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  1. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Just caught up with this; wouldn't the zimmer frame make a great chicken perch Perhaps that's what it was for after all Lots of April birthdays here too, BF, OH, SIL and Dad all within 7 days of each other! PatriciaW, where are you? You say Le Manoir is just down the road from you; it's about 10 mins from us and boys go to Little Milton school (Manoir is Great Milton.) Fancy a G and T sometime? Have a great day tomorrow - it's my BF/lovely school lift share person's special day tomorrow too so I've given her the day off -the weather will be lovely.
  2. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    My boys would love a dog but ES threw his hamster out of his room as it was making too much noise and had to be badgered to clean poor little Apple out! He even thinks that Hug, YS gorgeous grey Syrian, is a lot of trouble However, my sister recently got a puppy and, having spent just one afternoon with her, they now realise how much hard work it actually is! At least you don't need poo bags for hamsters
  3. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I took the boys swimming yesterday and couldn't find any hair bands to tie my hair up. It's not long, a bit above my shoulders so only just tieable but I hate that flappy wetness all down my neck after swimming! I finally managed to find some clips and battled, poolside, with it all for about 5 mins only to have YS jump in right next to me and soak me anyway; heyho! On the subject of hair...I hate how mine suddenly seems to grow just that bit too much almost overnight; I go to bed, it's fine and wake up and it's not Then I go to the hairdresser, she cuts it a tad too short so I have to wait a few weeks and have about 10 days where it's the perfect length again before it goes all shaggy but it's still another few weeks till my next appointment Still, as OH says....'At least you HAVE hair' According to him, men have three hairstyles; parted, unparted and departed
  4. The Blitz in London

    That's fascinating! My mum lived in Mitcham and she and her younger sister were evacuated during the war down to Bodle Street in Sussex but went back after a while; not sure exactly why as they then got bombed! The house was damaged but only the back half and was repaired. There was a shelter in the garden - I remember playing in it as a very youngster when we visited my nan (who died when I was about 8 or 9). I always think of the last war as 'recent' but very soon it won't even be within living memory - that's scary.
  5. My MIL had quail some years ago. All I remember is the noise.....horrendous! They were very skittish and nervous; to add insult to injury we never got any eggs either. I'd best not tell you what happened to the in the end!
  6. Our dear friend Docsquid

    Very sad news............however, it sounds as though she really lived her life to the full and loved nature and was a brave lady.
  7. Herefordshire here we come!

    No brainer really then....surely
  8. I've always found that getting the number of the consultants sec or appointments clerk for the relevant clinic/department and then 'phoning every couple of days is a good bet! I've always apologised for bothering them again but asked if anything has changed over the last few days. On occasions it has or I've been told 'glad you rang again, I lost your number but can now offer you.....' Wishing you well (quite literally) and you too, PL!
  9. O2 Dome...climb

    Well done you two! How fantastic for a spur of the moment! How long did it take?
  10. Mindfulness/Meditation

    I practice Mindlessness - its much easier!
  11. Herefordshire here we come!

    That sounds very exciting, Valkyrie. I look forward to reading your updates!
  12. Word Association Game #28

  13. Kefir - Continued!

    That's useful to know....I'd assume that the freezing would kill the poor little things
  14. Retainers after Braces?

    Gulp! I'm 53 and wasn't offered retainers when my braces came off all those years ago. I can't really tell if they have moved but I think not so much. I am guessing that permanent retainers cost!? I can imagine ES wearing them to start with but suspect they might fall by the wayside. However, he had teeth out before braces so can't physically go back to how things were....I hope!
  15. Trier, short but sweet visit

    Looks very historic and atmospheric....when you said 'the twins' I thought you meant the two beer glasses until I scrolled down Or perhaps they had been drinking said beer hence slight scariness