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  1. Just back from work and my secret Santa gift has now arrived. Thank you!
  2. Hello!! In Tel Aviv now, but still no parcel as my neighbour is watching out for me and just sent a text to say the Postie has been and nothing for me. I know that things go missing in the post but it has put me off doing any more swaps tbh. Thanks for the kind words CHP!
  3. I do appreciate that things go missing, yes, but the point is, there was a deadline for posting...I work outside the UK for most of the week and I managed to post it in time....I don't want this to turn into a 'bashing' thread, it is just disappointing that I didn't receive my secret santa in time. Investigations ( ) have begun and the maker has said that the gift was posted very late.....
  4. I moved last year and had to renew my card, it didn't cost anything
  5. It looks good and if it isn't, you can send me the 20p
  6. Not today I'm afraid. My Postie is brilliant! He will leave items in the shed and always writes on a card or envelope what he has done with my parcels etc. Once left, he will close the padlock on the shed so things are safe Even the relief postie is great and does the same, which is why I tip them both every year
  7. 9.20 and it is black outside. Walked the dog an hour ago and it was getting darker by the minute. Blowing a gale now too!
  8. Yes, he has, but only with my credit card bill
  9. Mine hasn't arrived yet Am loving the pictures though, some really talented people out there and loads of work has gone into the swap!
  10. Turkish delight Chocolate coins Chestnuts (delish in the Rayburn, cooks them perfectly)! Quality Street/Roses/Celebrations (or all 3 large tins) Walnuts in their shell
  11. Good luck PL! I always use goose fat and semolina. Never fails!
  12. Thought I had posted that Omlet now stock the heating pads, but can't find it http://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/winter_warmers/extra_insulation/15111/eton_drinker_heater_-_20cm/ I now have one and it's great, the other one I had, didn't have a removable plug, so I had to cut the lead to get it through the mesh I just worry when I am away in case the one heater fails, at least now I have two. My neighbours do pop in on the hens when I'm away, but this gives me extra peace of mind.
  13. What freddie said! Confused.com
  14. I used to keep goldfish and they got this every so often. The best thing to do is starve them for a couple of days I believe edited to add - found this - 'The key to avoiding swim balder problems all together is to keep your fish on a varied diet. Which includes greens (not just peas) lettuce, spinach, duckweek, peas green beans, zucchini etc. Greens help keep the digestive tract of the goldfish clean. they have no stomachs like other fish and there fore need something to help push the foods thru their systems. Greens will do this. Adding these to their weekly even daily diet keeps them healthy. Secondly, if you cannot get your fish to eat ONLY greens, do not even feed the other fish foods, give them all greens for a day or two and they will right themselves. If you cannot get him to eat yes you will need to use swimbladder meds, however I find they really don't work all that great. Also, swimbladder is often confused with bloat. Bloat is caused by a number of things with goldfish mostly due to poor water conditions and salts in the water. The only salt that should ever be added to a goldfish tank is epsom salt. Never aquarium, table or marine salts. Salt interfears with all freshwater fish's ability to process water leading to all kinds of internal problems like bloat, dropsy and yes even swimbladder to name a few. Try to get your fish to eat greens. Never feed tanked goldfish floating pellets, sinking or flakes in combination with fresh veggies and fruits. Even brine shrimp and bloodworms are a great addition. Keep the water quality up, routine water changes feed veggies and fruits and quality flake foods. He should show signs of improvement within a day'
  15. No it hasn't but I'm sure it will arrive soon
  16. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Parsley for arranging the swap It is no mean feat! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
  17. I miss getting a stocking Used to be the best part of Christmas I do make stockings for my Niece and Nephew now though.....

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