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  1. Tina go for it!!!! I think childrens lives are enriched by caring for animals and think of the good you are doing! I know so many people who never had animals around when they were growing up and now dont have the same appreciation for them as adults. Christian x x x
  2. Thanks Lorna I would love to give those things a go, but the OH will be leaving the house as the language was blue yesterday and I was only hemming a strip of hessian to make sacks!!!!!! These look a lot more complicated, but fancy make them for stocking fillers. Christian x x x
  3. Hi Lorna Thanks for posting the details. Could i just ask about the eyes??? are they buttons or 'painted' on?? Just finished sewing my Christmas stockings!! Very easy but the bl***y sewing machine kept jamming!!!! Really like these doorstops and the ideas for smaller ones for drawers, wardrobes. What about a loop and make funky keyrings??? Christian x x x
  4. Glad you said that Sarah, could you make me 2 in cream/chocolate type colours??? Christian x x x
  5. CONGRATS Ginette and the girls of course!!!! Christian x x x
  6. Laughter is curing my headache!! Christian x x x
  7. Thanks Annie, will have a look tomorrow. Have a splitting headache at the mo, so gonna lie down. Shame 'cos i want to watch x factor!!!! See you tomorrow Christian x x x
  8. SEE TOPIC HERE MY God it works Kate you have created a monster Christian x x x
  9. Hello All I'm bumping this up again as have just been out and the girls water has frozen solid!!! It got down to -4 last night and now i'm really concerned as I am away overnight with work 1-2-3 times a week. Does anyone have any good ideas to protect the water from freezing?? I put citricidal in last night but no good!!! There were cute little beak marks in the ice though - bless. Christian x x x
  10. Err............yes....errrr....... .....a....err.....different........err........AnnieP..... (phew that was close Annie) Christian x x x
  11. OH has just flown off to Cairo tonight so i'm all alone. Its freezing here (isn't it AnnieP) . He is always hot and i'm always cold, so the heatings on and so is the fire (since 3pm)!!! Will fish out the hottie tonight, shaun the sheep Christian x x x
  12. Posting off my Kodak batteries tomorrow......and bumping up! Christian x x x
  13. Hi Choc I had this dilemma too. (have recently moved here) so asked a neighbour and she said that no fireworks go off round here as too many dog owners. As there are only 9 houses i thought that was ok. NOW, someone is letting off rockets and im worried about the girls!!! We will see tomorrow if Laverne lays as she is on a roll of 51 days of laying with only 1 day off!! I'm sure your girls appreciate the dining room and the warmth - its freezing out there!! Christian x x x
  14. Oh I see!!! hehe I just checked and thought it had been there all the time, But it was MY suggestion Yay! part of the team Christian x x x p.s thanks Sheila
  15. Really good prog, my OH was in tears when he saw the limping chicken AND he is the tough one!!!! Hopefully more people will demand free range now. Can't wait til next week!!!! Christian x x x
  16. Sorry Kate, just read the technical stuff for new users and its all there! Stupid stupid me Christian x x x
  17. CONGRATS!!!! i'm sure they will all get on well! How about Sonny and Cher?? Christian x x x
  18. Thanks Annie! It took me ages to make the sign for the gate. My OH couldn't believe I made it, thought it was bought (Think he was just being nice). Christian x x x
  19. OMG it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You so much Kate, been trying to do it for ages and ages. Any chance you could put it in the intro for new forum members? I am sure I will need it again Off to light the fire now as its freezing!!! Thanks again Christian x x x
  20. bet I get there first...................... Christian x x x
  21. Hello All! Well finally on my part time week and have loads to do, so naturally am spending most of my time on here!! Just opened a photobucket account after seeing revnev's 'jumping' chicken and wanted to show my girls off. One problem - how do I change the web address from what it is at the bottom of my signature to something like 'see my chickens here'. If you catch my drift. I use an Ibook not windows just to confuse things. Also could someone click on it to see if it works?? Many thanks Christian x x
  22. I put a couple of drops of citricidal in each gulg (have two) and no frozen water today. Just bought some hessian to wrap the plants up, might wrap each glug up too, to give a bit more protection from the frost. Christian x x x
  23. Thanks for the congrats!!! Thats the wierd thing - Babs smallish brown eggs every other day ish 4-5 a week Laverne Huge cream eggs EVERY day Shirley Huge (long) BROWN eggs bizarre but at least i know whos laying. Our first 3 egg day was yesterday i was sooooo excited!!!! Christian x x x

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