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  1. I do it too Laura Been signing the Christmas Hellmans advert 'and a jar of hellmans mayonaise' for 3 days now!! Somebody PLEASE help me!!! I'm driving myself mad! Christian x x x
  2. Thats my philosophy too Mel, strange as i have been thinking about exercise for months now and haven't lost a pound! OH has just ordered a lateral thigh trainer, can't wait to see him in lycra!!! All pressies bought, but still in bags all over the house. Looks like i'll be wrapping til Christmas eve!! Christian x x x
  3. Thank you Louise, I thought it was just me Love Leonas voice, but not the whole package. Shame Ben was voted out. Loved his 'somebody to love' gospel thing last week!!! Christian x x x
  4. I like her! The way she licks the spoon and her fingers! Proper cooking! Promise I won't do this when you come for dinner Annie! C x x x x
  5. I saw a streak of red in the sky and thought it was father Christmas, but it was The Superpants! C x x x
  6. Thank you for your PM Annie, informing me that I was out bid at 11.30 last night Whoever the sneaky bidder was, well done! Its a very worthwhile cause! Christian x x x
  7. Thanks Kate!! Just asked AnnieP to do it for me, but quick as a flash there you are! Christian x x x
  8. Hi GIgi!! Sorry can't help but I suggest you edit your post and remove the email address. Best not to leave it on your post. People will answer on here or Private message you if they can help. Good Luck Christian x x x
  9. swing when you're winning? Love it! in the car at all times! Right have to go to Waitrose now and get dinner for tonight and munchies for the car journey! I LOVE a road trip Christian x x x
  10. Off to see OHs Mum and Sister in Alloway near Ayr! Driving up tomorrow and back on Wednesday. Might have to fish out my old Take That cd for the journey Christian x x x
  11. Right, done the pressies for Scotland! Off to bed now Night! Christian x x x
  12. Oh Helen hes cute! One of the only blond guys i like! Cx x x p.s the concert is on itv2 now...........its gonna be a long night
  13. Just watching An Audience with Take That LIVE! It is sooo good!!! Wrapping pressies next to the fire and singing along to all the old classics!!! Is Gary looking better? Much I think quite cute Christian x x x
  14. The British public has voted!!! MacDonalds are OUT Thank goodness! Christian x x x edited cos Fee told me off
  15. Hi Guys! been at work for 5 days but back in time for x factor!!!!! It has to been Ben and Leona (both their 2nd songs) they were fantastic! Christian x x x
  16. They are always planning something.......... Christian x x x
  17. Egluntine I am soooo with you on this one!!! As soon as Louie introduced them with 500 miles I cringed!!!!! My OH (who has the sexy scottish accent) did too. What about next week??? Auld Lang Syne??? Christian x x x
  18. Kannie have you thought about Warsaw? It is beautiful!!! Similar to Prague but not as touristy, its how Prague used to be years ago. Its one of my fav nightstops at work. Quite cheap to get there and very reasonable hotels/food etc. very cold in the winter, but a 'nice' cold. Christian x x x
  19. i have been very restrainded by not posting some things on here as i am aware that some posters are of the younger generation, but it has been tough. Thank you Annie for keeping me in line Christian x x x ps Just for the record it was a GIFT, NOT A BRIBE!!
  20. I'm horrified my some of the comments on here this evening! On the sabbath of all days Christian x x x ps now I know what you are all like(most of you), there are soooooo many more jokes i could have posted but bit my lip

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