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  1. That is correct. I think several other people do too judging by the full van of deliveries for the area! !!
  2. Thanks for all replies. I must have a later edition mark 1 as the metal grill is already present under the eglu. Chooks seem happy. Have started laying already. Thanks
  3. I am up and running with my old mark 1 eglu after 5 years out of the loop. Designs have moved on........ I want to make sure i dont fall foul (pardon the pun) of any inherent problems with the 2005 egglu. 1. I heard that different clips are now used on the run...............i've reinforced mine with weatherproof cable ties. 2. Apparently foxes developed the skills to open the poo tray................i've put tent pegs behind mine to block it shut. 3. Im using tent pegs to keep the run soundly secured to the ground. Any other tips to keep my two new chooks safe? PS............can you dishwash the old feeders with the metal clips on the back??
  4. Hi fellow chookateers! I have restocked my eglu with 2 omlet chickens after a break of 5 years.............cannot remember if the Omlet organic feed has grit in it or do i need to supplememnt?

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