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  1. I bought my first Eglu in early 2006 and it was delivered with one Gingernut Ranger and two Miss Pepperpots. I still have one of the Pepperpots and she's looking great. We were told they were 20 weeks old when we had them so I reckon that makes her somewhere approaching 8 years old.
  2. Nowt special. Just have a fairly large double decker rabbit hutch. I've bought a small bird conversion kit for my Eglu so will be sorting that soon and putting them in there until the Winter. I'm planning on starting a new colony each Spring so I'll have a sort of rotation system and always have eggs. The older ones will just be looked after when they stop laying.
  3. can't understand why more people don't keep them. They are less trouble than chickens, which I also have, make little or no noise and I get 8 eggs from my 8 birds every day without fail. Even the smallest garden can accomodate them so I just don't get it. Am I missing something?
  4. Is the reduction in cholesterol really worthwhile? Can't imagine the reduction in cholesterol in a quails egg would make any difference to anything. I got 8 six week old quail last week and this week I have three eggs already! I'm very pleased with them
  5. Right I e-mailed Cotswold Chickens but haven't received an answer yet. Not that close but I'm happy to drive 50 or so miles. Failing a favourable response re availability any good tips on suppliers in the West Midlands?
  6. All seems very odd to me. I can buy chickens without a cock so why would it be different with Quail?
  7. Good enough for me - perfect no cocks . Thanks to all for the advice
  8. The whole reason for this post was because I didn't want a cock but have read loads and all you read about is the number of cocks to hens. I don't want to breed so don't need a cockerel for that but was being led to believe you need so many whatever. Other than for breeding is there any advantage in having cockerels? I for one certainly don't need the noise.
  9. My garden is quite small so my Quail will have to be fairly close to the house and hence my neighbours. I would love to get a cockerel but how loud are they? I know they are quieter than chicken cocks but will they be loud enough to drive me and my neighbours mad?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Started putting them outside in a secure pen for a few hours each day this week so am not too far off. Will leave off light at night as they are well feathered - hopefully it will stay warm for a while longer.
  11. I have two chicks which are now 6 weeks old. They are doing well on chick crumbs and being kept warm at night using a 25w bulb. How old should they be before they will be warm enough to go in the garden in thier Eglu and when should I introduce them to other foods? I have 5 other much older chickens but have never had chicks before.
  12. One of my chickens has not layed any eggs for about 6 months but yesterday she laid a very large egg that was more like rubber than an egg. It was heavy and, well, just like rubber. What has gone wrong here?

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