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  1. How about miniature bottles of booze for the ones in their 20's? That would go down well? An itunes card each, say £5 - just little things.......sherbet dipdaps, lolly pop, retro sweets......plus the obvious - a walnut and satsuma?
  2. No Patricia, I am still here Milo is taking up loads of time and I am preparing for an Autumn fair in a couple of weeks so busy with that! I am always prepping for Christmas! Bought some Smartie Giant tubes in COOP today and gold coins
  3. Only 102 sleeps 'til Father Christmas arrives!
  4. I made my Christmas pud last week and had carols on the Ipod! I LOVE Christmas and would happily have the shops filled with stuff all year. Guessing I am the minority? Bought a few bits so far, but really need to get a wiggle on with regard to present buying. fa la la la la, la la la la.....
  5. Early! But usually not early enough I might be up at that time, but usually it is one flight out to somewhere and there by 12ish, so can then have a power nap
  6. I'm up between 3-4am most morning when working. 45 minutes to get up and ready for the 60 mile drive to the airport. Packed lunch/food all arranged the night before, bag is packed, uniform/pants/socks/shoes all out ready! As I am away for a couple of night a week, I have to pack the night before and get organised as I am so bleary eyed first thing that I would forget everything if I didn't.
  7. A pleasure. I remember when I joined and I received a pm from a moderator saying that they had censored a post of mine. I was mortified (back in the day when Sheila was a mod and slapped me with a wet fish ) and didn't come on for a few days as I was embarrassed. Since I became a mod I have realised that it isn't always a joyful task. Shifting posts, editing 'swear words' and sometimes having to PM a member when something isn't quite right etc. I have often thought about giving up and just enjoying the forum without having to change posts to I personally find that quite offensive. It's comments like that, that make me want to jack in all in.
  8. I wanted a digital SLR and bought a Canon 1000D a few years ago. There are new models out now, but I love my Canon. The battery life is amazing and I find it easy to take pictures with it. It is quite bulky compared to a standard camera, but I love it! I really need to do a photography course to learn how to use it properly, but the beauty of DSLR is that you just delete the pics! I am from the 'one click' school of photography but sometimes you get stunning pictures! - http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=84624&start=315#p1208190 (See bottom of post - I love that picture)! I would go to Jessops and have a play around with different cameras. He will get a feel for the right one. Good luck!
  9. A bit late to the thread, but I got wheat from an indian supermarket.
  10. How weird! I attached a copper bell to his collar today! He sounded like Rudolph in the woods A couple of people commented that they thought it was a great idea. I actually did it as he has caught a couple of rabbits and I thought a bell might give them a fighting chance......
  11. A little update on MIlo It has now been six months and I couldn't ask for a better friend! He is doing so well with everything. When I go to work he goes to my Mum's and is great in the car, just jumps in, harness and seatbelt on and goes to sleep. I don't get many visitors, so when I do they are warned at the door (ignore him and don't look at him). He hasn't growled or nipped anyone in 3 months so we are getting there. I have found a copse nearby, and although it is a mile there, 1.5 miles around the copse and a mile back, it is a lovely walk and I can let him off. He usually comes back when called, but if he gets the 'scent' he will vanish. He always comes back eventually I am working on that I have an app on my phone and we usually do a 5 mile walk, which is great for my excess wobbly bits too! He has put on a kilo, but has also grown a bit. He's taller now and his feet don't look too big for his body, so am guessing he was around 9 months old not 1-2 as originally thought. When he is with Mum and Dad, he meets lots of other dogs and is good with all of them. Not a huge fan of joggers in hi-vis vests, but that is he only concern. My Niece and Nephew love him and he is good with them too. I think Dad's blood pressure is coming down, as they are always out for walks now. All in all, he is wonderful! The whole family love him and he gets us all out walking even in the rain I couldn't imagine life without him now!
  12. Not the nicest video to watch was it? Have you been to the vets with her yet? There are two types of peritonitis, sterile and septic. Both can be treated but sterile is 'better' as she can live much longer with that. I think both types will requite antibiotics asap. Good luck with her.
  13. You are in my thoughts Vicki. ((hugs)) C x x
  14. Lovely cushion Stehaggan! I have loads of that fabric, but in paler colours. Got it from a shop in Glasgow, unfortunately, they deliver....... Been busy doing bits and bobs, and need to crack on with a baby quilt before the due date!
  15. Brilliant Spacechick! Well done you, I love the sound of a bass guitar! I have thought about learning the sax, but don't seem to have time for anything nowadays! Always something going on! I started doing musicals at school and after watching one rather cringe-worthy video of a show I was in, I starting having singing lessons.I loved it and would go every week for around 6 years! I reached grade 7 in my exams, but haven't sung properly for years. I would really like to join a choir, but with my shift pattern, getting every Tuesday, etc would be tricky. Make a recording of your practise sessions and file them away for future reference. It is amazing how quickly you improve with practice. (my singing teacher recorded my first ever lesson without telling me and gave me the cassette 6 months on - shocking)!
  16. Right, the same hen. So how did you sort the problem out last time? Maybe that is worth a try? Sorry, but she will be in pain and needs treatment. As someone has said, there are very few poultry vets in the country, they have to do extra study to qualify as avian vets, but they are able to treat birds. ANY vet will be able to help. Good luck with her.
  17. Oooh, fortune telling fish! There were brill!
  18. ctrl/click select save as from menu. Header will tell you who he is Thanks OSH!
  19. *quickly books a hair appointment after Sheila's comment* I have a Mac, so couldn't click and cheat, but guessed. His eyes look old in that pic, similar to how they are now.
  20. I'm struggling to do ONE granny square!
  21. It probably was a splinter that caused the bumblefoot n he first place. A vet will lance the infection, pack it and give her antibiotics. It is curable if treated quickly, but as it has been a month I am not sure. Best to see a vet asap.

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