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  1. I have just realised that our annual swift/swallow/martins (can never work out which as they move so quickly!) have not returned to their nest under the eaves at the front of the house. They have visited for over 20 years and I'm wondering why they have given us the cold shoulder this year. Are they OK? Is there a decline in numbers? I can't recall seeing anything in the media about the reduction in migrating birds. Do they just find another site after a while? Can't say that I'll miss the amount of 'guano' down the front of the house but it does feel odd not to have them there.
  2. Ohhhno! I only have to look at a cake and I put on 7lb! But I love the idea of us all sitting down on the same day with a slice of cake and beverage of choice!
  3. I understand that having one's cake and eating it isn't possible; perhaps we should do a cake swap and eat someone elses 🎂
  4. Probably, Luvvie as it's nailed to a large silver birch tree so is shaded by the canopy! Sorry bees!
  5. Do bee boxes have to facing a particular direction? I've had one for three years and no sign of activity at all!
  6. When is the big opening? I'm so looking forward to seeing the swaps!
  7. We (as in OH and I) use the word emmet for tourists here near Oxford......apparently a west country word (or grockle) as OH's family were originally from Devon. I love to use as many 'old' or obscure words as I can - they are free, after all ! My mother's mother was a true cockney born within the sound of Bow bells and so I use a bit of rhyming slang where appropriate....had to explain 'tea leaf' to my ES this evening, tho' not whilst he was going 'up the apples and pears'!
  8. My broad beans were looking amazing with loads of flowers (they are in pots as our soil is so horrible - heavy clay) however the bloody slugs have now eaten the flowers so there will be no beans. I have had enough and won't be growing again. Feeling totally fed up.
  9. Have just read a post on our village facebook to say that around 80 organically reared hens are needing new homes! If anyone is interested and nearby please message me and I'll try and link it up. Location is just south of Oxford from a small organic farm
  10. Went to Marlborough yesterday on the way to FIL and Step MIL in Devizes....as always took the opportunity to trawl the charity shops. In the Dogs Trust charity shop, next to a little table with hand sanitizer and 'Hands, Face, Space, sign there was a seperate sign saying 'Keep 7 chiuauas apart'. Well, it tickled me! Oh, and in spite of charity shops only ever having clothes in 2 sizes (too big and too small) I got a brand new Seasalt linen Coach House dress for £12!!! Result!
  11. Maybe I should take a marker pen to the hamsters - Hilda would look great with purple spots!
  12. Yes, that's what I have heard, esp with the Devon dialect which is very specific.
  13. If you are taking ex batts/rescue hens then please do feel reassured that you are giving them a great home and clearly much love (which they have obviously been lacking) and showing them kindness and care after a tough life. Owning animals is a great privillage (sp) but this is balanced by the tough decisions that you have to make when they go downhill. But how much better for them to have had that care and love, albeit for a short time?! You can't quantify that and, although it is hard on you, you are giving them precious time to be chickens rather than egg machines so be strong and hold that
  14. CT - your girls are soooo pretty! Looks as though you have been all over them with a marker pen as those feathers are so deliniated!

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