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  1. Hello, My chickens seem to be ill ,i need help identifying what illness they have.... Symtoms (Yellow poop) (sleep on their feet) (loss of feathers) (drooped wings) What illness do they have??? Oh yeah they are 17 weeks old ,when are they going to lay,if their female
  2. Hello, I need to know a few things. 1)i hatched some chickens,they are now 2 months 22 days old approx....I haven't vaccinated them at all... I've been given them Coccidious medicine and Flubenvet medicine,have been given the coccidious medicine for a few days,and the flubenvet for at least a week.....I do not see any signs of improvement.... they eat :organic Growers pellets,organic mixed corn,some vegetables and fruit,and whatever they find in the garden....they have drooped wings,and do yellow poo..... they look fully feathered The breeds 6 x Light sussex ,weight 1kg-1,8kg 3 x black cochin ,weight around 1.2kg 2 x buff orpington,weight 1kg-1.4kg 1 x welsummer weight .less than 1kg 1 x aruacuna weight .less than 1kg Please let me know what i should do, what diseases they have. thanks.
  3. Hello, Sometimes there is blood stuff in there poop,And earlier i checked the poop and the poop had like a whole layers pellet in it, Just took them off coxoid, Thanks
  4. Hello, Is there anything which could happen to a duck if it drunk water with coxoid medicine in it? Any diseases, illnesses? Thanks
  5. Hello, I feed them just organic layers pellets,and vegetables,fruit,,,and they drink water with coxoid in it. Thanks
  6. Hello, I have 13 2 month old chickens,and a older duck and chicken.. Any way there doing yellow poos ,sleeping on their feet,some poop on their bottoms, What medicine shall i get them?,what disease do they have? Help Thanks
  7. Hello, I was wondering if there was a thing called a dead vaccine, I mean there are alive vaccines,And what temperature i shall store the vaccines, What temperature shall i store dead vaccines? And would like some information about vaccines.. Thanks
  8. hello, How much should chickens weigh at around 2 and a half weeks old,of the breeds... Light Sussex Black Cochin Buff Orpington Aruacuna Welsummer All of the large fowl... Thanks
  9. Hello, I'm planing on making the whole garden secure ,so no foxes can get it,by using electric fencing... And was wondering if i could use this for the netting (http://www.meshdirect.co.uk/Chicken-Wire-Netting-25mm-1ins-hole-600mm-wide-x-50m-21g-2ft-x-164ft-pr-43.html )... Because if i could then the whole thing would be a lot easier... And i would like to know what i need for the whole kit..A simple kit Thanks
  10. hello . okay 14 out of 48 eggs hatched,and it's been almost a week since they hatched, and this morning i came and there was a dead chick ,does anyone know what happened??? I need advice how to keep the other ones alive, their indoors in a cardboard box with 2 x100wat bulbs.. thanks
  11. Hi ok 10 have hatched and another on its way.. i would probably have to build a shed or something when there grown up..
  12. Helllo, There are more chirping like 3 or 4 ... i should have these types: Black Cochin > Buff Orpington > Black Orpington > Chocolate Orpington > Barnveldar > Exchequer leghorn > Araucana > Plymouth Rock > Barred Wyandotte and > Scott's Gray.
  13. Good news... I see an egg with a hole like a chick just opened that little bit..
  14. hello everybody, on day 20 early morning ..theres an egg piping and i dont know which one it is (theres 48 eggs in the incubator) Could you tell me how to find out which egg it is? And when they have hatched how long do i leave them in the incubator before i put them in a brooder?

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