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  1. Hello I have a cube it is 5 yrs old but in good condition as it has always been in a covered run. I have an extra set of rails and trays to go with it. Janet
  2. Hi I also have two hen houses in one walk in run and I have one chicken who has decided to sleep on her own, don't know why but there you go. Sometimes I move one of the other hens in with her if its a bit cold, but she is not to keen as she growls as I put the other hen in. Providing you r lonely hen is well I shouldn't worry they are fickle creatures.
  3. I shut mine in all the time unless it is hot as I have lots of foxes around and I am just really cautious.
  4. Hi My hens had NFM this summer ivermectin just doesn't work I used eprinex which isn't licenced for chickens,( on discussion with my vet, it was a poultry breeder friend that recommended it and the vet was happy to try it. ) 0.4ml on the back of their necks which did the trick I did a two week egg withdrawal.
  5. Hi I breed pure breed hens on a small scale and it is a debatable subject whether to vaccinate small amounts of chicks. I vaccinate against Mareks disease as it is something that is becoming more prevalent in back yard flocks. I administer the mareks by injection. I have discussed this at length with my vet. It has to be administered when the chicks are a day old. The other thing that I immunise against is coccicidiosis which again has to be administered within a couple of days old. This I administer by spraying the chicks with a fine mist. So you would not be able to immunise your older hens, they will have a certain amount of their own immunity by now. The other thing to be aware of is that it is not a good idea to mix vaccinated and unvaccinated chicks initially, as the breeder may have used a live vaccine which can be shed from the vaccinated chicks and then infect the unvaccinated chicks. It really is quite a complex topic which is under much debate. Unfortunately the person you bought your hens from has not given you much information. I hope this helps.
  6. Hi I have a Fenton Blue and a Fenton Rose, as far as hybrids go I rather like them as they are a better looking chicken then your basic hybrids, they have a bit more weight on them and don't lay quite as madly as the brown hen, so Im hoping that they will lay for longer. The Fenton blue looks similar to the cream leg bar but the egg is not as blue, it is a pale blue and as they get older it gets much paler and yes there is a chance that they won't lay blue eggs at all. Mine is friendly and likeable. My fenton rose unfortunately does not lay a blue egg but it is a pretty pinkish colour, she is a real character and loves people. I run use her as my demonstration chicken when showing my chickens off. She is a big chicken. I also have cream leg bars, mine do not like being handled and are a bit flighty, but they are great layers they are three years old now and are consistent layers of a lovely blue egg, they stop laying in november and usually come back into lay in february, they are pretty chickens. I would highly recommend all three breeds. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  7. Hi I have two walk in runs from avaries4u My first run I put slabs around the outside to stop foxes from digging in which was fine but rats still managed to dig underneath I had to lay weldmesh on the floor under the woodchips. So when I got the second run I ordered it with a wire and wood framed floor, I covered it with soil and then a thick layer of woodchips, this has worked really well. I pooh pick the floor and sanitise it with stalosan F to stop the ground from becoming chicken sick. I didn't bother with any slabs on the outside. I also always take the chicken food up at night to deter the four legged vermin. I tried your link to look at these land grid but the page was unavailable. Hope this help. enjoy you're chicks !
  8. My hens just wouldn't eat the premix pellets with flubenvet. They got so hungry that they started pecking each other and being generally horrible with each other. After three days I gave up and went back to the old way of mixing the flubenvet into their own pellets.
  9. I have a breeding trio of Friesian fowl here at home. I have collected my first lot of eggs which went into the incubator yesterday so I am very excited to see if they will be fertile. I have hatched two other lines in the past three weeks one batch came from the isle of mann and the other from Gobbetts rare breed farm in Shropshire, as he has been breeding Friesians for years. My original girls came from the Wernlas collection and my Cockeral from Gobbetts. They really are smashing little girls such inquisitive natures and gentle, they are really good layers laying a good sized pure white egg, they even laid throughout the winter and dont tend to go broody. As you can tell I am a big fan.
  10. Hi Just to say that I have been using the normal height poultry netting for three years with 14 hens and I haven't had any trouble with them flying over they seem to get use to the patch that they are on and are quite happy. If you have it powered up they get a shock once then don't try to get through it. On the subject of your wet wir, do be careful where you site it as I have currently got a flooded wir. It has a roof on it but because it is slightly lower than the rest of the garden, with all this rain we have had it has just pooled into the pen. I have hard wood chips down which are floating at the moment. I have pallets all over the place trying to supply them with some dry ground, its a nightmare.
  11. I am trying to contact Epona regarding the Friesian fowl if you see this message could you please PM me. Thanks
  12. Thanks very much I looked at the website I will contact them. I was very pleased to see pictures of two friesian fowl on their home page. I know that area as we used to live in Derby and then Burton and we often go back up that way to visit friends. So thanks again !

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