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  1. Hi CrazyDaizy and welcome to the crazy world of chickens!!!! Take a look at the following links - Frozen water Snow Chooks!!! Frozen Putting Vaseline on combs All under Chickens section on main page then under a sticky - Questions about hens and the eglu in the snow Hope this helps! Christian x x x p.s was trying to be clever and post the links myself but a bit backward when it comes to technical stuff.
  2. Well done Smiffy!!!!!! I had the same dilema. Jan at Omlet was very patient with me, blue eglu or green or purple???? 2 or 3 chickens??? 2 or 3 chickens???? Went for 3 and a blue eglu, really pleased i did. I would agree with the posts on here about 3 in a run full time, but when i'm home they are out all day. Feel mean when they aren't allowed out of the run for 2 days every now and then! Enjoy your girls! Christian x x x
  3. I have been using this site for a couple of years now and very impressed with the service. Christian x x x
  4. glad she won, very strong voice!!! Christian x x x
  5. I know what you mean. Living here, with my OH and chickens has really helped with my sanity as sometimes things get on top of me!!!!!! Christian x x x
  6. out of Heathrow for my sins. Only 61 miles each way and STILL not allowed moisturiser/hair gel or ANY liquid!!!!! We picked up OH's mum from southampton airport the other day. I would love to work from there. Then i could be home every night to tuck the girls in!!! Christian x x x
  7. oh no! Another web site for my favorites Christian x x x
  8. my next door neighbour has one. It doesn't work but her serve is now really powerful! Christian x x x @ Phil
  9. Annie it looks fab!!!!! Always dreamed of living in the country, open fires and chickens and now have it all!!!! I'm cabin crew (short haul) and other half is long haul, but we still get time to enjoy the country life. Just managed to go part time so only 14-15 days work a month. Now need to earn a little extra ££££, so am making jam like a lunatic to hopefully sell on. Would love to give up work permanently and sell jams, jellies and cakes etc to a farm shop, but probably unable to earn a living that way!!!!
  10. I have tried and tried with Raid, but they are immune! Some kind of mutant strain of fly i think. They dont even 'fly' off when i spray them, just sit there and take it, laughing at me . Put up lots of bundles of elder leaves as suggested by Kate, but they are sitting on that now Roll on winter. Christian x x x
  11. Thank you both. Just been on www.yell.com and there is a supplier 3 miles away, who can order anything i need. Christian x x x
  12. Does anyone know the brand of pellets supplied by Omlet??? Running out rapidly and dont really want to change brand. Can it be ordered direct or only through Omlet?? Many Thanks Christian x x x
  13. oh forgot to mention those!!!!! hundreds of them! At least the fly papers are catching them. My OH is from Scotland and they call them Jenny-long-legs up there! How sweet! Christian x
  14. thanks kate. running outside to grab elder leaves as we speak (or type). That tree is handy, had the flowers, berries and now leaves, will try mint too! Christian x x x edited to add Just asked her and she willingly obiliged. The mint has worked in the eglu but not in the house, will try again in a cup of water. C x x x
  15. Yay!!! its cold this morning, just lit the open fire (just moved to a house in the country and any excuse to light it), much to the annoyance of the other half - how many logs??????. Chris, our postie, said that it gets really cold here in the winter and the snow blows over from Salisbury Plain. Can't wait to be snowed in, all cuddled up with the fire!!!! Just hope the girls will be ok, as its our first winter (well nearly) together. Christian x x x
  16. can anyone recommend a way of getting rid of flies in my kitchen?? All the villages around here have been suffering for weeks now. Have 10+ flies here at the mo and iots driving me mad. The worktops are clear of bits and there is nothing for them to eat!!!! Please help! Christian x x x
  17. I was told my a friend of mine, that they bring the girls into the house on fireworks nights (and the days before and after). Just put them in a large cardboard box with air holes and some straw. Leave them in the kitchen or somewhere quiet. I was worried about this too as its my first fireworks night with the chickens, but luckily I don't have many neighbours. Hope this helps. Christian x x
  18. Hi Sarah! I have just moved to the 'country' and down the lane, I found blackberries (3+ kilos), damsons, rosehips and hazelnuts. I decided to make bramble jelly, so i boiled the fruit (apples and blackberries) and then strained the juice thru muslin, added a pound of sugar to every pint of liquid. it bubbled away for 40 mins plus, then put a bit of a cold saucer and a skin formed. Straight into warm jars, (still runny at this point) and put the lid on. I didnt bother with wax discs but have bought some since. My other half said if it didnt set we could use it as bramble coulis (cheeky s*d)!!!!!!! Needless to say it set perfectly and a bonne maman jar has only lasted 3 days!!!!!! I think if you put the liquid in warm jar and screw the lid on tight, it doesn't need the discs. Have just ordered more jars from Lakeland.com to fill for stocking pressies. So far have made elderberry jelly, apple, blackberry and cinnamon(!) jam and damson jam!!! Really enjoyed doing it Christian x x (sorry to waffle on, just really pleased with myself)!!!!
  19. Just been out to see if i have any eggs today and saw laverne in the nestbox, Shirley wandering around, but couldn't find Babs !!! Immediate thought - a fox had got her!!!! I opened up the eggport to find both of them squashed up, both trying to lay!!!! They have been fighting for 'top chicken' since their arrival. No queing up in this house!!!!!! Christian x x x
  20. Hello Karen Some advice i was given about my nervous chicken - Is Chico squatting down when you get near her?? Laying eggs yet?? My Shirley is really timid but isnt laying yet. Laverne was timid until she started laying, but now is quite tame. Babs is just a flirt. Wait until Chico is laying properly and she should become tamer - think its the hormones!!?! I also use garlic powder and it seems to work well, not so smelly. I clean the tray every 3-4 days ish. scrub the bars every week and give the eglu a wash down. Hope this helps. Christian x x
  21. i know i was looking for him too. Have asked for a pm!!!! Sleep well C x x x
  22. sure why not? I've got marshmallows!!!! Can hear him snoring!!!! bless - lemsip then off to bed! think you live near me actually C x x
  23. im up annie!!!! OH went to bed at 8.30 as now feeling well, now i cant sleep!!!!!! Christian x x
  24. I originally ordered a , then changed my mind and ordered , then Jan told me about the !!!! Finally went for . Love it!!!!!! Christian x
  25. Thank you all! Now everyone can see my girls!!!!! Gorgeous aren't they? Christian x x x

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