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  1. YS (12) has a wobbly tooth. When he said how annoying it is I reminded him that the tooth fairy would be paying a visit. He gave me 'one of those looks' and proceeded to drop the bombshell that the tooth fairy doesn't exist. He then went on to rubbish both Father Christmas AND the Easter Bunny. I am beyond devastated to find that it's all a myth!
  2. We have given in and put the heating on 😲.
  3. After my hip op back in Feb I couldn't lie on my right side (my preferred and more comfy side!) so after 6 weeks on my back, resorted to lying on my left side for months. Consequently my left shoulder is now painful and the muscle in my upper arm very sore. When I do backward shoulder rolls there is a horrible crunching sound. I have bought a wheat bag to heat in the microwave but I'm not really sure when/how often I should be using it and for how long so any advice would be very welcome. I think that I'm going to have to give in and try and get a GP appointment at some point (also have a very sore right thumb joint.....grr!) but would like to see if the heat helps in the interim. TIA!
  4. I'm still working on fixing fragrance Andy! You are far more creative with soap than I am so go for it....you can never have too much soap after all!
  5. soapdragon


    Forgot to add....Light Sussex bantams - yay -
  6. soapdragon


    Missing...... Deck chair in which to sit back and enjoy your girls. Camera to document your chicken keeping journey. Ear plugs for when they all decide to lay at once. Football rattle/party poppers/bells and whistles for their first egg. Sense of forebearance for when your garden gets munched/covered in poop. Helpful neighbour to come and help when you go away. Wine/gin/strong tea for all those moments when you panic. Address of the Omlet forum for when you need helpful and friendly advice. A sense of humour! Enjoy!
  7. I am VERY sceptical about the so called prognosticating experts bombarding us from every angle! For every doom monger there is another 'expert' stating the contrary. IMHO we just need to be sensible, wash hands, wear masks, social distance but, otherwise, get on with it! Rant over...off for a lie down!
  8. BT......many supermarkets have now brought in restrictions on how many of a specific product can be purchased. Tesco are only allowing 3 packs of loo roll and pasta at a time. There is no restriction on wine though......................................................................................😉
  9. Trisha, there is a notice on our village facebook page about excess grapes, wine etc. I think it must be the people that you take to. A 'grape' idea!!! What was the wine like?
  10. Goodness - tha sounds amazing! Makes my few pots on the patio look very feeble! We have rubbish soil....very heavy clay and, even though I've been trying to improve it for the past 20 odd years, it's no good for veggies. We also seem to be an ideal environment for slugs, which doesn't help.
  11. Jude...March is ages away and we will be looking at a very different situation by then. The whole situation seems to change daily (as does the advice!) and I (who usually stress out at the slightest thing - thanks Asperger's!)) have totally surprised myself (and everyone who knows me well) by being chilled. My take is that there is no point in worrying about the situation beyond next week as it may all have changed by then so I'm not going to waste time in the interim stressing. Living in the moment and making the most of things here and now is very much my attitude. You may very well all be together again in March and its wonderful that you have the technology to stay in touch so closely so that your grandson actually can see you and know Granny (are you granny?) I, too, feel that we need to try and do as much normal stuff as possible; handwashing, mask wearing and being sensible. What tiddles me off are the photos of the crowded masses in bars etc who think it doesn't matter. They are the reason for the 10pm 'curfew'. I'd bring in water cannon! Take heart Jude.........XX
  12. I am happy to give it a whirl.........I'm not very skilled but can certainly rustle up something home/handmade!
  13. Awwww, lovely pictures! Nothing like starting them young! Clearly a chicken keeper in the making! Does she like to collect the eggs too? That was my boy's favourite bit.

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