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  1. Hi Claire Thanks for the get well wishes. I forgot that we had a log delivery today so i have been stacking logs (only to clear the driveway) and haven't had a chance to read them yet!! Will keep you posted though!! Are you looking for ideas or recipes?? Christian x x x
  2. Hi Annie I think being stuck in a pressurised, aluminium tube with wings and germs from all over the world has caused it this time, so you're off the hook C x x x
  3. I hope you feel better soon Sarah! At least i don't have kids to worry about. Just OH and the chickens . Enjoy your film Christian x x x
  4. Oh lard!!!! Roast potatoes cooked in lard, or better still, goose fat!!! mmmmmmm goose fat . Sorry about that - par boil the potatoes then 'dry' roast them. They taste just as nice . Christian x x x
  5. No, feel worse but Thank you! Sorry to hear you are ill too. Just been out and bought a stack of Christmas mags!!! so gonna light the fire and curl up too!!!! Hope you feel better soon Christian x x x
  6. A surgeon in the making buffie! Christian x x x
  7. Thank you all! Have woken up and been sick this morning!!!! I have sooo much too do and don't need this at the moment. Waiting for a call from my manager as a 'duty of care' I raided the 'christmas chocolate for other people' last night . On the flip side, Shirley laid an enormous long, pink egg this morning. It wont fit in the box!!!! . Sending out healing vibes to all sickies out there. Christian x x x
  8. TRY HERE hehe - its right at the bottom of the page - Kate taught me how, now i cant stop!!!! Christian x x x
  9. Great minds think alike goonergirl C x x x
  10. Hi Linda and welcome to the forum. haven't use a fox watrch but am also interested. If you go to The CHICKEN section, there is a fox problem section. details about fox watch can be found there!!! CLICK HERE I'm sure someone will be on here soon to give you more advice Christian x x x
  11. Sharpish cookie in the tin me!!!!! Hope they turn up soon, Then HOMETIME!!!!!!!!! C x x x
  12. its the theme tune to a BA advert!!! Thought your OH might work for them as mine does ,obviously not!!! hehe. So 'high' on lemsip now, not sure what is going on. Enjoy yours! Sleep well Christian x x x
  13. I'm not sure Nicola *singing* leaving on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again.............. Do you have any idea what im talking about?????? Its the lemsip, i can't help myself! Christian x x x
  14. No, not a rouse, very genuine, But it was nice to see my OH b4 he went away for 5 days. Where do u work??? With planes taking off? An airport??? God how quick am i???? Christian x x x
  15. Thank you all!!!! I'm all snugged up with a cuppa, dressing gown and a duvet!!!!! CSI on the telly and a roaring fire!!! Feel much better knowing i'm not all alone Christian x x x
  16. But mad in a nice way Christian x x x
  17. really cheered me up, thank you. Had a horrible feeling Oh had planted a secret camera in our house!!! Christian x x x
  18. Well done Dan!!!! Always think about the weight loss in packs of butter!!! That is my trick, so when you have been really 'good' all week and then lose 1/2 pound and feel bad, think of butter!!!!! (is this making sense) ?? Keep up the good work! Christian x x x
  19. Sent home from work early as i feel terrible. Had a cold for a few days and now everything hurts!!! OH has gone to Johannesburg for 5 days and now im all alone except for the chickens( ) and im sad Christian x x x
  20. Thanks xraylady. I have wrapped them up nice and tight! now hidden them away under the sink in the utility room. Christian x x x
  21. Just contact your local energy supplier/electric/gas etc and they will tell you all about it! C x x x
  22. I wouldn't say you were mad Annie, slightly derailed yes, but not mad! C x x x
  23. I do exactly the same!!!! Still waiting to be accosted by a mad eglu owner whilst out shopping!!! Christian x x x
  24. I have one Red. they are very strong, but not loads of room. Plenty for veggies etc from the market. C x x x

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