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  1. Stop it Sarah!!!! No more egg/chicken related items!!! I'm not allowed anymore! They are really nice though! I could tell him I knitted them!! Christian x x x
  2. PH I thought it was Millfold we were using but it was ASTON. They work all over the UK. Took about 2 hours all in all. Just watch for the brick dust outside, it went everywhere!! Keep windows and doors closed (obviously) Christian x x x
  3. I know what you mean Egluntine!!! The cavity wall guys only left an hour ago but already the house feels warmer!!!! Still going to light the fire tonight Christian x x x
  4. Hi Kaz I used to live in Farnborough, but moved out here a few months ago. M and D are still around that way. Where do you get all your bulk stuff from?? Many Thanks Christian x x x
  5. Finally made them courtesy of 'Good housekeeping'. 3 large-ish and two small. Next door had a small one yesterday and said it was delish!!! Ihave eaten 1/2 the other and it was nice! Quick question, how long do they keep for??? I'm hoping a fair few weeks or will have to bake more before Christmas . Christian x x x
  6. Another fab (new) book i can recommend is INKHEART and INKSPELL by Cornelia Funke. They are Childrens books, a bit harry Potter ish, but very dark. Perhaps older kids? They are about a Man and his daughter who can 'read' people and things out of books. Sounds a bit strange i know but well worth reading. The 3rd and final book has not been released yet! Waiting patiently!! they are 3 for 2 in Ottakars and Waterstones at the mo Christian x x x
  7. Sorry to hijack your thread Debs but couldn't resist - 'The Faraway Tree is inhabited by people who include Moonface, the elf Silky, the Saucepan Man, Dame Washalot, Mr. Whatsisname and the Angry Pixie. The lands at the top were sometimes extremely unpleasant (the Land of Dame Slap) or sometimes fantastically enjoyable (the Land of Birthdays, the Land of Take-What-You-Want)'. C x x x
  8. Moon face and silky??? saucepan man!!! C x x x
  9. The suspense is killing me C x x x
  10. You can buy compost activator but its true, weeing in it does the same job. Thats my story and i'm sticking to it, officer! C x x x
  11. p.p.s They also do loft insulation - really cheap- 'Old' houses tend to have thicker wall so are naturally better insulated - not all bad news girls C x x x
  12. we have millfold coming tomorrow to do ours. £230 for a our house (3 bedrooms). The council pay £270 towards it. Next door had it done last winter and said they noticed a difference within 2 hours!!! Just need to light the fire and stop the draught from the doors and we'll be snug as a bug in a rug !!!! Christian x x x p.s. there was a 6 week waiting list.
  13. The Magic Faraway tree' and 'Mr Pinkwhistle' - my all time favs!!! Bought my OH a copy of 'The magic porridge pot' for Christmas (sorry, *ducks for cover*) last year, one of his favs from childhood. I read it and its really good Christian x x x
  14. You will find magnetic cat flaps here Christian x x x ps Kate you are sooooooo gonna regret teaching me the 'clicky'
  15. I'm sure they won't! I've voted twice Christian x x x
  16. Hi Olivia We put all our chicken poo, straw, aubiose veg s"Ooops, word censored!"s etc in! also grass cuttings, dead headed flowers etc. Try to alternate between dry/wet 'ingredients' COMPOST Christian x x x
  17. drip drip drip drip!!!! Just out of my cold shower! Yum C x x x
  18. No I cant blame you! your description and pics were great i'm just not good at sewing!!! Christian x x x
  19. UPDATE Got the felt just need the material!! Cant work out the seems etc from the picture so have ordered one (dont tell OH) Will probably go wrong but will post an alien type chicken when i have made it!!! Christian x x x
  20. Hi Kate Its an old singer really small, but perfect (if it worked) just found a zipping tool so off out in a bit to find material to make the chicken doorstop/lavender bags/keyring things! OH is off to Miami with work tomorrow so will have a go then. I seem to swear less when he isnt around Christian x x x

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