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  1. http://www.quiltersdream.co.uk Emma, but they don't have that much online. A visit however is lethal.....
  2. Thanks for posting the link. I won't sleep tonight.
  3. A few weeks ago Fred. Back to the Sheila we know and love
  4. Oh Emma, had forgotten all about that fabric!! The rope burns on my wrists are still sore..... It is rare for me to ever give fabric away As I can tell my the piles of the stuff in my spare room, under both beds, in cupboards and boxes everywhere. Still haven't gotten to grips with crochet. My crochet teacher has discovered my blog as was inpressed with my sewing ability She can't sew for toffee she said! Maybe I should stick to that? Milo has taken a shine to my yarn and keeps nicking it and running off Dog saliva granny square blanket anyone?
  5. Fab bag!! I can't even crochet a granny square!!
  6. My Mum and Dad bought a house not far from there a few years ago. It is in the mountains, but Trier is the nearest large town about 30 minutes from their house. They go a few times a year as it is quite quick from Calais. The Christmas market is very quaint and they always try to go in December. There are so many lovely little villages along the river. Glad you had a good time!
  7. I have always wanted a Morris Traveller! To drive though.....
  8. *LolaLayla wins the prize for saying Christmas so early* Good luck with the candle making. I have done it with terracotta pots and wax beads and it is simple enough. Try attaching the wick to thread and then sellotaping the thread to the cup - that way it stays in the middle and doesn't fall over!
  9. Thanks Clare, yes, the long line is always attached to his harness when we are out. I use his collar and short lead to get to the field and when he walks to heel, but always have the harness on him. He is now eating well and will hoover up his breakfast/dinner. I caved in and bought James Well beloved meaty pouches, which I split into about 6 meals, just a spoonful with warm water, mixed with his kibble and he eats it straight away. The dog trainer said any food not eaten in 10 minutes gets put away. It took him one day to learn that lesson
  10. Thanks All! I still have a long way to go with the 'stranger danger' training I do not trust him fully yet, but it will come. I had a go at doing 'paw' with him yesterday. Lots of bits of kibble and he learnt it in 15 minutes He is quite clever it would appear!
  11. I used Noroclav for WInifred when she had peritonitis and it cleared it up quickly!
  12. CatieB, I would completely ignore her when you come down in the morning/or come in. If she jumps up, just turn away and she will get down. Don't make eye contact and when she is calm, then look at her, you should find that she comes up to you and you can then make a fuss of her. Hard to do at first, but does work. With regard to her recall, try a training lead. A 10m 'Clik' lead cost around £5 on ebay and worked really well for MIlo when I first got him. I take treats on every walk, kibble, sausage in bits, small bits of cheese and small biscuits treats. Every time he comes back, he gets 1 treat, or a couple of just praise, so he never knows what he is going to get. Keeps his guessing He comes back immediately 9 times out of 10. The odd occasion that he doesn't, there is usually a rabbit/pheasant or deer involved. However, he does comes back and the best thing to do is walk the other way and say 'this way'. Works for me! Good luck with her!
  13. Try soaking the mealwoms in water and mixing them with yoghurt..... Hope she is better soon.
  14. A little update on MWD (Milo the wonder dog as named by my 6 year old niece) The first 8 weeks was fine, no problems, the spraying stopped and he is coming back when called. He then decided to nip a friend on the leg Then another friend, so the Dog WHisperer was called......he is undergoing training now and after 2 weeks it seems to be working. He has no access to the front door and has to stay in his basket when friends first come over - on his house training lead. Anyone that comes round has to completely ignore him, no eye contact - something I was told to do when I come in and it seems to be doing the trick. When he is settled he is allowed to wander around and sniff them, but they aren't to touch him at first. He soon chills out and will then sit on their feet and expect a stroke! When i have put the shopping away etc etc, I look at him and then he comes bounding over, excited to see me. It is hard to do at first, but it so much easier to come in with shopping without a dog jumping al over you. He is doing really well apart from the 'nipping'. The Dog lady seemed to think that he has done well that it only took 8 weeks for the behaviour to start......it usually happens after 6 months from rescue, when the dog is settled. So he must be settled Apart from that, he is an absolute joy! I love walking him (2 hours a day on 3 walks)! and being around him has improved my general mood after the split and move etc. I couldn't imagine life without his furry little face now I just need more visitors to come round for him to get used to other people. Small steps, but he hasn't nipped or growled for a couple of weeks and is loving playing with other dogs when out walking now. I managed to catch a picture of him coming out from under the spare bed -
  15. Yes Caroline, a syringe or just a bowl in front of her if she is eating. Mine love yoghurt and make a right mess when eating it Fishing tackle shops sell maggots if you have one nearby? If the crop is blocked you can treat for impacted crop - sticky in the Clinic section. Be very careful when upending her, I found that just tilting the head forward towards the ground was enough for some of the liquid to come out, but you have to do this slowly and tilt the head back, so she can breathe.....Little and often is best and give her a few seconds each time to recover. Good luck!
  16. Great, If it is worms, then the Flubenvet should do the trick. Worms can make them feel really out of sorts. Plus it can just affect one of the flock, even though they will probably all have them. Just depends on how bad the infestation is. Good luck!
  17. What did you worm her with? It could be a number of things. Egg bound or peritonitis or just feeling under the weather with a cold. Most important thing is to keep her warm and her fluids up. Bring her indoors and keep her warm. Plenty of water available. Maybe add a little honey to the water to keep her glucose levels up? As she has been like it for a couple of days, I would take her to a vet for a check up. Hope she is better soon
  18. Sounds like sour crop to me. It could be caused by a blockage - possibly grass if that are free ranging and she has eaten long strands? I would separate her, give her natural yoghurt and make sure she is eating it. Apple cider vinegar in the water and keep a close eye on her. Live maggots will help if it is a blockage. Good luck.
  19. Same here! With my new dog I just haven't had a minutes peace, but looking at the work some of you have done, it is truly lovely the idea you have come up with. Some of those presents must have taken HOURS! Thanks to GL for organising it all, not an easy job! Maybe I'll join the Christmas swap again this year
  20. Well done you! I have my first crochet lessons on Wednesday at the local craft centre. 3 hour lessons for £6. Plus hook and any wool I will need (and wool I will WANT)!.......watch this space...... I'm really nervous
  21. Yay! Sorry to go on, just worried that he was a little fella without Mum.
  22. 6 weeks old? I thought they are supposed to stay with their mum until 8 weeks?
  23. Thanks CM. Just the biting of visitors to sort out now....although the dog whisperer and I are working on it. In 4 days a massive improvement!

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