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  1. Hi..go on to SHOP then type in the search bar...convert kit rabbit to chicken....and they will come up..hope ive helped..xx
  2. OMG Ive just had an idea what about that stuff you can get to put on your kitchen table...you can get lots of wicked patterns..i no Dunelm sell it...you can just staple gun it to your existing roof and its water proof
  3. aaww thanks..hahaha guess what tho,we had to take back the black and ginger 1 (not in the pics) cos we got a lovely big crow out of her in the morning lol and then the next day (monday) Betty decided she wanted to be a boy aswell lol we got new ones tho..black and ginger again but paler colours and and 1 that looks the exact same as betty..just hope they are girls..time will tell...haha and i wish i had a lovely spotty roof its my table umbrella Oh and grass is allllllllll gone
  4. aaww thanks..yeah well i was most deffinetly calling one Margo cos its my nickname lol so then old lady names just started coming out i love it tho..yeah im doing good with the run,they are messy but not as bad as i thought they would be and im poop scooping every day to keep the mess down and it seems to be working its staying tidy
  5. YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!! Hi everyone...ive finally got my girls The cream + ginger is Betty...The speckled is Dotty...The black is Flo...The cream is Margo and we went and got the 5th one the next day but not got a pic of her yet,shes blacky/brown with a bit of light ginger on her head and neck and shes called Hazel...i love love love them..there so friendly..not at pol so no eggs yet but thats gonna be more of a surprise when we do get one cos we're checking every day its so exciting
  6. Oh hes gorgeous aaww and look at him with his bubbies i do like Thorne's
  7. Oh really do they thats really good..is there anybody hear with chickens from thornes and was they good healthy chickens
  8. I live in stevenage hertfordshire..thornes poultry centre is not too far from me but thats the only place i know of
  9. I better get cracking to get it finished then cos i do want to spend alot of time with them to get them used to us
  10. Oh thats great,thats what i was worried about aswell if it gets near to winter when my wir is finished
  11. Oh brilliant thanks i want to get hybrids would they be hard to get hold of
  12. Hi everyone..im still getting things ready to get chickens but i was just thinking because its taking a while and the weather is going to be getting colder soon..am i going to be too late to get chickens i want to get pol or maybe younger,is there only a certain time you can get these or do chickens have chicks at any time
  13. aaww wow very friendly chickens or what..thats what i want
  14. God, I got some live ones thru the post once and wasn't expecting them. I nearly threw them across the room when I opened them The pot had opened and they were all crawling out the envelop. We will be needing pics of these lucky chickens you know just thinking about mealworms crawling out of an envelope oh and dont worry as soon as i get the little darlings you will be wishing i never found this site lol wir's nearly finished

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