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  1. Really glad we escaped that snow here in (sunny?!) south Oxfordshire! We only had a sprinkling and have had some quite unseasonably warm days over the last week......even when we have had a frost it had brightened up beautifully and been warm enough for me to take my coat off on my 2 mile trog around the village. On a couple of days I've even managed to dry the bedding on the line; smells so much better after being line dried!
  2. We were hoping to get up to York at some point; The Yorvik Centre was badly flooded a while back and has now, apparently, been revamped so keen to see how that compares to the last time we were there (probably 30 odd years ago!!!). However, I found out the true meaning of the phrase 'bored to tears' at the railway museum. Sorry Peter, have hijacked your thread! Those panels look really good.
  3. Oh wow! ES has a place there for September to do an extended Btech Diploma in Computing and IT. We are about 20/30 mins from Henley and he will go on the bus (ยฃ960 pa!) I know several people in the village with students there and have had very positive feedback. PM me if you'd like, Helen!
  4. Having been stymied as far as Tesco deliveries go and repeatedly only able to get a 5 till 9 flexi saver on a Thursday, I decided to adopt a different approach to booking. Instead of logging on at 7am and having 5pm to 9pm as the earliest slot to book, I was up for the loo in the early hours and popped downstairs to log on hoping to get an earlier delivery......the only available slot at 1.46am, was , yes, you guessed, the 5pm to 9pm. WHAT! I understand that slots are released at mid night so how is it that, at 1.46am, I can only get a 5pm to 9pm!!!??? At least I have a slot, and for that I am grateful, but I just cannot see how they book up so quickly! Anyone else had similar frustrations with booking slots?
  5. Lovely pictures but I'd keep an eye on the back of the t shirt ๐Ÿ˜‰!
  6. OOOOh, Happy Birthday Cat Tails! Hope you have a lovely day with ๐ŸŽ‚ and ๐Ÿน....perhaps those new girls were a birthday present!? And well spotted Luvvie! How did you do that?!
  7. And it just allowed me to like your comment having told me earlier 'no more today'!!!!!!!! Bl***y technology!
  8. I've just been told by The Forum that I cannot add any more likes, thanks, sads or smileys today! Has anyone else had this? Seems odd to ration emojis!
  9. Who said 'I can resist everything except temptation'? Sounds like Oscar Wilde? Mind you, I don't think he kept chickens.
  10. Obviously not a happy girl....vet for sure!
  11. Pretty girls! Is that 5 you have now?
  12. I'd echo Patricia's comment about getting 3...........but you could have 4 if you had bantams ๐Ÿ˜‰! And do slab the base......much easier to deal with in terms of mucking out and also protecting from rats.
  13. Def grown! Deliciously fluffy though....are they likely to stay that way? I do hope so!
  14. Took me a while to 'spot the frog'! He is gorgeous...do you normally see these frogs or is this unusual?
  15. The training didn't mention reliability but I do know of someone (friend's hubs) who, last week, had a pos LFT followed by a neg PCR! It helps if you are scrupulous about the actual swabbing but can also depend on the processing (you really have to squeeze the swab out in the test tube to extract as much 'material' as possible; obv if this isn't done properly then you could easily get a false neg!) These two 'reasons' could account for the less than reliable reputation of the LFT.
  16. Glad people seem to be getting their vaccines OK. Not sure what is happening with the lateral flow testing in secondary schools. I volunteered, did my Enhanced DBS and loads of online training (I got certificates !) did one session inschool with staff to get up to speed and now it looks like the children will be asked to test themselves at home twice a week (as if that will work ๐Ÿคจ!) On the upside, if any Forum peeps need a hand with LFT PM me and I'll walk you through it ๐Ÿคฃ!
  17. I had my eyes re tested about a year ago and decided to get new glasses from a local, independant supplier; the Boots branch didn't seem terribly happy about me exiting clutching my new prescription and did try to persuade me to purchase from them but I stuck to my guns. The chap that I got the new ones from is not a testing optician but is qualified. I can't say I love them but they are better then the Boots ones. The field of vision is better as is the quality; because Julian is independant he doesn't have a tie in and can use several suppliers depending on what he feels will best suit. So still not in love with my varifocals but def learning to live with them and glad I didn't go with the Boots ones.
  18. Or it's head is on upside down! I'd blame the Design and Technology faculty!
  19. Ha! If he was at my window he'd be telling me what to do with my somewhat sad looking plot!!!! But I do like his linen jackets!
  20. Amazing CT, as always - I think CT must stand for crochet talent! I did wonder, at first, why Monty Don was standing at your window though. Blackrocksrock...that Harris Tweed bag is gorgeous...only just seen it and am green!
  21. Hope you have lots of cake and presents and a relaxing day!
  22. Luvvie, you are certainly a glutton for punishment!!! Thanks for the timely reminder regarding Easter. I am going to bow out this time round as have a lot going on (really, I do!!) in several departments but I haven't forgotten that my swapee from last year is still owed cake. When she is allowed out to play again I will get that sorted! Happy swapping everyone!
  23. I love having the boys home; I'll miss them terribly when they go back. I always feel sad at the end of holidays too.

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