( and tooth brush , toothpaste , interdentals and wax .)
  2. When I know it is going to Freeze overnight , I bring the glugs in and put fresh water out in the morning. When winter really takes hold I use my spare glugs and put fresh water out through the day to avoid them freezing . This year up to now despite frosty mornings the water hasn't frozen . And I refuse to think of really frozen mornings until they arrive brrrrr.
  3. I too have put my winter down on the bed as my woollen one is a light weight . I do prefer my woolly one to be honest but until my Down duvet dies , I won't replace it for a winter woollen one.
  4. I thought it was the same as hospitals....Not supposed to wake a patient up before 7 am , except for those on hourly, two hourly obs. I remember getting told off by Matron as a student nurse for carrying out the night sisters orders to start the 6 am obs on everyone, Matron did an early round and I got a telling off , and a lecture..... So 7 am I do believe, you are not supposed to disturb anyone in domestic residence outside of an emergency before 7 am.
  5. I had 3 broken teeth before my dentist twigged that I grind my teeth in my sleep , which cracks teeth. Solution was a night guard, worn one for 30 yrs now, most nights ,and I never miss when I'm having an arthritic flare. It has also eradicated the pain in my lower jaw. Does your ES grind his teeth in his sleep ?
  6. been a dry day , around 7c . But tonight down to 2c and frosty garden and car, wonder if it will warm up overnight ? If not it will be slippy in the morning.
  7. It has been raining heavily for 4 hours and it is down to 4c , that is at the back of the house. At the front for the last hour it is drizzling . The weather is moving slowly ......
  8. My DD says to get one with blue tooth on it so photos can go straight from modern cameras and phones .
  9. We used to give our patients live yogurt when on a heavy load of antibiotics . Any probiotics are good but you will need at least 2 a day ( if doc says they're heavy duty drugs , maybe one with every dose of drug ) As antibiotics strip the gut and can give you the trots etc..
  10. I have to admit Christmas is def on the way and more so when you think it is only one more pay day away. So , cakes and puds are made. Cards, wrappings are all sorted, The GC Christmas stockings are arranged, most of the pressies are done , I have defrosted the freezer and already have certain things in there for Christmas ! It is quite frightening when once Dec 1st arrives Christmas day seems to rush at you . Scary !
  11. I have a tens given to me by my physio over 30 yrs ago, I do have a more up to date one but the design hasn't changed much. They are very good for pain. The best thing I have found all round for my poorly joints and inflamed ligaments and tendons is to walk in the swimming pool at the gym, helps massive !! My Rheumatologist tells me off if I don't go regularly , ( his wife goes to my gym , and we do a couple of hydrotherapy classes together , so he gets to know when I don't go ) . I suppose we are lucky that our gym allows walking and jogging of lengths in the pool rather than swimming. Must be good as the local Rugby Union club come in to jog every Monday.
  12. Fireworks are like flowers and weeds. A weed if a flower growing in the wrong place. I thoroughly agree , fireworks should only be seen at an organised event . And lets be honest when it is a mid week date then the weekend before and after the set date has events at every park , common , and venues for public displays, and there are enough of them. Fireworks are explosives and in the wrong hands very dangerous , and not everyone over 18 yrs is a safety conscious person. My animals are kept indoors on an evening and that includes the cat, the dogs can go out on a lead in the garden to prevent them bolting when a firework goes off. I even cover the cube up during firework season. And I say season as it can go on for weeks. And the the new year is a nightmare too.......I wish they would just Ban them.
  13. got in at 4pm , went to Costco, thought it might be quietish, wrong ! Whilst food went in the oven , hovered the house, had a good clean up, put first wash load in, then ate tea , left pots in sink, filled my cauldron with loads of sweets and goodies, answered the door dozens of times before six, even showed a neighbour how my new boiler went in , gas pipe up front of house through the loft and down the rear of house into kitchen, he wasn't impressed when I told him how much , but he needs a new boiler....he cheered up when I said I had saved £300. in gas and £69 in electric this year, but the warmth had gone from the landing due to no emersion heater , but great cupboard for all the quilts, towels and linens instead. cleaned out the lizard , new sand too ! answered the door loads more, carted the toilet rolls , kitchen rolls, etc up to the loft, saw things out of place so had a quick tidy up, answered the door lots more Where are All these children coming from ? Did two more loads of washing and tossed towels into drier . Attacked the kitchen in earnest, went for a shower and sat down with a cup of tea at 9pm to have 2 yorkies look at me very expectantly, so donned coat and shoes and walked them round the cul-de-sac, managed to watch a bit of TV and now am on my way to bed....Exhausted !!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Royals Have a hoofing night . Proud of all you have done over the years. Cheers to the next 350.....your looking good.
  15. Thanks chuckmum , I was just really keen to try it out... The usual cover is on, which I use just to keep the water out , although I'm sure once this mild weather passes next week we will be heading for frosty nights, Halloween is always bitterly cold here.
  16. when I make mine, not as often as I used to I use apricots and dates ( no grapes for me ) But for the GC they love them made with Alpen . For church just traditional oats. But this recipie looks good will have to try it on the GC this weekend.
  17. Ha ! The cover arrived today and after drying the cube down I put it on. The double ended zip on the back panel allows access to both sides of the cover , just the door handle I have to fiddle with but its not difficult to get access to. I shut my girls in during the winter, due to urban foxes . It rained today and the cube stayed dry, no soggy trays to empty . That will do for me.
  18. Very windy overnight and rained lots . Wind died down late morning . Had a couple of garden chairs go astray due to the wind ripping furniture cover. ( which I had to go and replace ) My cherry tree had leaves yesterday , it has none today , not one ! Choocks are OK. A few wheelie bins in the cul-de-sac blew over so lots of paper all down the road, bit of a mess, but a few of us helped collect it all and replace bins. Heavy showers this evening, so I am hoping for a better night.
  19. Right now, before I go to bed, I let the dogs out and it is definitely the calm before the storm, it is humid and eerily quiet, the clouds are rolling in and the air actually feels tense , like , just before an electrical storm, but this is going to bring more with it isn't it ?
  20. The WIR is on paving and I use aubiose on the floor, easy to clean out and wash down as and when needed. The cube is on the outside of the run, again for ease of access and cleaning, has worked well for a few years now.
  21. I have got the Perspex panels up in the WIR as this will be the start of the winter to come, November soon ! I have also bought the cubes weather cover, hoping to keep more of the rain out this winter ,as it seems to drive in up the trays and on the right side of the roof. ( I always have a good re-tighten of all the screws etc...before the bad weather to keep the lid on straight to avoid water getting in , but the wind drives it in.). I have tidied away around the garden, even taken bags of garden rubbish to the tip rather than wait for the bin men on Wednesday. ( as my corner is very windy and my neighbours won't like sharing the tree cuttings will they ? ) I don't know what more I can do except let it happen. I am really glad I had my new windows and doors in the spring as my bedroom window last winter was held in place with duck tape and string. ( After one of the storms damaged it and it wouldn't seal properly when shut, it was a nightmare.) It has been wet and breezy today.
  22. I have just ordered the insulated cover for the cube. The price isn't an issue......Please tell me they are worth having ! I am sick of trying to make tarps stay on the cube or even fit it ,over winter . My cube is outside my WIR and I can see from the pictures that I can fit it without any problem. If you have one have you any issues ,with solutions with it ? I am about to fit the Perspex panels ready for the bad weather coming our way, got to get ready for winter after all .
  23. My theory is that due to the rising age of the omleteers, we are getting a bit batty and forgetful so have to revisit the posts as we have forgotten which we have read or even posted on. Same can apply after Wine o'clock on an evening or on day off, weekend etc... Or and quite the most likely We see something tell OH, DD ,DS and good pals and they have to visit the site as they don't believe half of what we say , and have to read Things for themselves. or it's the Bots.
  24. It is decidedly cold now. I think I have tolerated the cold long enough and Put the Heating on yesterday for the afternoon, just couldn't get warm The night was no better , I have officially put the Winter Quilt on the bed and put the summer 2.5 tog away , along with the patchwork throws . I watched the 10.30 weather just now and not a lot about the storm making its way towards us , just a calm keep watching for news of the front that's coming in. When it is clear from the sat pictures it is bringing some unpleasant weather with it. Today I have managed without the heating on despite it being 8c and raining all day . I know it is almost winter and the clocks change soon , it is just ...I hate the perpetual greyness of each and every day until spring arrives.
  25. My OH has just been home on leave after being given 10 days off for the Eid holiday out in Oman, he got a cheap flight and came home But with my Birthday just a day or so into his leave what does he Buy ???? An air pick to take back as he is missing my waterpik. No mention of my Birthday at all. In fact concerning B'day I had to remind him about it, he didn't bat an eyelid just asked what did I intend to get for myself ? I can't help but think when he is retired from forces he is in for a big shock living at home with me I can tell you. He is more than pleased with the air pik .

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