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  1. Ancient Chinese Hamster

    Sad news....poor WunTun has suddenly deteriorated. He is now not eating and is just sitting in his cage. He is struggling to move; seems to be pulling his back end along. I will 'phone the vet first thing tomorrow but I do fear its the PTS route
  2. The Weather Thread #9

    I agree, PL. There seems no escape from the heat. All very well when you don't have to do anything but when life just has to go on it's too much. Hopefully tomorrow should be the last hot, hot day for a few...looks like it's going to settle back to 23/24 degrees for the rest of the week. We haven't had rain for about a month now though and really do need some seriously heavy stuff! How on Earth do the players a Wimbledon manage all that running around in this heat!?
  3. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

  4. The Weather Thread #9

    No rain or thunder here! Feeling very cheated. Garden is looking parched and the constant humidity is draining. Rain so desperately needed but what's the betting that, at 1.00pm on Friday 20th when school breaks up, it will tip down and carry on for the 'summer'?
  5. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Am I the only one to be really hacked off with this 'back to school' stuff that is appearing everywhere? My boys break up on Friday next (20th) but, even before they have finished, there are shops (LIDL) advertising Back to School! Some local schools are there until 25th! Quite apart from the fact that they may all grow over the summer who on Earth wants to buy for September in mid July? Shame on them!
  6. School advice anyone?

    CatieB - That sounds positive! If this new Head has identified areas for improvement (and it sounds like he/she has) then that's a great start! Bodes well for the future! My Aspie ES has teachers that he loves and will put in 110% for; those inspirational ones who really motivate him ...and those he can't stand and doesn't bother working for ie. the ones who just don't float his boat! Horses for courses but things seem to be taking a turn for the better at your chap's school so fingers crossed! A good move might be for you/OH to e mail Head and really emphasise how much your son was raving about the lesson, how much that motivated him and how much it was really needed and appreciated - a bit of very positive reinforcement! Tho' maybe you have and sorry if so! I do think that it's a matter of proveable fact that children DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR PARENTS! You can tell them something until you are blue in the face and they roll their eyes and say 'Oh Muuuuuum'! But, if an independent person (esp with any authority) says the same thing then it's totally different - A mother's place is in the wrong!
  7. Unfriending on Facebook

    I don't do Facebook or Twitter or any online social media so I am a bit clueless about a situation that has arisen in the family - hence posting. Step MIL asked BIL and wife and us to a family dinner for FIL's 80th - us contributing food etc and staying overnight. For BIL and wife its about a 2.5/3 hour drive and they have horses, sheep and dogs to look after as well as SIL's mildly dotty mum living with them. so they have said they'll go but not stay the night. Step MIL was quite derogatory about that to us - which I though a bit off in itself - but has now 'unfriended' BIL on Facebook with no explaination. Is that, as BIL feels, a major breach of social media ettiquete? He and SIL are fuming and I can feel a huge family row brewing and have to say that I am 'on side' with BIL and his commitments. What is the gen on unfriending someone? Could she have done it accidentally?
  8. I've killed my kefir!

    I gave some grains to my mum some time ago and she uses soya milk!!! Thanks for the offer, DM - I have decided to wait a while until the weather cools so will probably go again at the end of the summer. Good tip about freezing though, I just used to eat the leftovers!
  9. School advice anyone?

    As a Chair of Governors of a primary school (albeit Acting whilst we seek a permanent tho I have been Governor for 9 years and am Health and Safety and Premises) schools do go through ups and downs and the Head Teacher is key. If you really have concerns about the school then OfSTED are a good place to start...looking at their last report and even speaking to OfSTED themselves to express concerns. Results are monitored and a 'coasting' school will be flagged up. We live in a village and ES goes to secondary by bus. He is nearly 14 (September) and I encourage him to ask village friends back here once or twice a week for home work sessions and sweeten it all by offering CAKE! This gives me an opportunity to pop into the bedroom every so often to offer more (tho' the risk of asphyxiation from Eau de Teenage boy is high!) and so monitor what is going on. They generally behave well and get on with it - think Perry from the Harry Enfield sketches (Awright, Missis Patterson!!!) Like Chucky Mama the boy's have gone to a small (76 place) village school to a larger secondary (650 places). Ys is still at primary - going into yr 6 next Sept - but I do think it's down to the friends that they make at secondary too and their friends attitudes. I am very pleased that ES is very good mates with the Head Master's son that helps!!! It is hard when they go out of the village to education as you don't have the interaction and feedback with the staff - just 5 mins once a year! As ES has Asperger's we do get a little extra in terms of time but, M'dear, you HAVE to push!! Doesn't come naturally but, believe me, it does get results! Your chap clearly has great home support - many don't - so don't beat yourself up; bless you! Just thought - you could, if you have time, offer your services as Governor.......keeps you informed as to what is happening and allows you to change things from the inside!!!!
  10. RAF 100 centenary flypast

    I saw 3 lots of 3 red planes fly over - I thought they were going to crash they were so low and the noise phenomenal! Also another formation of 3 a bit earlier so I guess they were on their way home from wherever!
  11. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Oh, poor you! Very frustrating but the weather is too hot to do much so maybe that's a comfort?! Wishing you well
  12. I've killed my kefir!

    Gulp! I left my kefir out as usual but it's 'turned' in the heat and, in spite of rinsing off the grains and trying again it still tastes 'off'. Has anyone else had this problem? I've decided to go again once the summer is over. Guess I'll just have to go down the natural yog route in the interim!
  13. The Weather Thread #9

    RAF Benson weather forecast (Benson is 3 miles away from me and has a weather station) says cooler from Tuesday; back down to 23/24 for the rest of the week which is about what it should be? I can't take the heat and am feeling wrung out and exhausted. Thunder, rain, rain and more rain....PLEASE!
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Owwww, MH. That sounds painful...hope all works out and that it's not as bad as you fear.
  15. RAF 100 centenary flypast

    Take ear plugs for the chinooks - they are hideous and the windows really do rattle. They have such an odd 'whump whump' sound. We have them flying from Chalgrove airfield too which is at the bottom of our lane (sadly no international flights available! Its an ex RAF airfield now used by both RAF and Martin Baker.)