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  1. Powder and Puff, our silkies, both cruelly taken by the Fox last Wednesday. Though you were small you bossed the two Buff Orpingtons but we're always happy to snuggle up with them on a cold night. Powder, you always had a dirty head and Puff, your raspy moan will always be remembered. We miss you dearly as do the three remaining, traumatized chooks. We believed that you were safe, the savage fox proved us incorrect. Chicken keeping will not be the same Sleep well little ones and please forgive us. RIP
  2. Dear Perdix our sweet Partridge Star Died on the operating table on Wednesday whilst having an enormous abscess removed. You were a flighty and nervous girl that never appreciated being picked up. You were 2nd in command for a number of years and though you gave up laying in May we will remember your china white eggs always. We referred to you as our "sitting chicken" since you never missed the opportunity to take a rest and you never missed the chance for a quick sunbathe. Poor dear, we tried our best to help you, rest in peace.
  3. Dear Porta our darling blacktail, PTS on Tuesday 14th aged 3 1/2. An aggressive peritonitis meant that we had to do the kindest thing. Sorry. You were the bottom chook for most of your life and this meant that you had an independent nature, doing your own thing and following us around like a shadow. You were a very intelligent chicken and could follow gestures that other chickens were baffled by. Never a great layer, you almost gave up laying eggs after your first moult. You will always be remembered, sleep well.
  4. Petrel, our dear Black Sussex died last Sunday from egg peritonitis and sour crop. She was a particularly vocal chicken who particularly disliked the hearing the garage door opening/closing and always let us know when she should be given a treat. Petrel was 2nd in command and generally a calming influence on the rest of the flock, she loved sunbathing and was always the first to bed. For two years she was our best (and at times only) layer but she decided to give up egg laying in March. Since then she had enjoyed her retirement and making sure that our new intake of silkies and Buff Orpingtons were kept under control. Sleep well, the garden is a quieter and emptier place since you left us.
  5. Hi, the Orps are just very young - around 12 to 14 weeks. We took them that young since Newland do tend to sell out fast of the pure breeds.
  6. Hmm, another case of morehens here. We had been planning the addition of a couple of Buff Orpingtons to our flock for a while, so when our local supplier, Newland Poultry in Malvern, had some - of course we had to go along. That was last Saturday. When we got there, there were a number of Buffs, so we chose a couple and were about to call it a day. Then we noticed that there were a few silkies in the run with the Orps. They had been raised together so adding a couple would not be a problem. How could we not... Introductions are going slowly, with the old four having their nose (or should that be beaks) put out of place. The run is separated into two, the oldies in the cube , the new ones in a Go We haven't named them yet. Here is one of the new silkies (about 14 weeks old) And here are the other three new ones ( about the same age) We plan to keep the oldies apart from the new ones for at least another month or so to let the new ones put on a bit of weight.
  7. We let ours into the kitchen, 70s style marley tiles are easy to wipe clean and they will pop in to see what is going on, hoping for a treat. The boss chook, however, has learnt that the humans might leave tasty treats on the worktop and has been known to fly up to take a look. Since that time their "kitchen time" is closely supervised. We did leave the internal kitchen door open once by accident and our amber left a "calling card" in the lounge. Thank goodness for scotchguard, it really did work!!
  8. Thank you so much for posting, very interesting. Hope Queenie gets better.
  9. Hi, Not quite sure of your location but if you are near Malvern in Worcestershire, Newland Poultry sells suitable wood chip. We have it in our walk in run and it does the trick. http://www.newlandgrange.com/ Under the "help and advice section" they have a useful article about "Chicken Run Mud Management".
  10. Poppet our passed away on Saturday, aged 4. She was the last of our original chickens and had worked her way up the pecking order, being the top chook for the last two years. She will always be our "favourite brown chicken". She had a bad beak caused by over zealous clipping before we bought her, which meant that pecking small objects was very difficult for her, but she made up for this disadvantage with her body-blocking technique. Her moaning was legendary, she always let you know when she was upset or unhappy. She became more relaxed as she got older and would sit for ages on your lap if nothing too exciting was going on. Sleep well Poppet, you will always be remembered.
  11. Sadly we had to have Popov, our Amber Star, PTS on Saturday. She had recovered well from a really heavy moult though this did cause her to drop down the pecking order. However, shortly afterwards she suffered a neck injury that also affected her ability to use her left eye. We tried to nurse her back to health but we were fighting a losing battle. She was a happy-go-lucky chicken that loved sunbathing and her gentle, talkative nature will be greatly missed.
  12. Hi, without wanting this to sound like an advert, they have a great setup at Newland Poultry. They have displays of housing, a good selection of hybrids and some pure breeds and all of the feed/bedding/equipment that you could want. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I would say that it would be well worth a visit.
  13. Hi, I slide open the cube roof at night when I need to get to one particularly flighty bird. You do get a few disgusted "clucks" but they seem to tolerate the sound pretty well. I guess the slower that you open the roof, the less sound will be made
  14. Ok, so my ladder isn't as good as good_egg's however, I am also trying to post an image on here for the first time It attaches using another piece of wood on the underside of the ladder, meaning that it can be removed in an instant.
  15. Hi, I made a wooden ladder that hooks onto the top step and has twice as many steps as the one on the cube. Our old comes all the way down at a gingerly (sorry) pace, whilst the rest jump off the ladder when they are confident. However, all of the girls use the ladder all the way up when going to bed. I know the ladder on the cube can't reach all the way to the ground (it would catch on the ground when moved) I certainly think that there would be a market to have a ladder extender for use inside a WIR. I will post a picture of the one I made if I can work out how.

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