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  1. Ive always found tuna works a treat for building up the protein levels in a heavy moult. Poor little things - it must be very painful for them
  2. Mine loves the rain and will merrily root around for grubs attracted by it. I'd open the door and if yours dont want to come out they will stay in the dry - at least they have the option
  3. The purple bums are fabulous! They look really lovely and a great set up
  4. My little girl does a VERY convincing cocka doodle doo and she's definitely a girl and is still laying
  5. Well I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks like this Think I may see how she gets on in the colder weather as she is an old bird and it may be her last winter
  6. Hi all I'm pre-empting a winter dilemma here that me and OH have started arguing over. Mary our hen solo is currently doing fine on her own as most of the time she gets to trundle around the garden and comes into the house to say hello but I'm worried that as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder she will start to struggle in the coop on her own at night. Ive suggested to OH that as winter draws in at night we could pop her in a small cat box with bedding in and bring her into the utility room at night and pop her back into the run in the daytime. Im concerned about her being cold and lonely. He thinks Im bonkers and noone in their right mind would do this Can I ask if anyone does or has done this or am I truly losing the plot???
  7. As ours is a hen solo we've give her free reign now ad leave the kitchen doors open. Funnily she only goes as far as the kitchen tiles on the floor and doesnt step onto the wooden floor in the dining room. The poo clears up easily from the kitchen tiles so its not a problem. Id love to be able to take her into the lounge but dont fancy cleaning poo out of the carpet!
  8. looking at the pics in the photobucket link Id say it was a young female pekin. Love the garden by the way!
  9. I'm no expert but i'd say that looks like a little boy
  10. I saw a news item on TV last week about how hens are being used to treat the lonely. It was a lovely piece featuring people who suffer from loneliness coming together to help look after chickens. I think that had lottery funding too. Such a brilliantly simple thing
  11. Sounds a bit odd but if you can get your OH to discretely wee around the garden the smell of male urine is supposed to deter foxes. We have urban foxes in our neighbourhood but my OH takes his duty seriously and we've never had trouble with foxes.
  12. I use the spray (smells like linseed oil). Its very simple to use and the the birds dont seem to be bothered by it. Vaseline would be very sticky and a pain to administer.

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