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  1. Thank goodness we are in lockdown...can't contemplate the calories ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. My tax was due on 31st March and insurance runs out on 14th April but I have SORN my car now. If we need to use a car then we use which OH's is much nicer and newer then my Skoda skip......which only does around 1000k pa anyway on the very rare occasions that OH is away o/n - as we live in a village there is the very odd time when need it but not often. It's easy to unSORN and re insure and simply not worth having it sitting in the garage unused but paid for!
  3. I've only 'oven chipped' sweet potato wedges and yes, you do have to make sure that they are well coated. I usually toss them in some oil on the baking tray then use an oil spray half way through cooking if it looks as though they are not crisping.........sometimes finish under the grill, as CT says.
  4. I've been making carrot, corriander, orange and lentil soup this afternoon so mine are stained orange at the moment......will post a pic when it's washed off!
  5. I much prefer yours, DM. Those chicken ones look terribly impractical!
  6. Happy Birthday for the big day, CT! As long as its a real ๐Ÿฐ and not a virtual one .....that would be going too far ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. We are all having to adapt and change the way we live during these difficult times. My most surreal moments so far were this morning when I had a physiotherapy appointment.......over the 'phone! It consisted of half an hour of me lying on the bed with the 'phone glued to my ear whilst the physio was asking me if I could go through various movements, what hurt/what didn't and could I try X, Y and Z and tell her how it felt. By 15 mins in it had turned into a spectator sport with running commentary from ES standing in the doorway relaying my contortions to OH and YS on the landing. She then e mailed me more excercises and said she'd call me again on 23rd! Odd or what!
  8. As someone who has had a stressful 'hunt the chicken' experience in the past then I absolutley would, given what you have told us about her character - she sounds very inquisitive and adventurous. It's not cruel and doesn't hurt - she may flap and protest a bit because she's not used to it but just tell her it's for her own good, especially with those hunting dogs around!
  9. Lovely pictures Peter, thanks for sharing!
  10. We'll all be so organised once this all ends that we'll be sitting twiddling our thumbs......
  11. I have just planted up some dwarf peas......will continue to sow every few weeks for peas throughout the summer. They are supposed to be low growing and bushy so perfect for pots on the patio. Waiting for dwarf cucumber seeds to arrive in the post but can't seem to find any other dwarf veg seeds available. The apple twig is doing OK....starting to leaf up so we may get apples this year!
  12. What we cannot buy in the village we barter. Have just had half a bag of compost for my seeds dropped off by a lovely villager (following an appeal on the local website) in exchange for a roll of Donald Trump novelty loo roll........desperate times!
  13. Another of the nine lives gone, then ๐Ÿ™„. Hope Red is appreciative, CT!
  14. Can't work out how to add text to the ducks pic! It was posted on our village facebook. Very apt as we have a brook running through the village and many, many, many, many (you get the idea!) ducks who, when not hurling themselves in front of passing traffic (including cyclists) are constantly being stuffed with food by locals!

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