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  1. Christian

    Sour Crop

    Just be careful when ‘burping‘ her. Tip her up a bit, then stop, Little and often. You don’t want her to choke. Give it a couple of days and if no better I’d go to the vet. Goid luck
  2. I’m growing sungold and a mini plum (can’t remember the name) plus a heritage cheery type that a fellow plot holder gave me. All in the greenhouse as it’s new to me this year... the Heritage variety have dark marks around the stalks and are so sweet!! I usually make tomato sauce and freeze it and a couple of small jars of Nigella’s moon blush tomatoes- which I pop into sterilised jars and top up with olive oil.
  3. 3 bantams in a cube might be too few? Yes they huddle together at night but a cube is very large for 3 small chickens. Although insulated, i would probably opt for a classic Eglu and 2/3 metre run. I had 5 full sized chickens (2 were massive 😂) and 2 classic Eglus. They all slept in one Eglu at night. I didn’t ask the neighbours when I got mine. We’ve had problems with rats but that was caused by the neighbour’s rubble and messy garden, as the council rat man told him a when he put bait boxes down the lane. He saw my set up and explained to the neighbour that rats couldn’t get into my run, with weld mesh sides and a concrete base. 😂 Go for it! You’ll love them!!
  4. Congratulations Lewis!! That’s brilliant!! 😀😀
  5. Mine started moulding in October and started laying again last week! 10 eggs from one hen and 3 from the other but happy to be getting them again 😀
  6. It’s Glühwein GS 😉 Budapest has to be one of my favourite Christmas markets! I’m lucky that I travel all over Europe with work (way too much, but that’s the job 😂) but this year I didn’t get to see any apart from Edinburgh which is nice but not the same in the pouring rain! They are all very similar but I love it when it’s freezing cold. One of my favourites is Munich. A mug of Kinderpunsch (children’s mulled wine😂) and a wander around eating potato Rösti with apple purée! Then it’s started snowing. Heavenly.
  7. Dad is German and we sometimes did present opening on the 24th, even though we live in the UK. We weren’t allowed to open the ‘big’ present until Christmas morning though ;0) we then had to wait until after Christmas lunch to open the presents ynder the tree from friends and relatives...that lunch really dragged when I was little! 😂
  8. All done guys, thanks. Moved to the for sale section and username changed :0)
  9. Will do! Iucky that the boundary fence along side is sloes and brambles so i do get some protection from the marauding deer!
  10. It has been rabbit proofed but deer fencing is too expensive. I'm lucky that I have a corner plot. There is a huge hedge down one side plus I fence in the rest of the plot to stop the Terrier escaping. I'm lucky that the deer rarely come into my plot. They've had the chard, beetroot tops and kale but during the summer, everything else is left alone.....
  11. Correct DM. Think it takes up too much space on the server.
  12. I always leave the door open to the Eglu. I work away from home a couple of nights per week (I have a walk in run with roof) and the hens are fine. When it is really cold, I ask my neighbour to close the door but the Eglu is in a sheltered spot and the hens seem fine.
  13. My Jerusalem artichokes are still going strong, but it's looks like deer have discovered the kale Need to spend a few days at the lottie to get everything cleared up, but it's daunting. I'll get there....
  14. I pruned my black currants last week (2 months late ) Haven’t really had time or the energy to go to the Lottie this year. Have move time off in March so need to pull my finger out and start digging. The hens appreciated the kale I picked for them and I still have onions hanging up in the shed, which look ok.
  15. I've had my new speckledy hen for a couple of months. The eggs are always darker than the Sussex hybrid and two bluebelles. They always have specks on them...

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