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  1. As someone who struggles to make up one of those cardboard supermarket wine carriers I share your pain! Good luck (you do realise that you'll have to post pics of the finished article now )
  2. soapdragon

    Hammer toe surgery

    I have to admit that I initially read this as 'Hamster Toe Surgery' ........ so yours will def be more straightforward! 'Scuse me; just off to Specsavers!
  3. soapdragon


    No, you have to be completely obsessed.....slightly doesn't go near!
  4. soapdragon


    Welcome back, TD! Cubes are obviously like Wagon Wheels and Club bars....get smaller as you get older! Good luck with your new flock!
  5. soapdragon

    Hammer toe surgery

    Nothing to add on the medical front, I'm afraid, but just wanted to wish you well and hope that all goes smoothly and that you are soon back on your feet. Will think of you and send positive vibes your way on Thursday!
  6. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I have a stepper that I use for 20 mins every day - I find it much gentler on the poor old knee joints than pounding the pavements running. It's positioned in front of the small tele in the bedroom (only time that tele ever gets used) so that I can stomp away whilst watching Tony Robinson, Phil Harding, Mick Aston et al (good old al!) I also have hand weights of 3k that I use every evening whilst watching tele (honestly - makes it sound as though I'm glued to the screen all bloomin' day - I'm not...really!) for upper body just to balance things out! The thing with excercise it to find what works for you and go with it; I know lots of people who started some form of fitness regime only to give it up pretty quickly because it didn't fit with their lifestyle, they didn't enjoy it or they found it too much of a fag.
  7. soapdragon

    Has Anyone Been to La Rochelle?

    You may regret typing that PL
  8. soapdragon

    Has Anyone Been to La Rochelle?

    Nooooo, now seems like Jersey! I have to say that, after hours trawling the interweb looking at and comparing various hotels, guesthouses etc on several sites as well as direct on both islands I am def now in need of a holiday! Off to Gower next Saturday for half term - hooray
  9. soapdragon

    Has Anyone Been to La Rochelle?

    Update; now looking like Guernsey will be the lucky destination for three nights during the October half term
  10. soapdragon

    Newly Registered & wanted to say hello!

    Hello Neil I'm another who likes to drop in on The Nesting Box for a natter....our three lovely Light Sussex bantams departed some time ago and we have not replaced them as our garden really isn't big enough - Korma, Casserole and Kiev totally trashed it! Equally, although we live in rural Oxfordshire, we do have close neighbours and one of them was not pleasant about the noise! If we move somewhere bigger then we'd def go down the chicken route again (or, if our nasty neighbour moved!) and I do still have a very soft spot for Light Sussex or Wellsummers (if I have managed the spelling!) You'll find lots of good advice and tips on The Forum and some very interesting threads on The Nesting Box...it's been my 'go to' for advice on many, many occasions!
  11. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Pilates is wonderful (probably even for four legged ones though some of the moves may be a tad tricky ) It has really helped me with core strength and there is a real mix of ages at the class I go to in the village. Youngsters in lycra, me in whatever is clean, some ehem, far more mature ladies who are very flexible (can't do Tuesdays!) and one VERY mature chap who hobbles in every week and does brilliantly in spite of being probably in his early 80's (either that or he's had a VERY hard life!) I try and do 10 mins or so every evening (easy whilst I'm watching tele) and have noticed that I am less 'crunchy' and 'creaky'!
  12. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    PL, I love your photos. You are always doing something amazing and interesting! Thanks for sharing!
  13. soapdragon

    Has Anyone Been to La Rochelle?

    Tanks for that, everyone! Am waiting to hear from Travel Counsellor re flights but, PW, I looked at rail from Oxford to Birmingham Airport and it was over £220 for the four of us return - I'm hoping one adult flight is less than that! Aggh!
  14. soapdragon

    Has Anyone Been to La Rochelle?

    Thanks PW - it looks as though it will be Birmingham so I'll look at costs of taxis to Oxford station. Now looking at Palma or Barcelona. Florence looks WONDERFUL but over an hour from Pisa airport.
  15. We are trying to find a short haul short break for the October half term. Having been to Bruges and Prague already with the boys we wanted to go somewhere more 'southern' so France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. BUT OH won't fly from Luton, hates Gatwick and Heathrow and seems set on Southampton (for preference) or possibly Birmingham. Lots of the Southampton destinations are only one or two flights per week so maybe not suitable for a three/four day break. Equally, many only fly over the summer. La Rochelle is an exception so we are thinking about there but I don't really know what there may be to do there without travelling far out for just 3/4 days; websites seem strangely vague! Has anyone been to La Rochelle or, indeed, flown from Birmingham? Over to you, oh wise ones!