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  1. Thank you Annie *she is clearly blind as a bat - mega strength contacts me thinks * I always look very bad in photos, so am normally the one taking them. I don't think I have any nice ones! *runs off to pretend to look*
  2. No I'll let you have that one! (after the comment about 'blush'! C x
  3. Both freezers were fine, just resisted the urge to open them and check, and the fridge was ok for 24 hours, then bought ice bags from the supermarket and put lots of bits into cool bags. The candles all over the house was quite nice in a way though! No tv etc, but it was ok. At least we didn't have any storm damage unlike some of you guys! Main thing is that everyone is alright! But i missed you all!
  4. Hello just managed to find the details SUE HAMMON THE WERNLAS COLLECTION ONIBURY NEAR LUDLOW SHROPSHIRE SY7 9BL Enclose an sae and a pop a couple of 1st class stamps to cover the cost of the bumper bits, they cost about 10p each, so a cheque isnt worth it. I ordered a couple a few months ago, she was really quick and they def did work. Good luck (the 'bumping' worked PH)!
  5. Hello Megan and welcome! The majority of users on here are barking mad! (in a very good way) Any questions no matter how silly they seem, just ask! Enjoy tour girls!
  6. Glad you are ok Sarah!!! We drove out and about today and saw the trees uprooted everywhere! We lost power at 12 noon yesterday and it was finally restored at 1800 TONIGHT! NO OMLET FORUM FOR 30 HOURS.......... I had to be medicated!
  7. And you won't - I've broken the last 3 camera lenses face like the back of a bus!
  8. Thanks Clare, am trying to arrange an appointment. Work said they would pay for it as i think they are worried i'll sue
  9. Thanks Clare, think I will get dressed now, light the fire and snuggle down for the day! C x
  10. I think my girls are a bit 'special'. They are always out in the rian. I have the summer and winter shade and a shower curtain, but they always stand outside We are on the edge of Salisbury Plain and according to Postie Chris, we get bad wind/snow blown from the Plain. Yay - snow! Can't wait. Just been signed off work til the end of january, bad back! OH is off too after his Op. Now talk of strike again at work. Nightmare! Its all too much! Be safe everyone, its horrible out there!
  11. Just been out togive Laverne her baytril tablet for the morning and nearly got blown over! (my frame isnt that slight! (only 3 stone to go)! It is sooooo windy here! Thinking about locking the girls in their run for the day!
  12. I wondered why you were wearing 'rouge' Andrew
  13. I don't have an allotment, but i know how important they are to people! all signed!
  14. Oh, I hadn't thought of that! he was really nice! But i have said that before (back peddle back peddle)
  15. I have it on good authority that lots of gin helps!
  16. It is at the base of her tail, but its about 1 1/2 - 2 cm long, red with a white dot on the top He squeezed it but it didn't seem to bother her as much as it did me . I sprayed her again with purple spray (which stained her yellow ) and he asked if she was corn fed as she had yellow skin there? (just like the chickens in Waitrose i guess) Bless him, i bet he is on the internet later, looking up chickens! But he was really helpful and thanked me for coming in. Appointment next week to check on her progress.
  17. Thats what i thought Louise, something to do with sunlight???? He said preen gland but wrote pineal? just have to wait and see if it helps her feather loss! Poor girl she looks a bit bare at the mo!
  18. Too late Louise! Blue one on order! How could I have missed that!
  19. Fab pics Paola!!!! but what omlet school bags? have i missed something? I LOVE bags! Do Omlet do bags????????? I need to sit down
  20. Just back from the vets. He was really nice, but admitted he had never had a chicken in his surgery before! She has an infected preen gland (pineal gland)? So baytril to the rescue! 1/2 tablet twice a day 50mg in total. He says for her weight she needs about 45mg, but the tablets are so small, its difficult to dose. He is really impressed with the eglu as has seen one on the telly. I offered for him to come over as he is interested in keeping chickens! Just given Laverne 1/2 a tablet hidden in sweetcorn and she ate it straight away. Only 7 more days to go Will keep you posted
  21. Sorry prob a bit late now, but what about pesto? or Some sort of marinade with dill as that is always good with fish?
  22. Yes thanks PH a lot less flighty. Discovered that Laverne's 'pecked' end of tail (where the tail joins her body) isn't just bare, but red and a long lump has appeared It looks like a ingrown feather but is red and yucky Am taking her to the vets tomorrow to see what he says! It wasn't there yesterday as i sprayed her with purple spray, to stop her pecking the area Oh my poor girls, they are such a worry sometimes! But i wouldn't be without them!

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