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  1. Lovely picture, MH! Made me smile!
  2. Well, I made another batch of Apero 'cake' this afternoon and used smoked paprika rather than ordinary - yum! OOps, forgot to add huge thanks to my swapee! Some in the freezer so I'll see how that goes when defrosted but I'll definately be making it again.
  3. I'm wondering if this Apero cake is freezable? The buttermilk comes in 220mls and the feta in 200g so I have enough to make another batch but would have to freeze it or it would be VERY bad for our waistlines! Luckilly I had sun dried tomato and roasted peppers in oil in jars from Lidl so masses left and ordered 2 courgettes as I wasn't sure what size would arrive and we usually have chorizo in the 'fridge anyway. Not sure if freezing would affect the texture.
  4. I made my Apero 'cake' this afternoon.....I must admit that it wasn't what I would normally have baked and I wasn't really sure how it would turn out but OH and I ABSOLUTLEY love it! The boys haven't tried it yet but we'll tempt them into a slice at supper and post pictures later. Thank you, Swapee, for pushing me out of my comfort zone/baking rut! I'll definately be making it again and have resolved to be more adventurous!
  5. I find that Hilda (huge Syrian hamster) will also re arrange her cage to suit her mood! Sawdust gets banked in in different places each day and her house is moved constantly. We vary the equipment week by week so that she is constantly challenged!
  6. What an amazing set up, CT! They will be very happy with you! Hope they continue to get along well together!
  7. I hope you did the 'if I tell you I'll have to kill you' accompanied by an enigmatic wink!
  8. I have added the ingredients to my shopping list for this week and will make my bake at the weekend! Everyone's bakes look amazing.....yum!
  9. Just opened mine and it looks amazing - a savoury cake! It came with a lovely card giving more details of how/when it should be eaten together with 'background' which was really lovely (and very interesting!) I'm not going to be able to make it this weekend as some of the ingredients are def not available in the village but I will add to my next Thursday's grocery order and bake next weekend. The fact that you are supposed to eat it with wine is a complete bonus! Thank you to my thoughtful and obviously very cultured swapee!!!!! Are you a coconut fan, by any chance😉?
  10. Ahh, good point! Just had my big delivery tonight and our village shops are limited but I guess we can all make and post as convenient? Happy opening, everyone!
  11. I'll save mine for tomorrow evening then - bit of a hectic day I fear!
  12. Mon billet est arrivee - merci (excuse my French!)
  13. Mine are written up and will be posted tomorrow!
  14. I've just made this in a flat tray tin rather than the traditional round tin; it cooked really quickly half an hour as opposed to an hour and a half!) and will be much easier to cut and fit into snack boxes. There's nowt like a bit of lateral thinking (ironic, from an Aspie 🤣)
  15. How on Earth do these old threads keep resufacing? Glad to hear that Josephine is still around, BTW!

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