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  1. I would say so Lesley! Def indoor job day! Just let the girls out and they were blown around! They all ran straight back into the run, bless 'em.
  2. UPDATE! I finally managed to drag him out of hospital yesterday!!!! We got home and lit the fire! He has to go back for more tests at the end of Jan and end of Feb, but is just happy to be home at last. A HUGE thank you to all who posted to wish their best, really appreciated by both of us. C x x x
  3. i left the details of things i wanted for Christmas on the laptop screen! I got 3 bags for Christmas too (from OH's mum) - funny that!
  4. send it back, give her the bus fare, spoilt c**
  5. Really beautiful Diana! Well done on your gallery showing!
  6. Just ordered hugh's diary on ebay! (hope he doesn't mind )
  7. Sorry to hear about your neck Louise. I have been using a wheat bag for about a week now, they are really good! or heat pads from Boots as was suggested for me! C x x
  8. Hi Alison Try the organic gardening catalogue here I have used them for a while now and the service is really good. P & P is cheap too! edited to add - just been on and ordered some king edwards. A 3kg bag of seed potatoes (25-30) for £5.95 plus £1.20 P & P)
  9. Hi Laura I had a major problem with Babs pulling Lavernes feathers out! i used a bumber bit, which I can see you have posted about. I have to say, after the initial trauma (for me) putting the thing on, it has worked! She had it on for about 3-4 months, then it fell off (I thought she had swallowed it ) The problem has been solved though, no more pulling of feathers - YAY!!! Good luck with Nuggett!
  10. I have just got the latest organic gardening catalogue Annie, will share the seeds with you. I have bought loads!
  11. Which is heavier? Coming from German parents, I have seen how good they are at recycling. They have been doing it for YEARS. Every household HAS to separate their waste, plastic, metals, compostables etc. The 'bin police' check every week and you get fined if you dont. My Parents have lived here for years, but have recently bought a holiday home in Germany. Everything goes in the 'yellow sack' apart from food waste which should be recycled. If they have any other waste they have to buy special bin bags from the council (1.20 EACH) and put those out on rubbish day!! Cant find a picture of the symbol, but you know the one 'Der Grune Punkt' (the green dot) with an circular arrow on it. Any item with that on, goes in the yellow sack! Not like here, when coke bottles are ok, but not lids etc Most bottles bought in shops are glass, and you pay a returnable deposit, like in the 'olden days' was it corona fizzy pop? 10p a bottle?? Plastic bottles also have a deposit on them. Most shops have a machine where you drop off the bottles and get a receipt which they take off your shopping bill. It sounds like a faff, but its just a way of life in Germany, something you get used to! Sorry for the appauling way this is written, its been a long day!
  12. No more Jaffa cakes for him, he is on the aeros and crunchies now Sick to death of sudoku and cross words and not a big one for reading, so he is going slowly mad (well madder than usual)
  13. Thanks Clare, I know you will - you guys are fab! At least it will give me a chance to sort out the house tomorrow. I still have christmas pressies on the table and I know I should have taken the decs down by now but they are still up!!!! Maybe I should just leave them up for this year, save me the bother of doing it in december C x
  14. Hi guys! just back from the hospital and I spoke too soon! they want to keep him in til Tuesday morning for final tests! He is climbing the walls in there. At least they aren't trying to get him out as quickly as poss I guess! So hopefully at 9am on Tuesday, He will have his last blood test, then he can come home! Really miss him, the house is so empty without him here thanks for all your support!
  15. He is feeling much better thanks! He had the nose straws removed yesterday A few more tests tomorrow morning then they will let him go in the afternoon! A huge thanks to you Annie for the card you sent, we both really appreciate it! He is looking forward to the beers and curry too My back is still sore but getting better i think. trying not to take the pain killers too often! C x x
  16. I can get a bale in the boot of my mini - just!

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