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  1. Retainers after Braces?

    Actually the braces were not for cosmetic reasons; had ES not had 2 teeth out and others moved around it would have affected his bite and, in the longer term, produced significant wear on some teeth causing big problems in his 30s/40s. Therefore I guess he won't mind if things move a little as they certainly can't go back to how they were! At the moment he's very relaxed about the retainers as, in his opinion, ANYTHING is better than the actual braces
  2. Retainers after Braces?

    ES was at the orthodontists's this afternoon and has been told that his brace will come off in 7 weeks - he is beyond ecstatic! However, he'll have to wear retainers at nigh 'on a long term basis' which we knew about so no surprise. But, when I questioned how long long term actually was (orthodontist is technically good but has all the bedside manner of Dr Crippen on a good day) I was told 'for life'. WHAT! I had braces as a teen and once they were off, they were off; end of! I can sort of understand having night time retainers for a year or so or until his jaw has fully grown but FOR LIFE? How on earth is that going to work? I know that some of you on the forum have dental experience and/or teens that have been through this so wanted to find out what others have been told.
  3. Has anyone used Hillary's Blinds ?

    We used them for the primary school during the recent refurbs. They supplied and fitted about 35 blinds of different sizes and materials about 6 months or so ago. Not aware of any probs so far............Apparently they were pretty easy to deal with but I think it may be a franchise so would depend on your local 'agent'. Not sure how much these blinds cost (I'll look up the cost but it will only be a total for all of them and some were massive and some tiny!) They were certainly cheaper than the local fabric shop but then I think Harrod's might be cheaper than the local fabric shop
  4. The Weather Thread #9

    Here we go again! About an inch of snow - still coming down and I'm just wondering if it's worth toddling off to the pub in the village for The Craic. Landlord is Irish and the music is usually good...at least Moon Boots will let me off the Riverdance!
  5. Would you.....?

    Oh yes! It was wonderful....coach built and a bit like a tank! I have castigated mother for letting us turn it into a go cart but she assures me that there was no sense of it being an antique or even worth hanging on to back then!
  6. Would you.....?

    Agggh! Gave me the wobbles just looking at this pic (esp as baby is absolute spitting image of me at that age!) I was left out in my pram to sleep, strapped in, but it was a huge Silver Cross one (which sis and I later turned into a go cart!) so very solid. What frightens the life out of me is the road where we all park for YS primary school. It's little more than a village lane and some mums let their youngsters (school age and well under) run ahead along the lane in spite of cars trying to pull in and out of spaces to park and making their way along the length of the lane too. I indicate clearly at all times (most parents don't) and crawl along at 5 mph in 2nd gear but have still had several near misses and been glared at....like it was my fault the child was allowed to run on ahead down a busy lane or dart out between parked cars without holding parent's hand!
  7. Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire

    Love your pics....thanks for sharing. Glad to hear all is clear! I took Flourodix some years ago and it actually tastes really nice! Available from all good health shops, if that helps (and no, I don't have shares!!!)
  8. New Layout & Forum Software

    I thought that I had posted something about the demise of the All Things Nice thread and kefir earlier this afternoon.......can't find that post now. Things seem to jump around and disappear ....like me from The Forum. Am close to giving up Nothing seems to be in a logical order any more - sigh!
  9. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    If you do, please post photos! And don't forget the tommahawk!
  10. Forum Updates February 2018

    Have just realised that the other window in the Forum that I use quite a bit - All Things Nice - has gone! This is taking some getting used to
  11. The Weather Thread #9

    Slush, slush and more slush! The big thaw is on! Won't be nice though if it re freezes overnight but tomorrow things seem set to warm even more. Please can we have SPRING now?
  12. Locating Unsweetened Soya Products

    Thanks for that; I'll Google them! I looked at unsweetened soya milk but its basically just water and just 5 to 6% soya beans which doesn't seem a lot!
  13. Tramping

    Hope he has thermal undies And a Yorkie bar So glad he is still enjoying it!
  14. New Layout & Forum Software

    DM, it was in my profile bit in the top right corner but I've just clicked on the same thing again and it's no longer there.........confused
  15. New Layout & Forum Software

    I like the little shivery chap in his hat and scarf..............just how I feel!