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  1. ZaraZaggles

    Try Oxford Daily Info under the pets section. I've seen a few on there over the past months. Or Gumtree Oxford. Dogmother has an orange one listed on here - she is Banbury so just up the M40.
  2. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Isn't it amazing how your children can really surprise you when you think you know them inside out!? YS (10) was in his school play - Troy Story - this afternoon playing Hector. He was chased round the audience, seated in the hall, by Achilles and 'died' horribly (and hysterically) on stage. He is usually such a quiet and unassuming child but his dialogue was loud and clear and he hammed it up beautifully even getting his own round of applause. OH and I were so proud!
  3. Bath bombs etc.

    I get soap making supplies from a company called Butterburr and Sage (honestly!) in Reading, Berks. I don't have the details to hand but they have a website. Also Essential Oils Direct somewhere in the Midlands do similar. If they like that sort of thing have you ever come across hydrophobic sand? It's great and, I think, on Amazon. Good luck!
  4. Glad to hear your very positive news!
  5. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Ah, that's why property prices there are sky high then
  6. Been accepted for a degree!!

    Go for it, chap! That's brilliant. What is your subject?
  7. Curtain disaster, any advice welcome

    I think your best bet is Customer Services; if you do anything else with them in the interim you may end up 'setting' the stain? Interesting that this is a 'known' problem which they don't tell you about! Good luck!
  8. Which poultry mags do you read?

    I don't do 'chick lit' Sorry, couldn't resist
  9. Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    How lovely! Your cottage looks so pretty - I do hope you get the odd tractor or car passing to keep the dogs interested!!! I can just imagine loads of chooks in that lovely orchard! Asperger's to the fore I am interested in the practicalities Do you speak French? Has it been hard to meet others locally? What about registering with the town hall? Are there any other Brits nearby. Do you drive - I'd get so confused 'on the wrong side'! We'll soon be setting up a French section of the forum!
  10. Book club!

    Thanks, Patricia; I need to go to Watlington on Tuesday so will check out the library there as she's an Oxford girl!
  11. Book club!

    OOOh yes! I found Dust Trilogy fascinating and not at all what I'd normally go for. I've been reading my way through Peter Robinson books featuring Inspector Alan Banks of the Yorkshire police. Peter May is also VERY good and Tim Weaver and James Oswald are def. worth a trip to the library or the charity shop! You don't need to read any of the last three authors in sequence tho' it helps if you can! Peter May has done some sandalones too!
  12. Not so many bees

    The bees are going mad for my comfrey but not much else in the garden. Hopefully, once the roses open, they'll enjoy those too!
  13. What can you do with ....... ?

    I bought a Charlie's Chicken Kiev (SORRY!!!!!) or,as they are known in our house, chicken Kev; half price (wouldn't/can't pay full price!) Now have a lovely little wooden tray - ho hum - will try and find a use for it. Possibly soap dish or to catch the drips from the liquid soap dispenser?
  14. Motion dizziness after being in a boat

    Sorry you're not feeling 100%, DM. How long ago was the boat trip? Was it choppy? I've had similar on the odd occasion - also brought on by a long (3hr +) car trip. As well as the lightheadedness it's also felt a little 'away with the fairies' (not really anything new there then ) like a sense of dislcoation from things. It usually just lasts half an hour or so. Hope you are soon recovered.
  15. Long time, no see / questions!

    Love your set up, Andyroo and nice to hear from you again; we missed you!! We had 3 Light Sussex Bantams in an Eglu and did gather that their eggs, even from full size, can vary somewhat which, indeed, they did!! They were fr most of the day and I think egg size depended on what nummies they had found!