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  1. Found the link http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/suffolk/6326681.stm Funny how it is usually the barn reared birds that are always in the news. May be wrong, but I haven't heard of any 'true' free range farms being affected. Since getting chickens and looking more closely at what we eat, we always buy free range meat now! Haven't bought ready meals in months, as you can rarely tell where the ingredients come from
  2. Lucky them (and you)! Having had my girls since July, they haven't been through a moult yet, but some chickens don't moult completely, or so i'm told They just lose the odd feather here and there so you wouldn't really notice.
  3. Hi Egluntine! How spooky. I often get a bit freaked out when locking the girls up at night We hear an owl most nights but have never seen one here!
  4. Hi James and welcome to the forum! Both my partner and I are cabin crew so can be away a lot. I am away max 2 nights at a time, so when I go, the 'girls' are in the run for up to 3 days. I take it you would let them out in the evenings when you got home? (summer) and at weekends? The reason we got chickens is that they are so easy to look after, they are very content just wandering, eating and scratching! I would suggest you only get 2 chickens if they are to be confined most of the time. I'm sure others will be on soon to give you more advice! Try checking the 'visit an eglu owner' section to see if there is someone near you.
  5. That was quick! WHOOOOSH Super Annie to the rescue!
  6. Tony, can i suggest you remove your number from the post? Contact Barbera@omlet she will take your details Good luck with the rehoming
  7. I love number 5, i am always hitting snooze!
  8. PURPLE SPRAY (this is on the advice of AnnieP) She swears by it. You can get it from horsey shops for grazes etc! It is antiseptic and covers the wound. I spoke too soon! Babs has pecked Laverne again, she has no knickers left! Need to get a bumber bit back on her! She was doing soooo well, lovely feathers growing back and now the evil Babs is at it again. Can't understand why? All the best C x
  9. I bought it at pets at home, but most pet shops should do it.
  10. £7.50 plus 4.95 p&p is a bit pricey! I have found it for £5.95 BUt it is still nearly £6 P&P, so about the same price! This place is just 2 mins down the road from me and she is great with advice etc http://www.countryfayre-countrystore.co.uk/shop.php/health-and-husbandry/c_15.html supplimenting the diet with fatty acids can help the if it is a nutritional deficiency, according to the www.merckvetmanual.com There is loads of info on the website about feather pulling! Most often caused by boredom apparently! But having said that, mine have been free ranging for a few weeks now as I have been off sick, so who knows?????
  11. Hi Jaime and welcome! have you tried this link or a google search for Poultry suppliers near Stockport? recommend your local breeder Not sure if anyone on the list is near you. C x
  12. Hi Chickpea! With regard to feather pecking, I have researched this quite a lot as my Babs was doing this to Laverne . Some say it is habit, others say it is due to a nutrient deficientcy. I bought Bitter peak from pets at home. Its a spray you put on the peckee, to stop the pecker (?) from pulling feathers. This worked for a bit but then started again. I had to resort to a bumber bit which fits into the chickens mouth and stops them from grabbing a feather and pulling. It is quite stressful to put on (for you) but it worked! It fell off about 6 weeks ago and the problem hasn't come back yet (touch wood) It could be down to boredom? Do you girls free range at all? Or are they confined to the run most of the time? I have found, since I let them out most days they don't tend to pay that much attention to feather pulling. You could also try a pecka block, which has seeds on, this keeps them amused for quite a while and stops them pecking eachother. Let me know if you need details of the bumber bit. Good luck
  13. Well if you're offering, it'd be rude not to............
  14. Terrys chocolate orange straight from the fridge
  15. I know what you mean about bugs and not wanting to spray!!! I'm cabin crew and am away for 2-3-4 nights a week and I still manage to grow stuff, without constant nurturing......I normally set up my automatic watering system, which was quite pricey to buy, but is fantastic!!! It waters everything by drip feeding, so it doesn't all dry up when i'm away. You can't beat the taste of home grown veg! Just have to learn how to grow flowers now I want to pick all summer long for the house. Sarah Raven is doing a series in Gardeners World every month, so am taking notes.
  16. Hi Andrew sorry to hear about your throat! Try meracaine from Boots, they are like Strepsils but they work It numbs your whole throat!! Just DON"T use them beofre you perform, your voice will crack and sound awful! Its like you have no control over it (A very bad experience performing a solo at 6th form) BUT they are very good at soothing! Good luck!
  17. Clare, when we moved here last May, I didn't have a chance to really grow much in the garden as money was spent on damp wall etc I planted loads in pots. Lettuce, rocket, toms, radishes chilles etc and they all grew really well I couldn't bear not to have anything growing!
  18. Hi Clare! I spent most of yesterday going through all my seeds and binning lots, making lists and generally organising my planting for this year. I have a new book called 'carrots love tomatoes', all about companion planting, so am going to give it a go this year and see if it improves my crop Then I log on here and a seed exchange has been set up - fab! just try and stop me Just waiting for the builder to get back to me with a price for my extra raised beds and paths. I'm not a 'butch' as Andrew, can't do the work myself and trying to avoid mire damage to my back! If i'm ever your way, we will def go!
  19. Offered pea 'hurst green shaft' second early Wanted flat leaf parsley C x P.s Lesley - Beans are wrapped and ready to post!
  20. Wanted 'stumpy' carrots Offered - climbing french beans 'barlotta di fuoco' (gorgeous pink/white podded beans ideal for drying) C x
  21. I'll use it! just been through my seed box and thrown loads of seeds out! Best before Aug 2003!

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