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  1. @mullethunter I would pop some fleece over them just to be safe. I put a double layer over the whole staging as it’s thin fleece and all are ok today.
  2. I’ve spent the last couple of nights wrapping the seedlings in the greenhouse with fleece.....I’m not risking losing the lot with frost. Easier to just leave the fleece on all the time for the next few days...
  3. I’ve checked and the 7th of May is supposed to be the last Frost date for my area. I’ll wait another week after that as have been caught out before 🙄😂 shame as I start back at the Café on the 18th May, just when everything needs doing but I need to get back to work....😂😂 I have metres of fleece handy....😉
  4. Runner and Borlotti beans planted in pots and a batch of swede in modules done. I’ve spent so much time at the allotment over the past 2/3 weeks that it’s all done....every weed is gone 😂😂 I’m just waiting for warmer weather so I can get planting.....
  5. Samrich has left the building....😉
  6. Luvachicken, the mice decimated my greenhouse last year so I put down bait boxes this year. I don’t like doing it but otherwise I can’t use the green house so what’s the point. My calendula seeds came up a few days ago - for companion planting - and the mice ate all the leaves yesterday and left the stalks, I’m raging........ I did find a really bright purple paint to do the shed though, that’ll cheer the neighbour up 😆 and yes, tomorrow’s job is scrubbing the algae from the green house...... glad I have all the beds weeded, planted
  7. Well seeing as my Cafe is closed until May 🙄 I spent all of last week clearing the allotment and weeding. Just one bed a day to save any back issues but it’s 90% done and looks great. Had a bit of an issue with a resident who faces my allotment, telling others that mine was ‘disgusting’🤬 - it wasn’t disgusting, just an allotment over winter.... she gave me lots of plants to put at the front facing her house when I started the plot to make it pretty for her. I applied to swap with another plot holder but the parish council said no. Because they can. No reason given except it’s ‘agains
  8. I’m in Weyhill! You’re literally just down the road. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be open in February at this rate. Hoping to open again in March, subject to Government rules....😀
  9. About 30 mins away towards the A303😀😀
  10. Hampshire/Wiltshire borders MH 😀
  11. I have a couple of blackcurrant bushes at the plot Daphne and they produce really well. Been in for 5 years now and I had kilos of berries last year! Ok, so I left the well known airline I worked for (20+ years) in September and took a pittance in voluntary redundancy! At the end of September I opened a Cafe in my village!! It was going really well until the November lock down, great in December and then we had the Boxing Day lock down so I’m closed again. Probably won’t be allowed to reopen until March I believe, but we’ll see what happens? it’s hard work, but only a 2 mi
  12. I plan to grow salad crops like cut and come again lettuce, radish and tomatoes next year if I get a chance. A lady at the plot knows I’ll be busy at the Cafe so offered to help with watering 😎 Really need to do concentrate on fruit as that is so expensive and I make so much jam now. I’m looking forward to next years growing season and need to start ordering seeds very soon.. 😂😂
  13. Afternoon all! well I popped to the allotment after an 8 week break and picked my first swede!! It’s a beauty and tasted lovely with butter and salt... Since I opened the Cafe in September I just haven’t had time... another plot holder offered me his plot as a swap. He has a huge fruit cage with raspberries, gooseberries and currants plus a several raises beds, glass greenhouse and a grassy area perfect for the dog. He was happy to take on my plot which is a big smaller and just as well stocked with fruit bushes etc. Plus the lady next to him is always there and waters for him
  14. SD ive heard it’s under watering or sparrows pulling them - the two major problems with bean flowers....must be birds?? cucamelons are fab plants. I grew them a couple of years ago. Sort of crunchy like cucumber but more citrus/limey...I gave my friend some seeds as a present and she had obsessed with her plants😂 I’ve picked peas this week and lots of lettuce and radishes. Beetroot doing well and more seedlings in plugs to go in tomorrow - Boldor, a yellow variety I like. Sweetcorn is massive as is uchiki kuri and Anna Swartz squash plants...fruit is starting to se
  15. Pop them in vinegar - just like capers... my plot has gone mad....squash plants are reaching for the heavens as most have been tied to get them to go up...sweetcorn is 3‘ high and doing well. Even the parsnips i planted in March 🙄 Are finally a few inches tall. however, I am so chuffed with my cauliflowers....1st time growing them -

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