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  1. I love the mental picture of her holding up her wings for you to dry her wingpits!
  2. Hebe is adorable - very sociable and comes up to the bars to say hello; we can put our hands into the cage and it doesn't bother her...she was handled a lot in the pet shop and I picked her up a few times there too whilst deliberating over her and her sister! She has been out several times but she jumped out of OH's hand on Tuesday evening and, when he managed to pick her up off the floor, she did it again so we have left her in her cage for another few days (and OH banned form hamster juggling again). Hoping to get her out maybe tonight or tomorrow but will have to clean her out on Saturday anyway. Really want her to be very tame but I know it will take time. Thanks for asking! Will post a pic as soon as she is still - we have a degu wheel in her cage and she thinks it's just the best thing ever; OH says we should plug it into the grid as would prob power the whole house!
  3. A beautiful little ginger and white banded girl called Hebe chose me today! We were reccomended to a petshop locally who have a wonderful hamster breeder and, as I went and sat by the cage chatting to them (how mad am I!?), one little girl came up and pressed her nose up against the corner of the cage nearest me and sat for over 5 minutes listening to me ramble on. She seems very confident to be handles and is currently crashed out, having spent over an hour exploring her huge new cage and generally enjoying all the space and activities. Will post pictures when we get her out again, hopefully tomorrow afternoon! But I still miss Hilda!
  4. It's going from one extreme to the other! After melting here yesterday today is bloomin' chilly and very overcast. Hoping that the rain will fill the waterbutt as the runners are now defo off and running!
  5. How exciting - I love the bit about tucking them into your bras......I suppose I thought that was an urban myth! Your children must have felt so bad about letting them out but who could have forseen the result? Looking forward to updates and pics 🥰
  6. Found our lovely Hilda dead in her cage on Sunday morning, snuggled up in her bed. Must have been very quick as we heard her bumbling around, as usual the evening before and she had been up to the cage door to see up that morning. Only 22 months old but she had been 'slowing down' for a couple of weeks but still bright eye and happy to come out. Totally not ready for this so soon.
  7. If the leaves are unpleasant then the hens probably won't want to eat them anyway (once they have had an experimental' peck) so I wouldn't worry unduly. However, might be worth keeping an eye out and, if you see areas of obvious pecking on the bushes, relocate them for peace of mind. However, it was lovely of your OH to get on with the job in hand - wish mine bloomin' would 🤣!
  8. OOh, nasty! You'll probably find that potential broken toes get no attention from the medical profession unless really bad! I've broken rh big toe 3 times now and, on each occasion, I was told by the GP just to splint it and 'be careful'!! Hope it soon heals! (And also that you managed to collect some eggs at the same time otherwise it was literally adding insult to injury 😉 Or the other way around!)
  9. How are things going 'down west' Cinamon? Have you got your set up set up yet?
  10. Had THE most amazing storm last night. Thunder started just gone 11pm followed by heavy (and I mean heavy) rain then the lightening kicked in. 20 minutes of natures sound and light show! Worth getting out of bed for but OH and the boys slept through the whole thing. Due more heavy rain tomorrow morning so no doubt the lawn will respond accordingly - so much for No Mow May, I can hardly see the bird bath as it is!
  11. Now I have seen everything - a pole dancing cat! She looks very happy!
  12. Welcome Home, Sarah! How lovely to see you again! Hope the move went well and that you are getting settled. Extremely envious of your location; a very beautiful place. I don't go to Henley much these days but when I do I think of you - esp in Waitrose! Keep us posted with your property progress!
  13. Oh no! What a shock that must have been, CT. At least it was quick and in the coop rather than drawn out and at the vets but that's prob no comfort at this stage. Hope you are OK.
  14. soapdragon

    Meet Flo

    Looks adorable in the blue romper suit!!! I never knew those were a thing - possibly more practical then those upside down lampshades...how they work with a cat flap I have no idea. Guessing they just don't!
  15. Oh gosh - sad news. A very talented and gracious lady.
  16. Just got round to replacing the kitchen after 30 years (we don't like to rush things here!) and, whilst we have kitchen units, wall tiles etc chosen and ordered - gulp - , we've just been looking at floor tiles. Currently we have vinyl which has been a disaster.....very marked and pitted. So we have decided to go for tiles as I fear laminate might not be good with any water spills. We've been to Johnsons and Wickes this morning and found tiles that we like.....slightly differing patterns but basically a wood effect but smooth so like wood laminate but heavier. Hopefully will work in the long, narrow kitchen then through to the dining room (it's been hard to find something that will work in both a kitchen and flowing into the dining area without making the dining room look like a swimming pool!) My query is...what is better ceramic or porcelain? We've found one of each that we love but there is a huge price difference (ceramic about half the price of the porcelain). Overall finance isn't really an issue as it needs to be hard wearing and lasting but we are clueless about such things (along with every other DIY related issue!) We asked in the shops but both said theirs was better - well, they would, wouldn't they!!!!! Anyone able to help with this please? TIA!!!
  17. We had three Light Sussex bantams - I share your sadness.
  18. What an amazing age - she must have been soooo well looked after.
  19. I went to bed at usual time (10.30) and read for far too long, OH toddled up in a miasma of Deep Heat (put his back out getting Xmas tree in 2 weeks ago) and we nodded off well before midnight - ES (17) was washing up at the village pub so I didn't settle until I heard him crashing in at 11.20pm! I think I vaguely heard fireworks around midnight from the other side of sleep but nowt more than that. Lots of people out walking NY day.....some looking very bleary!
  20. Just spent a lovely, relaxing 2 hours turning our Christmas cards into gift tags for next Christmas.......just used a luggage tag as a template and ES hole punch and some garden twine.
  21. Fab picture MH! Looks like that's the start of a life long love of chickens! Really made me smile - thanks for sharing.

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