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  1. soapdragon

    Hot day for my ladies

    Lucky girls! Tea and cucumber sarnies this afternoon then
  2. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    Apparently our new hammy will be a male biscuit one so I had a quick Google (as you do) to see exactly what that colour is (Bourbon, Jaffa Cake? Turns out it's more custard cream) and found this hilarious picture https://images.app.goo.gl/3EfnKcgoSAb2qske8. How is that even possible?
  3. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Great news about the visit, PL! I imagine you with a calendar on your kitchen wall marking off the days! How long with the family be staying for?
  4. soapdragon

    DD got hurt on holiday.

    Do you think that might have been because she was overdoing it a bit?
  5. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Can quite see WHY she won Prettiest B!
  6. soapdragon

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    Ha..........that was my first reaction!
  7. soapdragon

    Oven dried tomatoes

    Here are the padrons....
  8. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    Update! We picked up a very sweet little boy from a family in Swindon back in July. However, Hades (yes.....well...that's what you get when your 11 year old has free range with names!) has proved a nightmare to hand tame. We did all the usual stuff...leaving him for a week to settle then just putting my hand in, then trying to hand feed treats etc but he didn't want to know and was really jumpy. I bit the bullet and took him out and let him run through my hands until he calmed down - about 15 minutes - and we have been getting him out when he wakes about 9pm every nigh for the past 5 weeks. He is now at the stage where I can scoop him up and he will sit with OH or I and have a wander on us but he is still quite jumpy. YS is really dissapointed as Hades was to h=be his and he so wanted to be able to get his new friend out unsupervised (as he did with Hugo). In short, I don't think Hades will ever be a chilled and relaxed chap so, on Saturday, we are going to the Midland Hamster Show at Drayton to collect an ex show ham who, the breeder assures us, is so laid back as to be horizontal! This 'new' one will live in YS room and Hades will move to the sitting room where OH and I will continue to work with him. Here he is.........he's very pretty!
  9. soapdragon

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

  10. soapdragon

    Oven dried tomatoes

    They were labelled as padrons when we bought the plant and I've seen them in Lidl exactly the same in packs as padrons so am assuming so! Yes, they are about 5 to 8 cms....maybe I just got that 1 in 10 but, oh boy, it nearly took my head off! Will attempt pictures.
  11. soapdragon

    Gardening thread

    Sounds as though the quince mountain is under control then!
  12. soapdragon

    Oven dried tomatoes

    We have some padron peppers.......small, green and VERY hot! In fact, way too hot for us so won't be growing those again!
  13. soapdragon

    Oven dried tomatoes

    Our lovely neighbour has just brought round two punnets of cherry toms.......as we have chillies in the garden just ripening OH is going to make tomato and chilli jam tomorrow! I will be cleaning the kitchen thereafter.
  14. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Gumble, moan! Just got back from mad dash - hour round trip - to Sports Direct (my total all time favourite shop - NOT! EVER!) as YS announced yesterday when he got home from school that he will be doing hockey next Monday and so needs shin guards and long black socks! Nothing like a bit of notice; and that wasn't. Now brings the total of uniform/kit for YS to just over £280.00 for secondary school. Although ES is two years ahead of him the quality of the uniform (mostly Trutex but all nasty polyester, even sports kit) is so bad that it just doesn't last to be passed on. They cannot even wear plain black joggers for winter sport (available from Matalan etc for a few pounds) but have to have polyester ones with teeny tiny school logo on for £18.99 . ES is good friends with twins in his year and I feel for the poor parents (who aren't actually poor literally but not rolling in it!) I imagine that schools get a 'kick back' from uniform sales but really strongly feel that parents should be able to buy plain black trousers, skirts etc. Our school trousers are £16.99 per pair (teeny tiny logo again!) whilst Sainsbury's have 2 pairs for £9.99. If children don't wear correct uniform they get put into detention....hardly their fault! Sorry, feeling a tad hacked off with the whole thing (in case you hadn't guessed!)
  15. soapdragon

    Gardening thread

    Just lay them as close to the base of the rose as poss....the weather does the rest!