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  1. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Wonderful pics. PL! How exciting........have you seen any cherry blossom? Hope you get lots of cuddles from your little poppet - he'll soon get used to you!
  2. soapdragon

    Notifications, or lack thereof

    for your will power, CT!
  3. soapdragon

    Notifications, or lack thereof

    OOOps, sorry Geoid that one slipped my mind
  4. soapdragon

    Notifications, or lack thereof

    ! I don't get PMs anyway so hadn't noticed - you must be very popular, DM Seriously, when my parents first had a computer Mum used to make sure that the leads from plug to the computer were as straight as possible as she thought messages/e mails would get stuck (I suppose a bit like a hosepipe with a kink in it!) so maybe there was a bent lead along the line somewhere!
  5. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    You can always rely on chickens Sorry to hear you have had a rough few days....hope things soon improve. At least you have found a chickeny place to chill!
  6. soapdragon

    Recommendations for France?

    That's providing you can still count to two
  7. soapdragon

    Easter swap 2019

    Actually they haven't worked out well at all so it's good that I hadn't committed! Darn it! Have Christmas worked out already with something else! I am not talented so rather limited
  8. soapdragon

    Castle Sundays in Slovakia

    Lovely pic, Lewis. That sky looks a bit dark though, hope you didn't get wet!?
  9. soapdragon

    Take one whole free range chicken

    I must admit that, if we had the room, I'd have 'egg' chickens and 'meat' chickens. Whilst I buy free range everything I'd still far far prefer to know absolutely that what I am consuming has had a good and happy life and quick end. We had a friend, some years ago, who had a bit of land and bought a weaner piggy every year to raise; although she doted on each animal and treated them brilliantly she had no problem in consuming and said that, if she didn't raise her own then she wouldn't eat pork at all! I think that there is a real honesty in raising your own meat and only wish that we had the land to do it.....I have a feeling that, by the time we can actually afford to buy a small holding, we'll be to old and doddery to run it though!
  10. soapdragon

    Take one whole free range chicken

    We always make stock with the carcass - stinks the place out but very useful and ensures that nothing goes to waste. Perfect for gravy the next time roast chicken comes round!
  11. soapdragon

    The Weather Thread #9

    So fed up with the constant mad wind! And fed up with looking like Medusa on speed the minute I step out of the door! Now heavy rain forecast for tomorrow - deep joy
  12. soapdragon

    Take one whole free range chicken

    You could 'roast' just one breast - will cook very quickly though but at lest that way you get your Sunday Roast! I made up a dish one day when I couldn't think what to cook for the boys......melted some butter in a dish in the microwave and added cajun seasoning and some smoked paprika (you could add any sort of seasoning or herbs) them marinated strips of raw chicken breast in it for a while. In the meantime I cooked some pasta then tipped the chicken into a wok (could use frying pan) with sliced onion and chunked up pepper and cooked till soft. Sometimes I need to add a little oil....then chuck in the cooked pasta and mix it up and serve. Protein, carbs and veg all in one!
  13. soapdragon

    Easter swap 2019

    How late could I potentially opt in!? I have a project on the go but won't know for another 4 weeks if it's gone to plan.....work that one out Don't want to mess plans up at the last minute...otherwise will save for another time!
  14. soapdragon


    Sorry to hear that, Ursula. No experience here but have you Googled? I know that there is lots of conflicting info out there - some silly, some scary and some downright dangerous - but, if you looked at the NHS advice then I'm sure they'd have wise words. If I ever feel brave enough to Google anything medical it's the NHS sites that I look at! Totally agree though that ⛷️ is probably not advisable! And I think I'd have been tempted to ask for a prescription for that hot wine
  15. soapdragon

    In the kitchen

    I bought a bag of sweet potatoes today as they were all small, long and thin and o I'm planning to make sweet potato oven chips with them. I do love the taste but all the crisp type sweet potato snacks are unbelievably high in fat and calories which is such a shame. I now have a fruit cake, doused in brandy, tucked away to mature for another few weeks and a batch of tomato sauce ready for the freezer (for when I need a quick pasta sauce base!). It's been a productive day! Oh, and I also made a batch of soap at the weekend....not sure if that counts? You do have to melt the oils then whisk with a stick blender so I'll pretend that it does!