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  1. We had three Light Sussex bantams - I share your sadness.
  2. What an amazing age - she must have been soooo well looked after.
  3. I went to bed at usual time (10.30) and read for far too long, OH toddled up in a miasma of Deep Heat (put his back out getting Xmas tree in 2 weeks ago) and we nodded off well before midnight - ES (17) was washing up at the village pub so I didn't settle until I heard him crashing in at 11.20pm! I think I vaguely heard fireworks around midnight from the other side of sleep but nowt more than that. Lots of people out walking NY day.....some looking very bleary!
  4. Just spent a lovely, relaxing 2 hours turning our Christmas cards into gift tags for next Christmas.......just used a luggage tag as a template and ES hole punch and some garden twine.
  5. Fab picture MH! Looks like that's the start of a life long love of chickens! Really made me smile - thanks for sharing.
  6. Happy New Year everyone, however you spend it!
  7. Do hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas, in spite of the obvious elephant in the room!? New Year? Goodness, I can't get excited about another turn of the year with yet more restrictions, worry and angst. We don't stay up for the big yahoo anyway and haven't since ES was born (he was an appalling sleeper so we grabbed what we could when we could!) so nothing new there for us but how do you all feel about 2022? Up for midnight with some fizz or an early nighter?!
  8. I am embarrassed to say that I read the 'header' of this topic and my immediate thought was 'Oh no, G &T is so much better in a glass'. Although I have to put on record that I've not had G & T so far this Christmas - although there is time yet!!!! Hope you have solved the problem, Luvvie!
  9. Loving all these talented swaps - how clever you all are!
  10. Does that mean your kitchen ceiling gets a fresh coat each year then?! On a more serious note, we listen to certain Christmas music too, it certainly helps with the festivities!
  11. Yes, the Moderna floored me too, MH! As you say, a bit of a shock but I kept telling myself that the worse I was feeling the better it was working. It took me two days to be able to lift my arm beyond elbow height too! Hope you are over it now!
  12. How I wish someone would strangled that darned Elf on the Shelf! I hate that annoying, smug, self satisfied grin he has on that nasty plastic face and the horrible dangly, floppy limbs - eugh! Much better fed to the dog!!!! Right, now I've got that out of my system.....onwards🙄! No particular traditions here in Oxfordshire that I am aware of but our family stuff is stockings (everyone but me as I'm the one that makes them up) with lots of silly little things in and, of course, chocolate (who doesn't like Lindor for breakfast!) then presents round the tree. We've never 'gone overboard' boys get on main thing and a few 'sillies'. Lunch is smoked salmon ahead of the main event around 4pm. And so to bed!!!! I like the Italian La Befana (sp?) Christmas witch...much more in keeping with my feeling on the event which have gone a bit humbug since the boys decided that FC doesn't actually exist (shhh!) Hope everyone has a lovely time wherever and whatever you are all doing!
  13. soapdragon

    Meet Flo

    What a sweetie! She looks very at home and happy with her new life - and so she should! Hope you have lots of fun together!
  14. Luckily I had my booster three weeks ago; I'm now marinating in a Covid soup of class of year 3 and year 4 children! Only 9 more lateral flows till Christmas.
  15. They will huddle together and keep warm. If you are desperatley worried you could throw an old blanket over the top of the coop for your own peace of mind but they will be fine without!
  16. Apparently Boris is announcing tomorrow that masks are to be mandatory in all retail settings......about bl**dy time!!! IMHO should never have stopped being mandatory! I have now got to the stage where, although my glasses mist up if I've forgotten to use the anti fog spray and I find it quite claustrophobic after more than 20 mins, I wouldn't feel happy leaving the house without a mask or two tucked into a pocket and/or bag.
  17. For those struggling with Christmas present ideas Oxfam have chicken gift cards where you can 'buy' and 'donate' a chicken to a family! ATM they are on sale at £9 until Sunday.
  18. Had my booster today and ES had his 2nd jab. With OH having had his 2 + booster that's good news. Not so good news is that YS is currently self isolating after a positive PCR on Monday and not allowed out until Wednesday 1st. His secondary school has had 50 positives for the period Saturday to Monday so, even with his mask, it's not surprising. All keeping our fingers crossed now that we don't get it but we are in seperate bathrooms (YS even wears a mask to exit his room, and cross the landing to 'his' bathroom!) Apparently around 5 days is the incubation period so we are all now testing x2 per day! I do wish that masks were still compulsory! Hope everyone else is staying safe and Covid free!
  19. Love, love, love Nativity! The very first one is brilliant and so is the second but they went downhill a bit after that! Now I'm working in a primary school it will be even funnier this year - I'm sure I'll see some characters that I recognise 😉!
  20. Page 17 of today's Daily Mail. Found a copy in the staff room and spent my lunch half hour reading and digesting! You can probably access online.
  21. Posting date for Oz and NZ is 6th December - I'm stuck for what to send to NZ as their rules are so strict.
  22. TBH I wouldn't risk it. Congratulations though....wishing you and 'bump' well!
  23. I've used The Forum boiled recipe for ages.......have just put cherries on the Tesco order for next week so that I can make it again for Christmas. Normally I just make with standard dried fruit mix or one of the packets from Lidl (mix of pear, fig, apricot and prune) and bake in a tray so that it cuts to shape for boy's snack boxes! Instead of plain water I make up the same amount of water with Earl Grey tea. For Christmas though it gets jazzed up with nuts and cherries and force fed brandy until ready to marzipan and ice!!!! Thank you Chickencam!
  24. OH and I (57) are struggling to get our flu jabs locally and also accessing booster Covid jabs. The initial roll out was quick and efficient but, this time round, it all seems chaotic. I'm so fed up with the constant exhortation in the press to 'get the flu jab' when it's just not available locally!
  25. I hate to be negative but you'll probably find that, like children, your chooks will end up where they want to be, whatever other lovely alternative you provide - a bit like giving a toddler an huge, expensive present then said youngster preferring to play with the box! However, rather than the aubiose itself might they be after any other 'goodies' hidden in the aubiose (any bits of 'edibles' trodden in etc?) - just a thought! Good luck, anyway 😎.

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