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  1. I soak my broad beans and runners for 24/48 hours prior to sowing which helps break down the tough outer.
  2. Yes, mine too. That's what is worrying me........I don't remember broad beans going this mad before!
  3. Yes, I think so but will have to repot them first - they've gone ballistic! If I'd realised how mad they'd go I would have held off a few weeks! Will have to take their chances once they have been out in the day for a few days! Also will need the windowsill space for toms and runners! NEED a greenhouse 😂
  4. My broad beans are on the windowsill and going bonkers! Very tall now and I'm worried about planting them out due to the low temps forecast overnights. Would they be happy in a very sheltered spot, do you think? I really hadn't expected them to grow so much so soon!
  5. It sounds as though you have already taken very sensible precautions. Maybe it's worth asking a pest control expert to come and have a look round and see if they can recommend anything extra that you could try (sometimes they can place traps in places that would not be accessible to other wildlife).? Equally, you could approach your neighbours (if you feel able) and explain the situation (so that they know that you have done all that you can) and ask if they put bird food out or have accessible compost bins. Do you know where the nest may be? If so, there might be someone with a ratting terrier who could clear it out (you sound quite rural). Otherwise keep shooting as many times a week as you can!
  6. Perhaps it was the henopause? I often feel like taking someone's head off!
  7. Glad I didn't get carried away with planting seeds over the warm weather.........we are now promised some -1 overnight temps coming up! However, the broad beans on the windowsill have put in an appearance! Small fry in relation to others on the forum though!
  8. It may be cheaper to knock something up (or, better still, get someone else to do it!) A friend of mine in our village had the same prob and ended up asking a local handyman (her OH isn't into DIY!) to make wooden frames which were then 'covered' with wire - not sure exactly what was used - and they were then tied together and anchored with metal tent pegs so moveable. She was very happy with the result as it was tailor made, exactly what she wanted and worked really well. Just a thought!
  9. How brave are you to let them stand on that lovely cream carpet!? Hope you didn't have to get the Vanish out! Seriously, they are lovely and delighted you have Sussex in the mix 😎
  10. I've just put 10 broad bean seeds in to soak for 24 hours.....I braved Lidl this morning (only my 4th supermarket trip since last Feb!) and picked up 4 x 20L peat free multi purpose for 99p each so am set for the seedlings at least and carrot troughs in due course. Have been out tidying up the pots and having a sort through so as to be really organised for what goes into which pot where!! Love hearing about everyone else's gardens and planting
  11. Well, I didn't get a sticker (stomps off to sulk 😡!) I shall ask for one next time! Seriously, glad you were OK...OH says his arm is still sore nearly 2 weeks later but at least he doesn't have a bra strap to wrestle with. If I'd realised how painful the arm was going to be I'd have hit the M & S site and ordered a front loader.
  12. As this has been going on for a couple of weeks I'd be more than inclined to get them to the vets (or at least call the local vet for advice). The fact that all 5 of your girls have this problem would seem to point to the fact that it is either something that they are ingesting (would they have had access to any new or different fodder just before this started? Had you moved their run?) or an infection that has affected them all. Clearly all is not right and not improving so best try and find a chicken savvy vet!
  13. Wow...just looked up your cafe on Facebook (via the link from your blog!) Amazing! Can't wait to visit! Good luck with your re opening.
  14. Thanks for the good wishes....feeling slightly more normal (whatever that is!!) but the arm is still excrutiating! But still better than Covid! I just cannot believe how blind some people are being...now the tourism industry seems to be putting pressure on the Govt to allow Brits abroad....just as things are getting worse, rather than better, on the continent! Are there really those so selfish that they will risk yet another wave, and possible concomitant lockdown, for a holiday!? I'd love to bang heads together but fear it would be a long process! As to the banning of export of a vaccine that many in Europe don't seem to want to have anyway.........
  15. Had my vaccine yesterday afternoon and woke up at 2am with stinking headache, dry mouth, nausea, high fever (38.1) and the shakes. In spite of paracetamol and ibuprofen every 2 hours this continued and have been feeling so tired and 'out of it' all day. Keep telling myself that it is proving that the vaccine is in my system and busily producing the required antibodies. Most people that I have spoken to in the village have had a similar reaction to the AZ but, given the alternative (full blown Covid) it's def worth it! Yet more pics in the news today of demos in London by anti lockdown idiots, none wearing masks - grrrrr!

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