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  1. Mine is sitting on the 20kg bag of unopened salt in the shed.
  2. I use one with Milo When we walk down the lane to get to the woods, I use a normal lead as he is now walking to heel most of the time, but when you walk the other way, I use the flexi lead. It is 10 metres I think and he is fine with it. Just have to watch for tangles
  3. I made the pockets 8" by 8" - a rectangle 17" long, by 8.5 wide - right sides together and sew up the 'long' sides. Turn right way out, stuff and hand stitch the top closed. I have made it 6 x 6 so 36 in total (Get me, Carol Vorderman ) I might make it bigger if I have enough of the existing fabric with a few extra colours. Don't want it to be just new colours as that would love like I just whacked a few extra squares on, if that makes sense. I LOVE Wartime Farm. Such a shame it is only 8 episodes
  4. Now it is nearly finished, it would actually fit across two laps!
  5. Would be better on my lap in the lounge Plum
  6. I remember the last time you had snow! A couple of years ago it was really bad and you were snowed in weren't you? Baltic here. Fingers are going numb, but I have found the slow cooker Mum gave me ages ago as it was too small for her and am doing a chickpea masala for dinner. Fire cleaned out and ready to light, bags of hotmax delivered on Saturday, plus loads of wood! Small oil filled radiator on in the spare room as I need to dry my washing, plus stupid Economy 7 heater on in my bedroom for all the good it does. Slightly concerned that it is this cold and only October......
  7. 0.3C here this morning, frost and an icy windscreen. Has winter come early this year? Stanley the Rayburn has been on for a week or so, which heats downstairs, and had to put the useless storage heater on in my bedroom a couple of days ago. Not that you would know it is on.
  8. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Christmas-Book-Sheherazade-Goldsmith/dp/1405332239/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1349962095&sr=1-1 You NEED this one! Great fro Christmas/birthday pressie ideas and a lovely book to look at too!
  9. For me Autumn means Merlin and it is hotting up this year....... Watched the first series of Game of Thrones online, but can't see the second series as I don't have Sky. Gutted, as I love it! On book 5 at the moment! Love Autumn, fire lit and a bit of telly/film.
  10. Yes Emma, I make the squares (just a rectangle, right sides together, sew up the long edges. Turn right side round, hand sew up the top and you have a square pillow), I then sew two together, then 4 etc etc. Seam at the back. It is lovely (or will be when finished)!!
  11. Nope, as I am using lots of different material, some of which is thin, so have used wadding from an old cushion. Plus it is easier to wash.
  12. Ex OH always snored and it was horrific after red wine Not an issue now as we split up, but now I have the wonder dog who snores, does 'mini barks' and jogs in his sleep!
  13. Great idea Lesley! It is really warm and snuggly!
  14. Aw, thanks Plum I have such a huge stash of fabric hidden everywhere It makes it easy to put colours together I guess?
  15. I saw this idea on Wartime Farm this week and started sewing up small 'pockets' yesterday. It's going to be such a cosy quilt!
  16. Hello and welcome to the forum Could you adjust your font please, as my eyes are hurting?
  17. I have a fancy one in the kitchen that is radio controlled Olly. The one on my bedside table is just a small one that does the outside temperature. Obsessed with the weather, me!
  18. For got my 'How to train your terrier' book........
  19. Bedside lamp Kindle Cuddly dog 8 hour cream Alarm clock Iphone (for alarm - I need two) Iphone charger Weather station. You can't beat waking up at 3am for work and seeing it's -10 outside

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