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  1. OR this (really messy) Fill a large bowl with flour right to the top and 'pat' it down Put a tray on top and then turn the whole thing over (careful now) remove the bowl to reveal the 'dome' of flour Put a £2 coin in the middle using a palette knife (safe for kids) cut slices away without the coin dropping (taking turns) If the coin falls the person has to pick it out with their teeth!!!! have fun Christian x x x
  2. Get the kids to line up in 2 lines put an orange under the 1st persons neck in each line, they have to pass it neck to neck along the line. no hands allowed if they drop it, they start aagin. (with adults if you drop it u have to drink a shot) the winning team wins a prize!!!! Sorry this is really badly explained but you get the i hope!!! Christian x x x
  3. I can't bear shopping for pressies in Dec, with all the crowds, it drives me nuts! Christian x x x
  4. I haven't yet! I used to live in Farnborough, which was only 24 miles to the airport, which meant i could lie in a little longer, but this is my first very early shift and its 61 miles now. AND we've been invited to a Halloween Party on Saturday!!!!! Christian x x x
  5. Hi Sophie Laverne our lays huge cream eggs, some wont fit into the omlet egg boxes!!! Its exciting when they first lay isn't it? Shirley started laying 5 days ago and has laid every day since! Good luck working it out. Christian x x x
  6. No I've decided to make my own pud. My mum will know if its bought (even now im 32 she still knows things, Mothers always do)! So if anyone does have a good recipe, enough for 3 basins (5" / 12 1/2cm) then please let me know Many Thanks Christian x x x
  7. Thanks Annie - will do. Found a fab shop called 'inklings' and a really good kitchen shop, then gigi gigi then fired earth!!!! It was all too much for me. Had my next door neighbour with me, which was good as I didn't spend too much Christian x x x ps Annie i've PM'd you x x x
  8. Well I don't want to do anything illegal so off to Waitrose, basin in hand!!! Christian x x x
  9. Mel That is exactly what I was going to do!!! hehe Is that bad??? Christian x x x
  10. Just back from shopping in Hungerford and found 3 small, old pudding basins. Thought it would be a nice idea to make Christmas puddings then wrap then up in muslin and give them away as pressies . One slight problem - how do u make Christmas pudding?? Do you cook it first?? How long does it last??? Help me Christian x x x
  11. YULP sorry all gone Will bake another one later with extra chocolate chips for that added calcium. Off to Hungerford now for some Christmas shopping!!! Christian x x x
  12. So thats why i can't get into my jeans come January Its nature so not my fault!!! Thanks for that, now wheres that chocolate cake??? Christian x x x
  13. I have a 0505 stand by on Sunday and have to be up at 0245!!! Yes 0245 Christian x x x
  14. I always give the girls treats at about 5pm every day But now i have started adding pellets mixed with water to try and get more pellets in them. Laverne has laid everyday for 6 weeks now (with only 1 day off-well it was a sunday)!!! They seem to be eating alot more as it gets colder. Is this normal?? Christian x x x
  15. Thanks Fee!!! Just checked the newsletter and saw my name was there too. That would explain why Country Living Journalists have been lurking in my bushes for a few days. Must remember to wear my 'glam' wellies when i fed the girls later - no comment Christian x x x
  16. Any update on the Gallery? I have loads of pics of my girls that I would like to share . Christian x x
  17. Hi CD I only goy my chickens in July, but from what I understand, they dont like loud noises and bangs!!! The advice I have found on here in to bring them indoors, in a large-ish cardboard box, and leave them in the kitchen at night. I'm sure that someone will be along soon to give more advice . Christian x x x
  18. I have never owned a new car, but as we moved 'to the country', ( and now have 122 miles round trip to work) I bought a new mini in April!!!! He is called Mortimer and is absolutely fantastic. I have owned several 'old' minis but this is something different . I'm not into cars at all, but love( ) my Mortimer. Expensive but worth it. My OH looked into all cars for me, and they lose less value than any other car. Good luck in your search. Edited to add - sorry still sleepy and not reading properly - Congrats - christian x x x
  19. I have a small gap in the fence and Shirley sits there as 'look out' for the other two. Everytime I get close she sounds the alarm, and I swear Babs and Laverne quickly hide there little pick axes and shovels Christian x x x
  20. Babs () has had hers on for about a week now. After one failed attempt the OH decided not to help , so I wrapped her in a towel quite tightly then put the bit in her beak and pushed the 'claws' into her nostrils. It is a very tight fit! Thought she would suffocate, so watched her for a while but she is now fine. Although she cant 'tear' radish leaves anynore, so i cut them up foir her . Laverne () the 'peckee' has feathers growing back!!! Good luck! Christian x x x
  21. Mine aren't allowed in the house (yet) OH won't allow it!!!! I lovingly made a dust bath out of a old shallow terracotta pot and sand. Yes, they ate the sand!! They keep making craters in the bark and auboise and make their own dust baths now. Christian x x x
  22. What do you mean Father Christmas doesn't exist????? Christian x x x
  23. Every year I invite friends over for the Christmas soiree (sp? see teacher). The usual things like party nibbles and drinks etc, but due to work I normally have to put the decs up in early dec (last year it was 30th Nov)!!!!! The high light every year is the party bags I make. Last year I bought cheap sacking material, and made little christmas sacks, filled with little bottles of home made chilli oil, sweets, tangerine, walnuts and mince pies etc . All tied up with raffia, cinnamon stick and tiny baubles. Finished off with Christmas stamped parcel tags I really enjoy doing it every year!!!! I'm with you Molly, started getting bits in July and have been wrapping in Brown paper and twine for a few years. Tied up with a cinnamon stick and home made tags it looks really nice. Last year it took me 8 hours to wrap all the pressies Can't wait til December!!!!!!! Christian X X X X
  24. Hi Noeglu I would def get the winter shade. If you position it close to the ground then over the top against the wind it is really effective. Christian x x x
  25. Thats what i was thinking, need the torch and the wellies!!! Hey what about wellies with different coloured eglus all over them??? OK I'll get my coat Christian x x x

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