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  1. I have got 4 now My niece is a HUGE fan of meerkats, so I gave them to her. The last one I received was left in the shed by the postman. He is great and always leaves parcels there when I am out. He will then leave a message on a letter letting me know. The last message said 'Meerkat in shed' I have no idea how he knew, as the box is blank. I got email updates from Postkat, telling me where he was!
  2. Fine grains of snow here for an hour or so today, but nothing since lunchtime. Might just miss it tomorrow as on the edge 'of the red'!
  3. After a 2 1/2 hour 12 KM walk, I am back! Such a lovely walk with the dog (took a thermos with me ) and he had a great time. The woods and fields were stunning, it was like being in Narnia
  4. It started as fine snow here, but now heavy and the wind is whipping it up! 4" so far......
  5. Just been out with Milo and it's a blanket of white About 2 inches so far, very fine snow, but the heavy stuff is on it's way!
  6. I heard the same Charly! Off for two weeks now, so come on snow!
  7. Trouble is, my garden is tiny! I have the chicken run, 4 raised begs, the oil tank for the rayburn and not much space left. The logs are all cut to size and stack neatly (ocd freak here) in the corner......If they were different sizes, I wouldn't be able to get as much wood stored Plus, I daren't get a chain saw, i'm lethal with the axe as it is....
  8. It is 2 degrees here and baltic. Can't seem to warm up today, but was up at 3am for work and think I am just feeling tired and grumpy
  9. May I join in too? Really need to declutter and get to grips with my finances. Doing okay so far, but have 5 new wooden double glazed windows to install and pay for at some point and they aren't cheap. The bathroom needs doing too and then the new house is done Have so much stuff that I could have a field day with ebay, just need to set aside time to take pictures and do it. My fabric stash is way out of control, so no more purchasing there, unless it is essential..... Wood is a problem for me. I do pick up twigs and small sticks when out walking Milo, but anything larger is tricky - there are loads of fallen branches when out walking, but can't get them back home I spend around £150 a year on log deliveries which i don't think is too bad - free would be better though! I won't even comment on my clothes.....
  10. I rarely watch tv but downloaded the Africa series and loved it. On series download via Iplayer, so won't miss any! The baby elephant was sad and very, I was welling up with the baby bird Watched 'The Polar Bear Family and me' last night.......! Another great documentary!
  11. Really sorry to hear that JJ I know how frustrating it is, but hadn't caught up with this thread and didn't realise you were still waiting
  12. LOL thanks Christian. I don't think I'd risk it. You can't argue with airport security and different countries seem to apply their own rules. I believe scissors with a short blade are allowed, but I have had scissors taken from me on two separate occasions at Bangkok. One of them it was a pair of children's craft scissors! 'Scissors with a blade no longer than 3cm'.....can you tell I have just done my annual training this week??
  13. A light dusting overnight and a blizzard on the M3 driving to work. Very light at Heathrow, but the chaos will start soon!
  14. You are allowed a crochet hook and knitting needles on flights....
  15. 1 degree here and dropping. Wind is icy and snow expected around 3am.....Leaving for work at 4.45am so that'll be fun.....if the snow hits Heathrow, i'll be back home in no time hopefully!
  16. Erm, yes you are missing something.... The actor who plays Jon Snow in Game of thrones
  17. Hope it heals quickly and you feel better soon! Start with the GOT box set. One look at Jon Snow and I feel better!
  18. Well, I'm back from a 6 days block at work (that turned into 7 days away) after spending 2 hours on the M3 due to an accident, driving 4 miles, then giving up and going back to my parents' house, I am now home! Was greeted with TWO parcels when I got back! One from Parsley who sent it as my secret santa hadn't arrived - thank you so much Parsley! I love the seeds and they will be perfect for planting in the spring, ready for Christmas dinner PLUS a second parcel, containing handmade notebook, post it notes, cards and gift tags - all beautifully handmade! Plus a card saying HAppy Christmas as I hadn't received my original gift as it was sent so late and was then delayed in post. I am so shocked and grateful! You are brilliantly talented with paper, thank you, whoever you are Really lovely thought, both of you! Thank you! Edited to add pictures -
  19. The place was fine Emma. Just the flight was awful. People screaming at me, clicking fingers and whistling for attention.
  20. Went back to work on the 2nd after 2 weeks off. Tel Aviv flight which is a new one for us. I can safely say I will never be going back there. In 13 years of flying I have never experience a flight or passengers like it. It was hideous. Hardly a gentle ease back into the grind..... Off to Dublin this evening for 2 nights, proper 'shorthaul' which is what I joined for! Fells like I haven't been off though!
  21. Just back from work and my secret Santa gift has now arrived. Thank you!

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