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  1. That's the problem with the written word, I didn't get it, but maybe I have no sense of humour? It wasn't a personal attack and has nothing to do with mod hat, just didn't understand what you meant?
  2. I don't have an Aldi near me Cinnamon, only Lidl
  3. I agree, had that in my last garden. Looks good all year and has lovely flowers.
  4. Wish I had seen this sooner! I bought Lidl fruit trees a few years ago, around a fiver each I think and they were great trees. A cherry, pear and a couple of apples trees. I moved last year and had to leave the trees, but am after an espalier pear tree for my new (much smaller) garden. Would definitely recommend the Lidl trees to anyone. My local garden centre (family run) which I like to support, just can't compete. Their trees start at around £15 each, which I still think is cheap.
  5. We both slept through the night and he didn't bother about the wound, so I left the collar off. He spent 30 seconds licking the last bit of blood away and hasn't touched it since. Still subdued this morning, but seems brighter, whining every so often, but will take him for a little walk shortly. He wasn't interested in breakfast, hut nothing new there! I have just given him a pig's ear which is his favourite treat and he is munching on that. Loads of cuddles and attention today. He is following me everywhere, so must still feel out of sorts. He is booked in on Friday for a check up, all internal stitches and some superglue, so should be ok.
  6. Not a happy dog this evening. Whining, moping around and can't settle. I'm sure he will be ok though.
  7. Actually, I'm 6'4 and broad with a mane of thick luxurious hair....... He is back home and very subdued. A lovely green bandage on his paw, but hasn't been bothering the wound site yet. He is really sleepy and docile, but is eating a bit of dinner and drinking. He remembered his bone and is still dragging that around the house. An early night for both of us I think.
  8. Thanks LB, the vet said he hasn't started licking yet. He is 12 kgs a stocky little fella (like his owner ), so maybe it would fit? Will let you know, thank you!
  9. Excuse me Plum and Lousiewomble. I am addicted to FB, which is why I resisted for so long.....
  10. Thanks Clare, he has a collar ready. That'll be fun as he likes to sleep under my bed and there isn't much room The vet has just called and he is fine. Although he does have a slight hernia Must have been cart-dog in his previous life?? He has repaired it, but wants to keep a close eye on it just in case. I could hear Milo howling in the background, so I might not have to wait until 4pm to pick him up. Think the howling will drive the vet nurse mad
  11. Well, I took him in at 8.30 ready for his op at 11. He was so good and got in the crate with his blanket and sheep. Waiting frantically for the vet to call to say all is ok. He is being 'done' and microchipped today, plus a pedicure Am baking like a lunatic to try and take my mind off it.
  12. TBH, i'm not keen on the look of carefree coops. Although I haven't seen one in the flesh, so wouldn't like to pass judgement, but they don't look very sturdy.
  13. What a cutie. He looks very dapper in his coat!
  14. As do Waitrose I believe? I recently shopped in Asda. You couldn't get a free range egg quiche for love nor money. I wrote in.
  15. Milo took 2 hours to eat breakfast again today. About 4 minutes to eat dinner He isn't a greedy dog - something I am not used to, having owned 2 Springers before. He likes the crunch of his kibble, and has spent ages on a marrowbone from the Butchers today. I wasn't too keen on giving him a bone just yet, but he seems to enjoy it and his weapons grade flatulence has diminished..........
  16. I was tempted to feed him only once a day, but on advice from the vet, he said in the Winter it is better to feed twice as they need more energy.... He is back from his walk now and has eaten the lot! Flaked out in front of the Rayburn now, so that will give me a couple of hours to get housework done, then some sewing - I am really behind on a baby quilt I am making for ex OH's niece! Have a week off now, so training will continue. Recall is the vital one, as until I can trust him to come back, I won't let him off his extendable lead. He did escape this week as I had a carpenter in and he left the gate open, but after running to the field down the lane, I called and he sprinted back to me
  17. Sorry! It is a FB thing that started! Everyone wants more updates on FB, so might have to set up an account for him
  18. Just a quick update on Milo (or Milo the Wonder dog - MWD - as my Niece calls him). He is doing brilliantly! He knows his name and will come back when called. He sits when food is involved, but not out on walks yet. Far too interested in the outdoor smells He has now settled well at Mum & Dad's when I drop him off and looks forward to my Nephew and Niece's visits. He loves playing with the children. No more wetting in the house, apart from an incident on my newly changed bed Strange as he doesn't ever try to get on the bed. I am happy to leave him alone downstairs, but he can't be trusted upstairs alone yet. I think it is because the previous owner had cats and he can smell them in the carpet? Downstairs is all hard floors. Plan to change the caret upstairs eventually. He is booked in for his little Op on Tuesday, plus his micro chipping. I'm sure he'll be fine Like me, he doesn't really do breakfast and will take an hour or so to eat it all. However, come dinner time he eats the lot in one go. He is now on James Wellbeloved White fish and rice kibble and loves it. It smells like Billingsgate Fish market in my larder but it seems to be working and things are, erm, firmer now He gets a walk around 9 ish for 40 minutes, but I try and vary the times in the morning. Same goes for his long walk in the afternoon - anytime from 1-4pm, so I am not a slave to his walks. He is a very content dog and just a joy to be around. His nervousness around people is getting a lot better. He doesn't hide anymore and wants attention from everyone. Especially children. Having discovered the log pile next to my fire place, he takes great delight in grabbing a massive log and trying to run off with it. Dragging it along the floor and pounding in his lollopping way! He is just so funny to watch! Am so glad I got a dog!
  19. I always buy capers in Italy (and mushroom stock cubes/dried mushrooms too)! In Germany I get chocolate, gravy powders, bread, a meat and gherkin salad (don't look at me like that, I'm not preggers - but it is delish). Oh, and remoulade which is a tube of herby mayo for sandwiches. In Denmark, the fried crispy onions for burgers, salad and to add to gravy. Plus pepperkakor (sp) biscuits, beetroot salad and burger sauce with is like mayo, but so much nicer. Will have to look out for dried Spaetzle and see what they are like......
  20. Got back from Rome this morning! Anywhere near the Spanish steps is close. I stayed at the Hotel de la Minerve, which is next to the Pantheon. Anywhere central is quite pricey, but work pay Agree about the streets, lots of cobbles, maniacs on mopeds but easily doable. There is quite a steep road to the Vatican, but a taxi can take you most of the way (or go on one of the horse cart rides). Loads to see and do, try the small restaurants down side streets for the best and inexpensive food. There are restaurants everywhere! Any hotels near the Piazza Navona are central - http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?client=safari&rls=en&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=hotel+de+la+minerve&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=hotel+de+la+minerve&cid=0,0,11937950288777085822&ei=hOo7T5WHIoqAOujr5N4C&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CCYQ_BI Rome is a great city. I went with OH's Mum in November which is a good time as it is just cooling down but not cold. Avoid July/August/September as it is so hot and being a city gets really 'close'.
  21. I bought my house in October last year and the oil Rayburn was already here. I love it - It is a very steep learning curve and am still trying to suss it out, but the kitchen is always lovely and warm. Great for stews, drying washing etc.... No idea about installation etc etc, but why not phone up a company and have a chat with them?

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