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  1. Oh, and I should have added.......CONGRATULATIONS SHIRLEY!!! Woo hoo.....another egg layer!!! Are her eggs cream too? Sophie
  2. There........ Treacle's incredible feat is now officially acknowledged.... Sophie
  3. I think it MUST be Treacle's first egg then - I shall amend my signature immediately I was just uncertain because the omlet site says they lay brown eggs.....and this was definitely cream. She also doesn't look nearly as mature as Chutney, our laying , although she has got much redder in the face lately. I'll have to do the cockrel thing (arms wide coming from behind ) and see if she crouches down like Chutney does. I still can't get over just how big this egg was..... and how nice it tasted scrambled at lunch time.... Sophie
  4. It's a plague, a veritable plague of the things around here this year. What is going on?????? We back (and front) on to open fields, so we expected the usual rodent exodus from the harvest to the gardens, but this year is terrible. We take the food out of the eglu every night, and lay traps.....and generally get a couple each time. Can't believe the size of some of them that get in....I know they can squeeze thin.... but this is ridiculous. Our binmen would freak if they knew what lurked inside the contents of our dustbins these days........ Apologies to anyone out there who is eating or squeamish..... I am turning into a psycho killer..... .......and will be single handedly responsible for ridding Porton of rats...... in my dreams. Anyone else having their garden invaded?? Could it be all the windfall fruit next door?? We keep our rubbish well lidded over, so apart from the eglu, there's nothing here to tempt them.....but still they come....... Sophie
  5. I missed it on Sunday night, but watched it last night whilst videoing.....thinking my elder two kids would enjoy it Glad I stayed up to watch it and didn't just sit down with them to view it tonight!!!!! My eldest is 13, and I've warned him there's a lot of pretty unnecessary sex in the second episode and left him to make his own mind up - but NO WAY is my 10 year old daughter watching it.......even if every other child in her primary school has seen it when she goes back after half term. I'm no prude, and we're a pretty open minded, tattooed hairy assed biker family (well, we don't ALL have hairy bottoms), but I have to draw the line sometimes, just a shame it's on a Dr Who spin off - cos me and the kids have LOVED the last two series. It's also not as good as I thought it would be....all the fearsome alien clips in the trailers turned out to be pretty much all there was to see and I watch this type of thing for the special effects not the porn......... Sophie
  6. Well, we are totally confused now. Chutney has been a bit off laying lately, after a sterling first fortnight, she now is only laying three times a week, but they've all been practically identical in size and colour. This morning my husband went to let the girls out, and found a huge creamy coloured egg in the run.... I will post photos when I can work it all out - until then, honestly, the difference is enormous. Chutney's eggs have all been brown and slightly speckled, this is nothing of the sort. Could it be Treacle, our Miss Pepperpot's first egg?? Anybody else with this variety of chook had enormous creamy coloured eggs? Of course, if there are two eggs in the eglu tomorrow we'll know for sure that Treacs is laying finally...... cos I don't think Parsnip could have produced anything near so large. In fact, if this WAS Treac's first egg......I'm not sure she'll ever want to lay another!!!! It was bigger than the large free range eggs I got in Sainsburys the other day..... I shan't add to the egg bar on my sig just yet......in case it was down to all those worms that Chutney's been eating.....and the supersize was the accumulation of three days worth of egg production Sophie
  7. Can't help you on the anti-pecking bits - I don't have a clue!!! We had to keep Chutney away from the other two while they had colds and were on antibiotics, and she slept in an old cat box in the conservatory at night. She re-introduced to the others with no problems, though she had been able to mock them during the day as they languished in the run whilst she roamed the garden..... Interestingly, though, the dynamic has changed...whereas Chutney and Treacle always hung around together before, whilst poor little Parsnip tagged along hopefully, Chutney is now Miss Independant, total boss chicken, and Parsnip and Treacle follow her around like courtiers. Good luck with it all! Sophie
  8. I couldn't have resisted either!! It's not that the eggs will harm you as such, just to try and avoid building resistance to antibiotics by consuming a little when you don't need them. Our vet said to give them a week after finishing the antibiotics before eating any eggs... but as they weren't laying anyhow it didn't matter. Fortunately for us, it was the one who didn't need meds who started to lay!! Sophie
  9. Mine didn't like the pellets either, but it took me a while to realise how skinny they were getting. Fortunately they free range all day too, else I'd probably have got up one morning to find three little chook skeletons I switched them over to mash, and tried both dry and wet mash - they prefer the dry to be honest, and I have to refill the grub holder every other day. When the pellets were in it it never seemed to get empty.... I also bought some poultry corn to help boost their weight, but now they are looking a little sleeker they are restricted to a handful a day to liven up their afternoon scavenging. I have started to throw a handful of pellets back in with the mash, just to use them up, and they do seem to eat them if there's only a few in there. Sophie
  10. Woo hoo!!! Isn't it funny how one chicken suddenly 'grows up' ..makes the others look such babies in comparision with their little pink combs!! Only one of ours is laying (we got them August 23), the other two still nowhere near. I was pretty convinced it was a practical joke, ie my other half had only pretended to find an egg....but finding the second egg just after it had been laid convinced me, what a great feeling! Now the next big milestone will be when we get TWO eggs in one day....come on you other pullets!! Sophie
  11. Mine have discovered the big potted palm in the conservatory.....the pot is just the right size to accommodate two chickens...they look like they are on the stereotypical desert island, with the palm in the middle!! Unfortunately, much as they love it........THE MESS!!!! Fortunately, they have several other sites around the garden, any old patch of soil seems to do, whereas the earth I put in a litter tray in the run when they first arrived was never touched. Obviously it's no fun unless you can make a real mess of your surroundings..... If you do end up lifting them out of an indoor plant pot....they hold a surprising amount of soil in their feathers. I thought I'd caught them quick today, but Parsnip just dumped all the soil out halfway across the conservatory. Or am I the only one whose chickens think free range applies to the house, too? Thank god for solid flooring... Sophie
  12. Brilliant....ducks are our next ambition, and I've been wondering if there were a specific ducklu or not.....now I know!! We already have a little pond waiting to be put in the garden....but it's at the rear end of a lot of other projects, so it will probably be the spring before we get a couple of ducks. I love the Indian Runners, but my husband has spotted a very dark green sort of duck..almost black....and I've got to go find out what it was now. All I can remember is that it was a bantam breed....time to hit the library. Sophie
  13. oops, just read the last few posts and realised you've gone completely off topic by the time I've joined you.... Have I brought it back on line again? No, maybe not......cos thinking about meal times with kids, why is it that three year olds only ever want to discuss dog poo when you're eating chilli? Or is that just a fixation my particular three year olds have all had.. Hope it's not a reflection on my cooking....didn't think of that Sophie
  14. Just spotted this topic.....can't talk to anyone at home about it I wanted Connie to win from the first time I saw it...but did like Abi too. Can't stand Siobhan, especially after the eye rolling mouth gaping 'did I really get into the final after all' yuk she did when Aoife went out. Don't like Helene much either....though she did sing brilliantly the last couple of weeks. Hmmmm. Guess what I'll be watching this weekend.... Can you buy the original video anywhere without having to order it? Kind of think I might have to make the kids watch it.....after all, I had to suffer it at their age (could be because I went to a convent and it was a film the nuns approved of....really!! ). It's only since I left school that I actually grew to like the film! Sophie
  15. Oooooh, maybe Chutney might lay an egg soon then! I noticed her comb was looking very red today...the other two still have pale pink combs....only thing is, how will I know which one laid it? After the anticipation of the first week of eglu ownership, when we checked every half hour for eggs I've semi-forgotten that's what the chickens are here for.....they are SO entertaining that I'm not all that bothered if they ever lay! Sophie
  16. I was in Waitrose with my three year old and they were selling little egg boxes with wooden eggs in, in the toy section for a couple of quid. As we had no golf balls, I thought we'd try one of these out instead. One of our chickens sits quite happily on top of it all night, though none of ours are laying yet! We didn't tell our eldest child about the wooden 'eggs', and sent him up to let the chickens out the next morning....shrieks of excitement before he realised it wasn't genuine!!! Sophie
  17. Thanks for the advice! I will especially heed what you said about the mixed corn being fattening..although mine all seem underweight at the moment, very prominent breastbones which is worrying, so maybe the corn will help. I was only planning on sprinkling a handful a day for them late afternoon, so that sounds about right. I shall try wet mash tomorrow, and add more dry to their feeder, see how it goes down. They certainly seem more enthusiastic about the mash than they did the pellets, I hate to think that they've been slowly starving over the last few weeks! Mind you, it would explain their non-stop foraging when they are out of the run. I noticed a great big slug on the eglu door when I closed them up tonight....wonder if that will still be around tomorrow?! Sophie
  18. I just want to check that I'm doing this right I've bought some mash for my girls as they are not at all keen on the pellets and are getting a little skinny...but there are no instructions on it about how to serve it.....wet, dry???? If wet, warm water or cold?? How much per chicken?? I don't want to underfeed, obviously, but I dont want to go completely over the top and waste feed either!! Is it ok to just top up dry mash each day, or should it all be changed? You see, the possible combinations of how to feed are endless to a complete novice like me, especially when it takes so little to confuse me in the first place Also, I bought some corn mix for a little extra interest in their afternoon free-ranging, and that advised feeding extra grit......so I got some grit. What do I do with it? Mix it with the corn, offer it in a seperate bowl, put it with the mash???? Water, though. Water I'm ok with. Phew. Sophie

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