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  1. I pulled 6 cobs today and ate 3! I usually plant Swift and don't mix varieties. They were really slow to start this year, but in the past month have gon mental. Still have 15+ cobs to pick I sowed directly into the soil this year as forgot to sow in pots, but there doesn't seem to be a difference. After the slugs ate the first 4 sowing of beetroot, the last sowing is now ready for harvest. I need to get some sand to store them in, also to store the carrots. Beans are poor this year, raspberries are like a weed. I've picked 15 lbs so far. Was at work for 6 days so couldn't get to the lottie and have lost another 3 lbs as they've gone over. Have made 30 jars of raspberry jam so far, with more fruits forming I LOVE raspberry jam.
  2. Not rude Mrs B. The moderator explained that there is already a thread running about the new cube, otherwise we have several threads On the same topic.
  3. A couple of my red onions have set seed I have lost out of the number of various needs I have sown this year at the lottie. At least 4 lots of squashes and pumpkins, as the slugs keep eating them. All my parsnips, chard, spinach and beets have been eaten, along with the bean seedlings. Had enough of the slugs now and might get nematodes if I can afford it for the lottie.....
  4. I have a couple at the allotment, small bushes but doing well. I planted the in a deep hole in the ground and mixed in acid soil. They seem to like it there. I will top dress the soil every now and again to keep it acidic and add one needles as a mulch as I heard that was good for them.
  5. I was always taught that Politics, salaries and religion were a private matter and should't be discussed I am sick to death of the referendum, my FB is covered in it, with friends at each others throat over the whole thing. I don't trust the media at all. Everything is twisted and portrayed the way 'they' want you to read it. TV, newspapers, even my FB 'sponsored' feed is telling me to vote one way. It's my decision and I have voted. End of.
  6. I wouldn't say 'pester' The restraining order hasn't arrived yet then......?
  7. Is anyone having problems posting on the forum? If so, could you please send a screen shot of the error message to Tom@Omlet.co.uk with your forum name, please! Many thanks
  8. Earwigs? I get mine on eBay and pay around £10 for a huge bag that lasts months. (Dried meal worms, not earwigs)
  9. If they don't want to be PM'd they have set it up that way as the default is to allow them. The only other option is to email them if they have an email button on their profile. Admin can pm any member, but only do so if it's an emergency (although I don't know when I ever have had to )
  10. Brilliant work In my quest (and what a quest) to tidy the spare room, I have discovered a huge blue and white heavy cotton throw (think ticking type stripes). I will use that to back my latest quilt which I still haven't started work on Going to Germany with my Dad at the end of October and really want to take it with me to leave at the house there. It is Baltic there in the winter and I need a decent patchwork for the bed. I'm cheating and have bought a Moda layer cake (French General Collection) nice 10" squares which I might (or might not) cut into 5" squares.....
  11. Lovely! But oh my goodness, how big are those squares? 2"?? I wouldn't have the patience. I made a baby cot quilt once with 2" squares and it took me ages...... I tend to use 6" squares now.
  12. I must pop in there as haven't seen Ricky for months!
  13. Now now Valkyrie, you know I am only a 30 second walk from that shop. Why didn't you message me and pop in?? I haven't been there for months, been too busy with the allotment and other stuff. Plan on making a quilt to take with me to Germany at the end of October, to hand sew the binding on - log burner on and chill out for the evening. Pieces all cut, just need to find a couple more hours in the day to sew them all together.
  14. Sounds good and glad they are getting on. Just make sure you have a couple of food and water 'stations' so the new ones are barred from the food. I agree with DM, could just be down to stress after the move.
  15. I personally would worm them, as if they do have worms, that'll cause more stress than ridding them of them.
  16. I've just planted swiss chard and turnips. Plus Black and curly Kale.
  17. Radishes crop quickly, around 5 - 6 weeks? WHat about winter kale/spring cabbages? They do well over winter.
  18. How do you worm them? Flubenvet? If so, the new ones might not get enough to eat if the old girls are preventing them from getting to the feeders?
  19. This thread is getting too long and slows down the forum, so you'll find the new one HERE
  20. Just 8 degrees here this morning, but going to be another lovely day.
  21. Brilliant Lewis, congratulations!
  22. #Peachenvy I've picked around 6 pounds of blackberries so far and there lots more nearly ready Sick to death of patty pan squashes - had around 40 form one plant and the other two plants are starting to produce now. The Tondo courgettes is still producing fruit, but not as many. Beetroot has been perfect, think the heavy soil at the lottie suits it. Pulled my onions and tied them to sticks, sop they are anging up in the shed, cold frame and everywhere. Huge onions. My brussels have been attacked by cabbage whites, (despite netting) so no brussel tops for my neighbour, but the sprouts are firming up nicely. Planted black and curly kale this week (I cheated and bought plants as I forgot to sow seed ) and they have been netted carefully. Hopefully by the time they reach the top of the netting, the butterflies will be gone. Also planted turnips, as Monty did it last week on Gardener's world, so I thought I'd give them a go. Runner beans are mental and Borlotto beans are firming up nicely. The big news is my sweetcorn. 20 plants all with two decent cobs on them. They are ready and I picked a couple this week, dashed home and cooked them straight away. So sweet! Only have one tomato plant, a beef steak from my neighbour, huge fruit, but still green. I'm chuffed with the allotment, and seeing as it's my first year, impressed with what I've grown, despite the lack of water there. Failed with growing flowers this year, the plan was for a cutting garden, but just not organised enough. The dahlias are still going strong, but my sweet peas are the worst I've ever grown - at home too. The calendula are still being picked and the domino lime nicotiana (sp?) looked great as foliage in a vase. Dwarf sunflowers (Little Dorrit) were great, but only the ones I sowed direct in the soil. Huge heads, so the hens are enjoying the seeds. The side shoot flowers were perfect for small vases. Went a bit mad at the garden centre, as all seed packets were reduced to 50p.......
  23. *puts hand up* I am a stationary addict. I agree Cats tails, the choice in Germany is staggering. Scandinavia is good too. They have whole shops dedicated to paper and stationary. *dangerous* Still looking for these illusive colouring books. I'm sure I have a few (hundred) colouring pencils somewhere.

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