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  1. he has already asked for jaffa cakes!! Also - thanks for all the suggestions for my back. Found some giant tiger balm sticky plasters in the cupboard from one of OHs trip to Thailand. Stink like hell but are really good!
  2. Hello All. Just got back from Londinium and am quite choked up by all your lovely replies!! He was taken down to theatre at 9am this morning, I waved him goodbye By 3pm I hadn't heard anything and was panicking! The nurse said he was out of surgery, everything went according to plan, but his blood pressure was a bit high. They kept him in the recovery room for 3 hours. He is now back in the ward, stuffing fish pie down his throat . Says it feels uncomfortable but not painful. The straws sticking out of his nose are particularly attractive . A few more days in hospital and he will be home safe and sound! Left him at 7.30 this evening afrter being up since 4am to find out that they had closed Hatton cross station, so I would have to get 2 buses to get back. *Heart pounding faster and faster* i hopped in a taxi, got to hatton Cross and have just driven home. I cannot tell you the relief, seeing his swollen little face and his surgical stockings!!!! (why don't they do them in blue)?? I will go back in tomorrow afternoon as am hanging now! Can't take the pain killers for my back as they make me sleepy and have to drive 60 miles each way. Luckily they only take 20 mins to kick in when I get home! Once again thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughts! Love you all C x x x x x x x
  3. Just dropped OH off at Charing Cross hosital in London. He is having a benign tumour removed from his head! i have been signed off work - I hurt my back after a bad landing! on mega pain killers at the mo! Driving to Heathrow (60 miles) then get on the underground (my 2nd biggest fear) then walk to the hospital thru London (my biggest fear)!!!! He is having the op tomorrow morning so I want to be there before he goes in. Will get up at 4am to leave at 5am. I am really worried. I know he will be fine but i cant help worry! Just wanted to vent that - sorry! C x x x
  4. tee hee Annie wont be!! (i hope not anyway)
  5. Nor would I if I lived with Jonnie
  6. Just been out to let the girls free range and Laverne hasn't laid an egg!!! She has had 1 day off since 01st August! Bless her, maybe she has a hangover from all the mealworms yesterday?
  7. I promise not to drink! Mind you, I haven't had a drink since 31st dec 2002, so i'm cheating too! I can never stick to these things, they usually last til the 3/4 Jan!!!
  8. Happy New Year!!!! A huge thank you to everyone on here who has given me help and support over the past few months. You are ALL lovely people! Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year C x x x
  9. That brings back memories!!! Years ago I had a really old mini called Winston. The drive to work was 24 miles and the heater would just start working as I pulled into the car park! I always had a hot water bottle in my car and a blanket over my legs A friend of mine poured hot water on his windscreen and the whole thing cracked, so beware!!!!
  10. OMG I haven't hoovered yet Annie, you can't come over yet!
  11. I thought you would be out clubbing tonight???
  12. Me too!!!!! Wishing you all a happy, healthy, egg packed 2007!!! Just gonna light the fire and chill for the night!
  13. Hi Ginette! OH bought a dvd recorder to replace our old one. This has a built in hard drive (Ohhh I sound like I know what i'm talking about) It is a Panasonic, really easy to use (even I have managed to record and play back) It has 60 hours of recording time and cost about £300 We bought it a few months ago on the internet so i'm sure the price has come down by now. Good luck! www.richersounds.co.uk
  14. I got a lovely blue t shirt for Christmas from OH's Mum!! Love it!!! (and the 3 shopping bags)!!
  15. OK here goes.................. I was bidding for the item. As a relatively new chicken owner, I have this really strange feeling every time I see something with chickens on. It has become an obsession! My house is slowly filling up with chickenalia. My therapist says i'm a lost cause and has sent me to a specialist. I saw this lovely picture and knowing it was for a good cause, I started bidding!!! Things were going well and I was winning! Then on Sunday morning last week, I received a pm from Annie, saying I had been outbid! I was crushed and unable to go the work that day BUT then the OH came back from work all cheery and announced he had an early Christmas pressie for me. Apparently he couldn't take the constant sobbing anymore I am now the proud owner of a Helen Drewitt original!!! He was bidding against me and had secretly coersed poor Annie into lying to me! I don't blame her, she is a innocent girl and very easily led but i'm going to have words with Mr Sneaky!! Really pleased with it, it is absolutely fab and glad that it has raised some money for the poor chooks!! Thank you Annie, for organising the auction!
  16. I didnt think i did ( ) until all my Christmas cards were addressed to me, OH and 'the girls' !!!! C x x x
  17. Decs went up a couple of weeks ago, pressies bought but not wrapped, cards still to be written (except for a select few ) 1 more day at work, then 2 days off and as OH is away, I will blitz the lot!! I have a 3 day trip away on wed/thurs/fri, then OFF for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for excessive use of !!!!) I love Christmas and this is the first year in our house together. Looking forward to getting up early, lighting the fire and unwrapping pressies, just the 2 off us . Then off to my Mum and Dads for Christmas lunch with the clan! Just need to get those cards written! C x x x
  18. Well then? Whos it going to be??? Ray or LEONA? (not saying who I am voting for) Have to go to bed early as up at stupid o'clock!!!!! so won't see the results. Sure I will hear tomorrow! Christian x x x
  19. Oh my!!! I do this all the time!!! Just last week, the check out lady asked how the girls were doing!!! Christian x x x

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