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  1. Oh Linda, you have to go to Lidl and get a saddo weather station like me! I have 3 One for the chicken area, one for the courtyard garden and one for the front. All slightly different readings as the wind comes from different directions, but addictive! Yes, it has been that cold. It was -8 at 10pm last night when I took Milo for a walk! I heard that on the radio!
  2. My 'new' kitchen is free standing, but not Ikea. I had the carpenter make the units to fit as it is an old house and I wanted to use reclaimed scaffolding boards for worktops. So far so good. Chunky legs, so solid and stable. It helps if the floor is level - my brother retiled so that was fine. Cleaning is easy, just a swiffer/hoover and a wet wipe. However, if it is right under the units, you can't see it, so I won't lose sleep over that Some of the Ikea kitchen are stunning! Good luck looking!
  3. Well I have to say that I am chuffed to bits with the heated base for my galvanised drinker. Down to -10 and no ice! It cost me an absolute fortune (well, only £25 for the heated base), with £90 for the outside double plug. Thought that would be it, but electrician said he couldn't fit an outside plug without an RCD in the house. £350 later, the hens are happy and my house is safer! No more candles - although the electricity bill is due any day now, so maybe I will revert back to them when at home...?
  4. Came back from dinner about 8ish last night and no snow. Let the dog out at 10.30 for a pee and 2 inches had falled It continued most of the night and we have a good 3 inches now. It is lovely out there. Will go for a long walk with Milo later
  5. Woke up at 4am for work. 2-3 inches fell during the night, but it was frozen solid. Got ready, headed for the car with the dog (to drop off at Mum's) and couldn't get the car out. Skating rink. Called work who said 'get in when you can'. Trouble is, lots of short haul flights are cancelled, so all those crew will be on stand by. I lost a 3 day trip and won't be used if I get in. Tried to get the car out again and can't. Will have to wait for it to thaw a but, although the forecast is for more cold weather. Highs of 2 degrees today. Went back to bed for a couple of hours - Milo was desperate for another snooze. Will go in tomorrow. If I can.
  6. Started here an hour ago, small flakes but settling!
  7. Yep, he is docked, so it is a whole bum wiggle welcome! Another parcel for me this morning At least it was on the tiled floor this morning......off to the vet again today. He is very active and seems absolutely fine. I think it must still be settling in nerves.
  8. Back from Sofia today when it was -15 and heavy snow. Forecast for Saturday looks good around my way. Due to work at 7am on Sunday morning....we will see.........
  9. Well We are both back at home now Freezing cold and am preparing 2 hot water bottles for bed Just 2 days off and I have loads to do, friends visiting, electrician fitting new kitchen lights, log delivery etc BUT will have a couple of really long walks, well wrapped up Can't wait. He was very good at Mum's and slept all night, waking them around 7am He still has a dodgy tummy, but is fine in himself and running around like a loon when out on walks. Will call the vet for a chat tomorrow. He is now on half his usual kibble plus rice and white fish. He is also getting better with new people and not as shy Turning into such a lovely dog The welcome I get when I come home is hysterical! He can barely contain himself!
  10. Not especially Clare. This wasn't a wee he needed. The after effects of his tummy upset which seems to be getting better.
  11. He woke me up by scratching at the bedroom door this morning. He was desperate for the toilet. Clever lad. Just need to train him to do it at 7am not 2.45am and we have a well trained dog He's had his breakfast, so time to get dressed and take him for a long walk, before I get ready for work. I'll miss him, but he will have a great time at Mum's.
  12. Oooh, I'd be interested in the answers too!
  13. Couldn't agree more LW!! A well trained dog is a joy (and I hope mine will be). If you have a Dogstrust nearby, they have a free dvd on how to train your dog. Each section is only a few minutes long, but covers, sit, down, stay, off, heel etc etc and is really good. Milo is learning the no sofa rule now. He still asks, but after 1 or 2 'no's' he goes to his bed.
  14. I don't take water with me, but have bought a travel dog water drinker thingy for the car. Milo tends to drink loads when he comes back from a walk.
  15. M & D came back today and I had one excited dog on my hands. His whole backside was shaking (as was his little tail) in excitement. He actually whined with pleasure at seeing me. It has been a while since someone did that We went on a long walk for about 90 minutes (Mum and Dad were exhausted) and he is now in his basket sound asleep. Back to Mum's tomorrow as I am off to work for 5 days Will see him on Tuesday though
  16. Snow shovel for the garden & road ready, huge bag of salt, snow shovel and emergency box in the car and not a whiff of the white stuff. Typical.
  17. I was very tempted to leave him there, but thought better of it. Mum and Dad came over for dinner and took him home with them for a sleep over. I am really anxious I'm sure he will be fine, but as I saw his little face look at me as they drove off, I went all funny. I miss him already and he has only been gone 20 minutes. Daft so and so that I am.
  18. Thanks Snowy, but I must confess, it was a layer cake from Moda. I just cut each square into four. I did pick the backing and binding to match though The bag is fab Kazzy!
  19. No, he should be cold Clare. He has a very comfy snuggly bed with high sides, a blanket and isn't to far from the dreadful economy 7 storage heater. He just likes to be close, but has not done that before. It was cute, as he was on top of the duvet, but under the patchwork quilt Left him at Mum's today and he did really well. Seems that he likes staying there.
  20. We have a firm stool this morning! I woke up at midnight really hot, only to find a Milo sized lump on my feet No idea why he has started that mlarky He was sent to his bed! Visiting Grandma again today for some 'away from Christian' therapy. Should be fun.

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