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  1. I can't. He has a nut allergy. It is very rare to him to turn his nose up at anything. If he does, I pretend to eat it, then he wants it
  2. It is called Milbemax a chewy meaty ( ) tablet. He loves them. Not sure what they cost as I got it from the vet when he had his 'snip'. Need to pop in today to get the Frontline combo, so will get some more.
  3. As the farmer has decided to not allow dogs off lead on his land any more, I have a 10m long line that attaches to Milo's harness, so he can run around (and behind the hedgerow, let him off as no one can see ) That along with his water bottle, short lead for road walking etc etc I always carry a bag with me, so will get a first aid kit too. I have pretty much everything for the hens and me Wound powder, saline, purple spray etc etc, plus bandages! Thanks for the tip Have spoken to the vet and it is £45 for 6 months supply, if I put him on a diet it will be cheaper as he is just over the 10kg mark Worming tablets sorted too! Plus I have the tick remover already Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated.
  4. Hello Chookie! Lovely to see you again!
  5. What do you use? I have been using one from Pets at Home, but it is cheap and feel that is probably doesn't do the job that well. Front line combo?? Where do you start? Can you get it online?
  6. Can't put book one down. Work is so annoying, it is interrupting my reading time.....
  7. Get one Emma, they are really handy! I bought a jelly roll a few weeks ago and am still wondering which quilt to do. Thinking sewing 2 strips together, then cutting into 8 3/4" mini strips, then doing alternate 2 strips one way, 2 strips the other to make a square, if that makes any sense?? I know what I mean.....
  8. Continued here - http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=86787
  9. Interesting thread. I think mine has always been low. Not helped by being seriously over weight for most of my life - although now am reasonably happy with my weight. Slowly getting there and getting a dog has helped My job forces me to be sociable, but I tend to shy away from large gatherings and feel awkward in a group. Now that I have moved quite a way from friends and family, I don't get many visitors, but rarely feel lonely. I quite like pottering around my garden, walking the dog and seeing to the hens. I have met so many people when out walking and that is nice. On a one to one basis is fine with me.
  10. Tyrion has some fantastic lines in GoT! Most of which aren't repeatable here Jon Snow is one of my fav's for eye candy.....Joffrey I could happily slap. Wish I had Sky Atlantic
  11. I only heard about it a few weeks ago and downloaded the whole of series one! Watched it in 2 days, it was fab Bought the first 3 books for my KIndle and am half way through the first book. Love the books too!
  12. Mum mentioned that Gardener's World were talking about drought resistant plants this week - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01dlyjj/Gardeners_World_2012_2013_Episode_2/
  13. I planted the pear in the ground and I would say 3 ft across after 5 years......I didn't prune it Mine was the Comice pear I think and it produced so much fruit I had to tie the branches to stakes to stop them snapping!
  14. I bought the pear and cherry 5 years ago and they didn't grow into massive trees! The pear was maybe 9 foot in 5 years, the cherry much smaller. Wouldn't say dwarf rootstock, but not huge!
  15. I finally finished the baby quilt I have been working on for ages
  16. 3 1/2 hours to change a tap? I have no experience with plumbing, but could probably do it in less time. I'd be straight onto the Boss and kick off.
  17. Braver than me. I would have run away screaming!
  18. http://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/SearchResults?an=Elizabeth+Goudge&bt.x=87&bt.y=18&sts=t&tn=A+bird+in+the+tree
  19. Ooooh, Peanut butter M&M's. Need to find a stockist in the UK.....
  20. I fly through the air at 35,000 ft in a pressurised aluminium tube. That's fine, but don't ask me to go up the outside jetty steps or cross a foot bridge
  21. Re the espaliers - I just look for a tree that has evenly spaced branches and that makes it easier to wire to the fence. 'Proper' espaliers cost a fortune. My Mum has an Aldi near her, so is on the lookout
  22. Now that is just wrong Sarah. Have you just read my post in NB about phobias?? Or do you have a freakishly long memory?
  23. Heights, masks, Egyptian cats/dogs freak me out. And the biggie.....frogs.
  24. No Linda, mine isn't. I go to one in T***orth, who is great

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