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  1. Totally agree; I have a 16 yr old hoodie for most tech issues but he can't crochet!
  2. Welcome to The Forum, Girly! Your set up looks great. As a matter of interest, whereabouts in the country are you? In more normal times groups of us try and get together every once in a while for a natter in person.
  3. Peter - have to say I am not multi talented.........just have ago and see what works but, as far as I am concerned, it is very much the thought that counts! We all do our best and give and receive in the spirit of Christmas (and the forum!) There are few nice surprises in life and the Omlet Forum Swaps are right up there!!!!!
  4. I think this could be overwatering.......if you re pot it don't use anything that's too rich. From memory, it will naturally grow on poor soil so over feeding it by using nutrient rich compost might not help it's overall health. A sunny windowsill would be a good place....I kept mine on the kitchen windowsill so as to be handy for burns!!!
  5. Yay.....experimenting already!
  6. Sadly the truth is that we seem to be a smaller group then hitherto and so we know each other's skills. Therefore it's not too hard to second guess! However, it's all done with care and love and much skill and ingenuity and still a lovely surprise. Personally I receive my swaps with great delight and feel so grateful that someone has put so much work into the gift. Long may it continue and big thanks to Luvvie and Mr Luvvie for their efforts in organising - very much appreciated ...must be a bit like herding cats!
  7. Goodness, anything that fits and is comfortable gets my vote!
  8. I do worry about Father Christmas - in spite of my son's opinions. After all he is an elderly, overweight (if not obese) male and so surely in the vulnerable category. I do appreciate that he is probably currently in a bubble with Mrs Christmas and the elves but that won't be possible when delivering presents. Equally, does the 'rule of 6' apply to reindeer? If so then the whole process will be much slower this year. It's all very bothersome.
  9. Contact the Environmental Health at your local council - they will be able to advise you and at least you will feel that you are doing something positive.
  10. It's so important to have a vet that you can really trust with any pets/livestock. If I were in your position then I'd get on the 'phone and speak to several local practices and ask a few questions regarding their specialists. You'll soon get an idea as to where to go. I did the same thing very recently when looking for a new dentist!!! Several were helpful but not wildly keen to take on my YS and his forthcoming braces situation but one was fantastic....such a friendly, helpful positive and knowledgeable person on the end of the 'phone and so it has proved with everyone else at the practice! With regard to vets bills....I have found that they do vary. It's a while since we lost our girls (who, luckily were super healthy anyway!) but when our usual practice couldn't fit us in soon enough for a poorly hamster we took her to another vets. One charges £9.95 to PTS and the other £18.90. That's a heck of a difference - again something to check if/when you speak to them first.
  11. Contact the Environmental Health Dept at your local Council.........make a noise complaint. They will send you a noise log to keep with details of volume, times etc and they will also write to the neighbour to make them aware that a complaint has been lodged and that the situation is being monitored. Sometimes this is all it takes to resolve the matter however, you can then submit the noise log after 2 weeks and the Council will then consider whether further correspondance with the neighbour is appropriate. It's always better to follow the proper channels and take action than to sit and seethe.
  12. Hi Triss - Welcome to The Forum. A good place to start your chicken owning journey would be to do a poultry keeping course. There are a couple of Forum members who run them but not too sure whether locations would work for you; from memory they are sort of midlands based! In the meantime do join in with us on The Forum; we are a friendly bunch!
  13. Temp still OK for the time of year but much rain forecast for the next few days.........water is important so I won't complain! Feeling mild again so heating off.....
  14. Personally I think we all have to live the lives that we choose whilst being considerate to those around us. Realistically those of us who love their peace and quiet (and I am def one of those!) cannot relocate to a remote Highland croft (I wish!) but, equally, those who choose (for example, maybe not a good one) to leave their dog in their garden to bark all day long (as opposed to the odd bark at the postie etc) must accept that their behaviour is inconsiderate and may cause distress to others. There is, as always, a balance to be struck and we all have to rub along together.
  15. YS (12) has a wobbly tooth. When he said how annoying it is I reminded him that the tooth fairy would be paying a visit. He gave me 'one of those looks' and proceeded to drop the bombshell that the tooth fairy doesn't exist. He then went on to rubbish both Father Christmas AND the Easter Bunny. I am beyond devastated to find that it's all a myth!
  16. We have given in and put the heating on 😲.
  17. After my hip op back in Feb I couldn't lie on my right side (my preferred and more comfy side!) so after 6 weeks on my back, resorted to lying on my left side for months. Consequently my left shoulder is now painful and the muscle in my upper arm very sore. When I do backward shoulder rolls there is a horrible crunching sound. I have bought a wheat bag to heat in the microwave but I'm not really sure when/how often I should be using it and for how long so any advice would be very welcome. I think that I'm going to have to give in and try and get a GP appointment at some point (also have a very sore right thumb joint.....grr!) but would like to see if the heat helps in the interim. TIA!
  18. I'm still working on fixing fragrance Andy! You are far more creative with soap than I am so go for it....you can never have too much soap after all!
  19. soapdragon


    Forgot to add....Light Sussex bantams - yay -
  20. soapdragon


    Missing...... Deck chair in which to sit back and enjoy your girls. Camera to document your chicken keeping journey. Ear plugs for when they all decide to lay at once. Football rattle/party poppers/bells and whistles for their first egg. Sense of forebearance for when your garden gets munched/covered in poop. Helpful neighbour to come and help when you go away. Wine/gin/strong tea for all those moments when you panic. Address of the Omlet forum for when you need helpful and friendly advice. A sense of humour! Enjoy!

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