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  1. Got home from a couple of days away and 4 parcels hidden in the shed for me Good ol' Postie! 3 for next door and 1 for the hens.....
  2. Don't work with the general public. 'It is never too late to be what you might have been'....
  3. I would keep her warm and make sure she is drinking. Adding a little honey to her water might encourage her to drink more and the 'sugar' will give her some energy hopefully. Maybe bring her inside and keep her somewhere warm, not too warm, and quiet for a day or two? Hope she is better soon! At least you have been to the vets! A rattly chest should always be looked at imho The antib's should kick in soon.
  4. Ready and wrapped, ready to go! but might add a little something to it......
  5. I bought my brother an LED head torch (he is a plumber) and he loved it! Wore it all through dinner.
  6. I have a Toyota machine that was a Christmas pressie several years ago and I love it, but I am looking for a new machine now and that looks good value.
  7. When I had my storage heaters removed, I saved a few of the really heavy bricks that were inside. 3 bricks, the heater pad then the drinker works really well. Only down to -10 this year (-14 a couple of years ago ) but I have the heater on full time now, just ticking over. If I turn it off, I'll forget to turn it back on again and work away from home, so..... I placed one drinker on the heat pad, and another one next to it. The heat radiates through the bricks and keeps both drinker ice free.
  8. That's cool Lesley! Pm on it's way Parsley!
  9. Did Lesley send you my address Parsley? I think she has my new one? If not, just let me know and I'll pm you...
  10. Stunning Egluntyne! Really nice idea. Loving the tea cosy Lesley.
  11. Cats spend 2/3 of their life asleep I thought? I personally would leave her at home, as she is more used to that than the stress of car journeys etc?
  12. Ok, just for the record, I don't believe that I have posted any pictures of the things i sell. Not saying I am whiter than white, but have to try and be good as am a mod (even though I find it hard sometimes ) This isn't Lesley bashing! Omlet make the rules and state the no advertising rule to protect members. Not our rules. It is lovely seeing what everyone is making, I read this thread all the time and would love to post more pictures of the things i make (and sell) but can't.... I just came on here to post the reasons that the thread was edited. Not for a telling off Will remain quiet in future (like that will ever happen)
  13. Regardless of the reaction here, if one or more members complain about a thread, then the mods have to look into it. It was decided that rules had been broken, so out of fairness to all members, this thread has been edited. All members are free to post pictures of things they make, by all means, but if those items are then for sale in their signatures, then the advertising rule has been broken. Sorry if you feel that this has been heavy handed, but sometimes we (mods) have to do things that need doing. I make and sell lots of things for craft fairs, but don't post them on here or have a link in my signature....
  14. Ok, will lock this thread as there is one already running as pointed out above.
  15. Erm, no I don't. Sorry. Curious though.....why would you want to walk your hen? Wouldn't they be scared of cars, bikes and visiting the Post Office?
  16. From what I have read, jumping up at strangers is a way of dominating them. Trying to get 'higher', which Milo did at first, but has stopped now. He will occasionally try it, but gets a firm 'no' when he does. I rarely say no to him, but do make noises when i'm not happy with his behaviour, I save the 'NO' for when he is naughty - like stepping off the kerb etc. I called a dog trainer in after 8 weeks when he was trying to/and biting people coming in the front door. She worked wonders, and now he is fine - if the visitors ignore him completely for the first few minutes. I have found him much better off the lead as then he can run away if he gets too scared of a situation. Fight or flight springs to mind - something a dog can't do if they are on the lead. Therefore, they can appear aggressive. Milo is not that found of my next door neighbour who wears a hearing aid - I do think it is the noise. However, in the past few weeks I stand and chat to him more and Milo actually went over for a tummy rub this week That's the trouble with rescue dogs, you just don't know what happened before. However, onwards and upwards and I am so chuffed with the sweet dog that Milo has turned into. I hope Tango soon settles
  17. The small oil filled radiators are now on in the lounge and spare room. Feeling so cold you get a headache isn't good, plus I am getting over tonsillitis and a cold anyway, so heating is on for good now! Lighting a fire most nights is always fab though!
  18. Could you provisionally add me too please?
  19. Woke up to 0.7C this morning, a frost on the ground when I walked Milo. Storage heater on in my bedroom now - just on low, so I can crank it up when it gets really cold. The Rayburn is on 24/7 now and does keep the lounge and kitchen toasty.

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