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  1. I’m in Weyhill! You’re literally just down the road. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be open in February at this rate. Hoping to open again in March, subject to Government rules....😀
  2. About 30 mins away towards the A303😀😀
  3. Hampshire/Wiltshire borders MH 😀
  4. I have a couple of blackcurrant bushes at the plot Daphne and they produce really well. Been in for 5 years now and I had kilos of berries last year! Ok, so I left the well known airline I worked for (20+ years) in September and took a pittance in voluntary redundancy! At the end of September I opened a Cafe in my village!! It was going really well until the November lock down, great in December and then we had the Boxing Day lock down so I’m closed again. Probably won’t be allowed to reopen until March I believe, but we’ll see what happens? it’s hard work, but only a 2 minute walk from home and I love it!!
  5. I plan to grow salad crops like cut and come again lettuce, radish and tomatoes next year if I get a chance. A lady at the plot knows I’ll be busy at the Cafe so offered to help with watering 😎 Really need to do concentrate on fruit as that is so expensive and I make so much jam now. I’m looking forward to next years growing season and need to start ordering seeds very soon.. 😂😂
  6. Afternoon all! well I popped to the allotment after an 8 week break and picked my first swede!! It’s a beauty and tasted lovely with butter and salt... Since I opened the Cafe in September I just haven’t had time... another plot holder offered me his plot as a swap. He has a huge fruit cage with raspberries, gooseberries and currants plus a several raises beds, glass greenhouse and a grassy area perfect for the dog. He was happy to take on my plot which is a big smaller and just as well stocked with fruit bushes etc. Plus the lady next to him is always there and waters for him and would be happy to do the same for me.😀😀 Sadly the Parish council said we couldn’t swap as it was against the rules (a copy of which I have and there is no mention of swapping). I think it has more to do with a power issue🙄 I was tempted to just give it all up, but have invested so much time and money in it and I do enjoy going down and getting my hands in soil. Plus the fruit I grow goes into jams I sell at my Café, so that saves me a fortune! it needs a serious tidy up. One chicken wire fence is down so the Terrier can escape now. It’s take a few days to get it sorted again but as the Café is closed for tier 4 lockdown for probably the whole of January, I’m going to try and get it ‘winter ready’ albeit a tad late!! i still have swedes and beetroot in the ground that look good, plus a few very small leeks that I haven’t picked yet. My raspberry canes are a tangled mess, but I’ll cut those back to the ground and use the canes as woven edging for the bed.
  7. SD ive heard it’s under watering or sparrows pulling them - the two major problems with bean flowers....must be birds?? cucamelons are fab plants. I grew them a couple of years ago. Sort of crunchy like cucumber but more citrus/limey...I gave my friend some seeds as a present and she had obsessed with her plants😂 I’ve picked peas this week and lots of lettuce and radishes. Beetroot doing well and more seedlings in plugs to go in tomorrow - Boldor, a yellow variety I like. Sweetcorn is massive as is uchiki kuri and Anna Swartz squash plants...fruit is starting to set now. Bennings green squash is also doing well! Turnips and swede looking nice and leafy but no sign of roots yet.... Spent two hours weeding yesterday and my back wasn’t happy so day off today. Will get more done tomorrow...
  8. Pop them in vinegar - just like capers... my plot has gone mad....squash plants are reaching for the heavens as most have been tied to get them to go up...sweetcorn is 3‘ high and doing well. Even the parsnips i planted in March 🙄 Are finally a few inches tall. however, I am so chuffed with my cauliflowers....1st time growing them -
  9. I went down to the allotment at 7.45 this morning as seen to be waking up earlier each day...the squash plants are liking the warmth! ‘Anna Swartz’ Has quadrupled in size this week! Carrots are ok apart from the weeds but need them to grow taller before I risk weeding. The other 2 rows of carrots have done nothing for 6 weeks so I’ll dig them over and replant seeds there... The beetroot seeds I planted on Friday and watered, then covered with guttering are all up😱😀👍🏻 The soil around them is still damp so going to use this method for the carrots!
  10. That peony is Sarah Bernhardt and it smells like a rose! It’s beautiful! I do cut a few stems for the house...😀😀
  11. Well the beetroot i planted at the end of March is finally up 🙄pity really as I have around 50 cells at home all planted with beetroot and are all doing well. Finally seen the parsnip seedlings!! It’s a constant battle with the watering at the moment. There are 2 water troughs at the allotment, connected to the mains, but a bit of a walk for me. I use 25 litre bottles to fill up from the troughs and carry them to my 3 water butts, but it’s hard going.... i covered one raised bed with cardboard and then compost. It needs much less watering than the other beds. Will be doing them all that way this year. Following Charles Dowding‘s advice and loving his YouTube videos. I’ve also learnt to cell plant lots of seeds every few weeks to fill gaps...something im hopeless at, but seeing as I’m forloughed and probably being made redundant in June, I have the time 😀 squashes are loving the warmth and doing well too! My peony is stunning!!
  12. Sorry, I have no control over the bare bones of the forum...just admin to zap spammers when reported or lock/edit posts etc... Best to email James@omlet.co.uk with forum issues please 😀👍🏻
  13. This week everything has gone mad. My uchiki kuri (8 seeds🙄) are all forming true leaves as are all the other squashes...ive double checked and it’s 18 squash plants... 😂 Sweetcorn is 3” high, carrots have just germinated and a few of the beetroot I showed 2 weeks ago. The soil is so dry and I’ll be glad if it does finally rain today.... runners, broad, borlotti and French beans are all up too. The peas are taking forever. They were old seed and the harvest mice on the plot love them so that could be why..... I managed to get some broccoli and cauliflower seedlings so have potted those into bigger pots...just need to find room for them.
  14. Well I popped down today to lift the mesh for a few hours and all seems well. I’m so relieved 😂 now I need to work out where to eventually plant 15 squash plants...!! 🙄 all wrapped up again tonight....
  15. Well I stupidly left the greenhouse door open last night and a few squash seedlings are not looking good....didn’t realise the wind would be so cold... everything wrapped up in enviromesh now as I can’t find my fleece 🙄

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