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  1. Whizzer and Chips??? Christian x x x
  2. morning Mel! Yes they can let themselves into the run. Tried that as soon as i read about it on here! But as both of us are away quite often, we like to let them free range in their larger (non fox proof) run for most of the day when we are here. I love getting up when its dark! C x x x
  3. We went to a friends house for dinner and got in late! Was still up at 7.30 to let the girls out though! C x x x
  4. I know what you mean Ali, its the 26th November and I haven't bought and wrapped all my pressies yet! I'm normally done by now! Love Christmas but can't bear the 'shopping in December with the crowds' thing Christian x x x
  5. You are right, she doesn.t have the personality to last, pity as her voice is truly amazing! Christian x x x
  6. I know you lot are gonna laugh at me, but I really like ET's version of the lion king!!!! I love Ben, but didn't like his second song as much as the first! 'Chucky' - I guess you are referring to my cousin Ray?? LOL only joking He should have gone as should the wedding singers, but it makes for interesting tv doesn't it?? Leonna will probably win, and I think she deserves it. Christian x x x ps Egluntine - thanks for the pic! (All I will say is, I wish my stomach was as flat as theirs)
  7. Oh my god, how good does that look????? Had to watch via google as my Mac didn't work either Cant wait until its out!!!!! My fav books too Christian x x x
  8. Can't for the life of me remember where i heard this from, but when my fantail goldfish had swim bladder disease, I was told to put her in a shallow bowl of water with a pinch of salt. Left her there and she was fine after a few days! Maybe the salt being an anti bacterial or something? Not sure, but it worked! Christian x x x
  9. Laverne lays every morning without fail,when we go to let them out, but the other two lay between 8am and 3pm getting later every day Christian x x x
  10. Xray lady posted one here will give it a go soon. Christian x x x
  11. What Annie? The RUNNING part? hehe You're right I don't run, but i did walk QUICKLY down the drive........ Christian x x x Yay the sun has come out!..........and gone back in!
  12. Lurvly, tin bath in front t'of fire, them were the days! Christian x x x
  13. Oh Snowy I remember the excitement sooooo well. It feels like ages since we got the girls but was only July 21st. I know what you are going through!!! I waited in the bathroom so I could see the Omlet van come down the lane - he drove straight past us - 'No' I screamed. I went running up the road shouting and waving like a lunatic Enjoy your day - you will never look back! Christian x x x
  14. im saying nothing. Oh is telling me off for causing a riot on the forum Christian x x x
  15. Good luck with the building work Elaine, i'm sure the girls will appreciate it. Christian x x x
  16. Its all lies I tell you! Annie and I are just bumping up the topic ( ) Honest Guv Christian x x x
  17. How VERY dare you!!!!! The item is question was a GIFT as a THANK YOU for organising the auction for such a good cause!!!!! *mumbles 'da** it' under his breath* Christian x x x
  18. Hi Ubereglu The most important thing about pumpkins is that they are very greedy crops. As you said, dig a large hole and fill it with chicken muck and veg peelings etc all winter long. By Feb/Mar it should be full. cover it with soil/compost and let it rot down. You shouldn't plant the pumpkin out til after the last frosts by about mid may. The key to growing a really big pumpkin is to only allow 1-2 to grow per plant. Good luck Christian x x x
  19. Lets see what Father Christmas brings................... Christian x x x
  20. Instead of getting a facelift, a woman agrees to get surgery called "The K"Ooops, word censored!"". A lever is placed on her head that, when turned, tightens up her skin to produce the effect of a new facelift. Over the course of the next few years, she keeps tightening the k"Ooops, word censored!" and remains youthful. After 15 years, however, the woman returns. "I've turned the k"Ooops, word censored!" many times and I've loved the results," she says. "But now I've developed these bags under my eyes!" The doctor looks at her and reveals, "Those aren't bags. Those are your breasts!" "Oh", she replies, "I guess theres no need to ask about my new goatee then!" hehe Christian x x x
  21. Would a first class wash bag do Annie?? Christian x x x p.s I asked OH for a tickle Elmo, but he said that i'm too old for one (We already share the bed with a cuddly one) .

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