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  1. Turning 'Japanese' - I really think so!

  2. Meet Josephine

    She looks supersweet but sounds like TROUBLE!
  3. The Weather Thread #9

    We have 13 lads (aged 10 to 14) doing bushcraft, wild cooking etc in the local woods on Saturday for 4 hours for ES birthday 'party'. I am sending up entreaties to the weather Gods It's been blustery and damp all day here.
  4. Turning 'Japanese' - I really think so!

    OOOh, that's kind of them to think of me then! How did they know I needed one?
  5. Turning 'Japanese' - I really think so!

    What I am interested to know is.....why!!!??? Or am I just being dense (not for the first time!)
  6. Home Towns

    There should be one linen jacket and set of braces free with each walled garden - to say nothing of a sleepy labrador!
  7. How exciting! Almost the whole forum seems to have been taken over by strange caligraphy! What happened there then!?
  8. Using Mazuma Mobile

    Thanks for that, Geoid. That is really helpful and has put my mind at rest - not even sure what was worrying me but there was just a nagging doubt!! A little job for the weekend then
  9. Using Mazuma Mobile

    ES has been kindly given a number of old and, in some cases, damaged mobile phones and blackberrys by a colleague of OH. As ES is so techie these were for him to play around with, dismantle etc but, having wiped them, he's decided against as he is more into computers than 'phones and so now he needs to dispose of them safely and resposibly. Some of them are a bit damaged but he has looked at the Mazuma mobile website (his idea is to give anything he gets back either to the original donor or, if he doesn't want it, to the RNLI) and says that he can get up to £50 for some of these 'phones. I will get OH to look at it all with him and ES has confirmed that he's been totally truthful about the condition of the various 'phones but I wondered if anyone else had used this site? It all looks very easy but I'm concerned that a price will be agreed and the prepaid envelope sent but, once the 'phones get back to them, they will give him less than agreed even though he has stated the condtion. I don't know why I have this misgiving but it's worrying me...anyone had any experience of this?
  10. Home Towns

    I have put one on my wish list!!!
  11. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    ES 14th birthday today - how on Earth did that happen? He's now at that awkward stage - all arms, legs and mouth. Makes me feel very old. We have a Heart of the Wild Wood party for him on Saturday (AKA Lord of the Flies re enactment!) with 13 of them (unlucky?!) fire making, whittling, bow and arrow making, den building etc.
  12. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    A case of priorities....
  13. National Trust AGM

    Sorry, after a number of yearsI am not an NT member on principal - I don't agree with the direction that they have taken recently and the 'co ertion' that has been applied to volunteers with regard to a number of issues - detailed in the media within the last year. A classic case of the 'overlords' losing track with the ground root members. Voting with my feet (and bank account) and now English Heritage all the way with me!
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Have a nap? I would! Grasp the opportunity!
  15. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Just spent a peaceful hour blackberrying! Huge swathes of blackberry bushes just a 5 minute walk from our house down a little used lane and, my goodness, what a crop this year! We filled 5 ice cream tubs between 4 of us (well, 3.5 really as YS kept eating all the really big juicy ones!) and are now looking forward to crumbles, blackberry and vanilla sponges and other blackberry related delights over the coming months! By the look of things there will be a plethora of sloes too once the first frosts hit.....sloe gin anyone!?