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    The Weather Thread #9

    Where's that darn thunder?! So muggy here all day as to be almost unbearable. Heavy rain forecast over night so really hoping that some thunder and lightening comes as part of the package!
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    OOOh, I want one
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    Gardeners World Live

    A very busy and sociable chap, our Lewis
  4. soapdragon

    Updates from Devon

    Is this a chiffchaff? Your post reminded me, Valkyrie, that we were on holiday in Gower and heard a crash at the window. Raced outside to see this little fellow.....lying on the ground but, when I put a stick under his feet, he climbed on and sat there quite happily for about 10 mins. Then, when I tried to move him to a nearby bush, he flew off. We looked on the RSPB website but I think the colours must have been a bit dodgy! Well done to your OH! I've decided that it's too hot to bake so I'm cheating and cooking Welsh cakes on the griddle! Oh, and my beans are pants too! Tearing upwards at a rate of knots but no flowers!
  5. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    Poor Hugo (Syrian poppet who is 21 months old) has gone down with a cold. We took him to the vet last Tuesday, when I said I thought he was coldy but she said no, because his chest wasn't rattly. She gave him anti inflammatory medicine saying that she thought he'd fallen from one of the levels in his cage and hurt his back legs. On Thursday afternoon he started making snuffly noises and, though his eyes and nose were not runny, seemed to be sneezing. Back to the vets again (got the same one!) who said yes, its a cold and gave him antibiotics. He did seem to perk up yesterday and be virtually back to normal but is poorly again today. He is still eating and 'busy' in his cage rearranging his bedding, no more sniffly noises but seems rather unsteady on his feet and a bit stumbly. This is day 3 of a five day course of antibiotics so will reassess on Tuesday but feeling very sad that there is no real improvement. I've even put some crushed thyme leaves in his sawdust and bedding to help with breathing and have been trying to syringe a honey, milk and water solution into him but he doesn't like it and it just seems to stress him so have given up on that. All our other hamsters (apart from one Chinese who was found cold and stiff one morning) have had to be PTS due to tumors of one kind or another and I've no real experience of a poorly hammy. The vet said she thought he wasn't in pain but he's just not right and I don't know where to go from here if he's not back to normal after the antibiotics. TBH I was not impressed by our vet; she grabbed Hugo out of his cage (every other vet I've seen has asked me to take him out for them) didn't talk to him, barely spoke to me and couldn't seem to wait to get us out of the surgery......when I asked what would happen if these meds didn't work she just shrugged. I do wonder if he'd have had a better outcome if we'd gone down the antibiotic route on Tuesday and am feeling guilty that I didn't insist on the cold theory then. I know that lots of you have had animals other then chooks and so wondered if anyone had a similar experience with a small furry?
  6. soapdragon

    Updates from Devon

    I was late getting my tomatoes in (Mid May) and have just planted Ailsa Craig and some plum toms out in the growbags on the patio. The Ailsa Craigs were heavy croppers last year and so I have fingers crossed. I have pink fir apple pots in ....pots! Valkyrie - you sound very organised but it does seem a full time job at yours! Hats off to you for taking it all on - I guess it will be easier next year when you know what works and what doesn't and can plan accordingly.
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    Closing a Twitter Account

    Really sorry about that, peeps...I've just managed to deactivate the account after all. NO idea how or what I did...just clicked on some things that looked hopeful. I spent over an hour trying to do it this morning and made no progress (but I think the boys might have learned some new words ) ....hence my post so goodness alone knows what I did just now. I did try to delete this thread but couldn't work out how to do that either! I HATE technology (and I don't think it likes me very much!)
  8. soapdragon

    Closing a Twitter Account

    Oh wise and Techie ones....assistance required please! ES went on a school trip last week and I had to join some sort of social media to see their photos and keep updated whilst they were away. I opened a Twitter account with the intention of closing it as soon as he was back - I have no interest in it otherwise! I managed to open the account but, as soon as I typed in the address/contact for the school, it blocked access to my account because it said that I had violate their protocol (or something very similar; it was quite strong!) After many e mails I finally got them to unlock it - they said that this sometimes happens with a new account!!!!!!!!!!! However, ES returned the next day so I don't need it any more and cannot work out how to close it. When I asked them to close it whilst it was still locked that said I'd have to upload my passport/ID card/driving licence to prove who I was. I sent them a furious e mail telling them not to be so daft; I didn't need this ID top open the account so why to close it? I'm assuming that this was because it was locked at that point? Can anyone tell me how to close it as I cannot seem to find any info on Twitter about closing an account (I guess they don't want people to!)
  9. soapdragon

    New York and Boston

    Nothing to add on the geographical front, I'm afraid but I gather, from my parents who visited the USA several times, that American portions are somewhat (ie; massively) larger than UK so the lads should be fine! My ES (14.5) has 5 weetabix with a pint of milk for breakfast - gulp - nothing prepares you for how much these lads can eat. He's 5'11 tall and 8st 10lb! Goodness knows where it all goes! What an adventure, though! Please take and post pics!
  10. soapdragon

    What have you all been making...part two...

    - in total awe! How amazing! Can't begin to get my head around how many hours that must have taken!
  11. soapdragon

    Updates from Devon

    Sorry to hear about the pheasant - have you considered peacocks? Or, indeed, peahens? Just think how soothing their gentle trill would be on a summers evening (NOT!)
  12. soapdragon

    The Weather Thread #9

    Probably, DM, having just planted the toms out in growbags on the patio where they'll get nicely battered my fault really as I was late planting (early May, not having a greenhouse!) All windows open today, chicken (sorry but it IS f/r and organic!) on the barbie, bedding washed, out and dried and plan to get fans down from the loft tomorrow in readiness for the heatwave! To think we had the heating on 2 weeks ago
  13. soapdragon

    Signs of the Times!

    Saw these two signs on holiday in Gower recently and wanted to share. Thought it might be fun to have a signs thread as they seem to crop up fairly regularly!
  14. soapdragon

    The Weather Thread #9

    Just checking the online forecast for Oxford.....up to 30 degrees by the end of the week! Not a fan of the heat and dreading it....there seems no escape when it's hot (at least you can add a layer in the cold; there is a limit to how much you can strip off and not get talked about!) Hoping for some thunder though as we didn't get any last week - love a good storm, I do!
  15. soapdragon

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    MH you must be very near Newquay? ES has just returned from a week's residential there and had a wonderful time. I think I have most of a beach in his luggage, though!
  16. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    So stupid but the house feels a bit empty without a pet.....Hugo lived in YS room and, every night before turning in myself around 10pm when I went in to kiss YS goodnight (he's 11 and would be mortified to know that I still do that ) I'd open Hugo's cage door and say good morning - him being nocturnal! - and he'd always come up to the door and 'wuffle' at me and often climb on the open door to come out and have a cuddle. I'm missing that.......poor chap.
  17. soapdragon

    Bright blessings

    Thanks, DM - likewise! The longest day.............
  18. soapdragon

    Remember me?

    Please do let us know when your gites are up and running - I'd imagine that Omlet peeps could keep you going year round! More pics always welcome on here for sad people like me who don't do social media!
  19. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    Sadly Hugo was PTS this afternoon by a lovely vet who brought him back to me after his gas and injection so that I could cuddle him as he died.She agreed that he just could not continue as he was and it was the kindest thing to do. Have just been out to the garden to dig a deep hole so that next doors cats can't dig him up - the little ***s dig like mad every time we disturb the soil, for whatever reason. Feeling very sad but already looking online and at British Hamster Society for another Syrian direct from the breeder and so well used to people.
  20. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    Hugo is no better; all he does is sleep. He has def lost weight and is still snuffly. Can't even get him to eat his favourite foods...half the times ha just pouches it them spits it out as soon as he is back in his cage and the rest of the time he just won't even look at food. Back to the vet today - not the same one as last time - and I strongly suspect that he will have to be PTS - he just cannot carry on as he is Not a good day.
  21. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    Thanks Patricia. At the moment he's no worse but no betterer !
  22. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    Thank you all. He is still snuffly and a bit slow but interested and wandering round his cage....I wonder if we just need to give him a bit more time? Have decided to finish the antibiotics (tomorrow) then give him until the end of the week (unless, of course, he gets worse in which case he'll be straight back!) The vet said that she thought he wasn't in pain just a bit miserable, much as we are, I suppose, with a nasty cold. He is such a sweetheart though. Patricia, I'm going to Google the Medivet practice at Wheatley as we haven't been impressed with our usual vet at all so thanks for the tip.
  23. soapdragon

    Hamster with a cold

    Sorry, I meant to say that every vet we have seen 'with a hamster' has asked us to take them out of the cage rather than grabbing them. Hugo has been very healthy so far and this is his first vet experience!
  24. soapdragon

    Gardening thread

    I have three pots of runners bought from a local fete - cheat - but three pots of pink fir apple potatoes, some chantenay carrots, as well as plum and ailsa craig tomatoes. All a bit young as yet so will keep fingers crossed they don't get slugged! As already posted in another thread - gardening is a triumph of hope over experience but I don't give up!
  25. soapdragon

    Updates from Devon

    We had 3 light sussex bantams (hence my precence here) and they were lovely tho I hear that Welsummers are good eating chickens. If we move house and have some more land then I'd plan to have eggy chickens and meaty chickens! I have three tubs of pink fir apple potatoes which seem to be doing OK and also need to get a couple of growbags for my tomato seedlings to expire in. Gardening for me is a triumph of hope over experience! I don't give up, though, and cherish the few veggies that I manage to grow even though the compost , time and watering far outweigh the cost of buying the bloomin' stuff. Valkyrie, I take my hat off to you!!!!