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  1. I will lock this topic as it is over 100 pages and this slows the forum down.....you can find part two here
  2. The other topic was getting too long and this slows the forum down. I have locked it now, so feel free to start again here... Thanks
  3. My earlies don't have flowers either cc! Planted out dahlias, cosmos and courgette plants today. Plus was given 12 climbing French bean plants so make a quick wigwam up and put those in. More carrots planted, this time between the rows of onions. I must have done a good job weeding, when I planted the onions as not a single weeds has come up in 8 weeks Auyumn king carrots have been in for weeks and are doing ok under a fleece tunnel, so put in Amsterdam forcing today. As the slugs has eaten so many of my squash plants, I put more seeds in 2 weeks ago and now have loads 2 types of winter squash and a pattypan summer, so brought those home and will plant them in the back garden where I can keep an eye on them.
  4. I can't grow Spinach here for some reason, but perpetual spinach takes well. It needs lots of water and I usually plant late July for winter/spring pickings. I forgot to set up the watering system early this year, so it has all run to seed and I pulled everything up today; the chard and P. spinach Sweetcorn, squashes, tomatoes and beans were planted out last week and I managed to swap a round courgette plant for a couple of pumpkins They look terrible at the moment but hoping the warm weather will perk them up. Left the cold frames for 2 days and the ***** slugs have had a field day. Half my 9" cosmos plants gone, 2 courgettes and all the basil. Zinnias has disappeared too Weirdly, they left the sunflowers..... Have bought some sheep wool pellets which have protected the dahlias in the past so will sprinkle those EVERYWHERE! The weeds are going mental at the allotment, so really need to get some membrane down, but will need lots and have already spent a fortune of the raised beds etc. Tempted to get 2 tonnes of bark delivered to the site to put that down? All looking good though and I now have 4 water butts full!
  5. I grow chard and perpetual spinach in my garden for the hens. With a bit of fleece over winter it lasts all year..
  6. It isn't quite 10 times..... You are nearly there! (This feature was added to prevent spammers posting links on their signature straight away, before the Mods could zap them).
  7. Well, so much for not having any slugs on my plot 1 courgette completely vanished last night and a couple of others nibbled.... Planted out the Runner beans and sweetcorn today. Lovely day, just me, Furface and dirty hands - up to my elbows in soil Tomatoes also planted out but have a couple of spares at home just in case......and a couple of dahlias. Also planted out pumpkins given to me by a fellow plot holder. Nice bunch of people down there.
  8. The water butt is full, thanks to yesterday's rain Busy day today, but will pop down to the allotment at some point and plant out the nicotiana and see how the beans are doing (in pots still). My neighbour made another cold frame from my old bedroom window for me. (Which is now full already).
  9. Sorry to hear she didn't make it, but she had a good life and you did your best for her.
  10. My dad has a holiday home 1/2 hour fromTrier in the hills! It's stunning!
  11. It is, but when bunched up with other flowers it looks really nice.
  12. That's the one! Close wasn't I? The seed packets are all in the allotment shed....memory is failing me.... Gave in and bought some Nicotiniana (sp) Domino Lime for my cutting patch, as I like the foliage for vases etc. Will plant them out later this month if I get a chance.
  13. There's a fair bit of it going around, my Dad is on antib's for a chest infection too. Said he woke up with chest pains and decided to Google to see if it was a heart attack I explained that if he was suffering a heart attack as bad as he said the pain was, he wouldn't be sat at the Laptop googling..... A week of Tablets and he is much better, so hope you will be too.
  14. I only planted my runners and borlotto beans a few days ago but they're up The Rhonda di T.......? Round courgette seeds are all up, too! My next door neighbour is making me a second cold frame
  15. 3 to a pot sjp, so will need repotting.
  16. Thanks SJP, think I'll wait for another week or so until I plant the squashes. Managed to snap a couple of plants when I moved them to the cold frame Have planted a couple more seeds and hope they'll come up quickly? Got another tubtrug of horse much yesterday, so will fork that into the squash/pumpkin bed today (subject to back) and prick out yet more cosmos seedlings, plus my tomatoes need potting on too.
  17. Moved the peas that didn't do well - I suspect mice and replanted some more seeds. Bed dug over and covered with black fleece to warm up for the sweetcorn More hoeing of weeds and digging up thistles. Cosmos prickled out, just 30 more plants to do ( I found another seed tray with a different variety in)! sweet peas planted out, plus a couple of pots kept back just in case and I couldn't live without sweet peas... Hand weeded the parsnips, beets and chard, that's a job my back hates. All in all a good day, lovely weather and a content terrier...
  18. I prefer Eurovision. It is less 'staged'.......
  19. I've never really grown flowers from seed before, but the cosmos are looking good. Still got 30 plants to prick out but I'll get there. Not too leggy, but lots of leaf so far. They were left in the cold frame since day one, so are pretty tough now I think. Calendula is also looking ok and should go out soon really. The zinnias are looking dreadful, think it might be too cold for them, so I'll start a batch indoors. Sorry about your back Sarah, take it easy. I was forking over the squash bed today and felt a twinge, so stopped. I have another 2 weeks off and so much needs doing but with my back I have to take it slow. Hope it's better soon! More sweet corn seeds planted today
  20. After careful consideration by the moderating team, this topic has been removed. It was reported by a couple of members for inappropriate comments. Like religion (and Victoria sandwich recipes ), politics is a tricky one to discuss on an open forum, however personal attacks on individuals views will not be tolerated and we felt it best to pull the topic.
  21. Glad things are coming up for you! Now, do I risk planting out the squashes and pumpkins this weekend? Hmmm They've been in the cold conservatory for a couple of weeks and i'm struggling for space in the cold frame. Although the cosmos plants are doing really well I could take those out? Waiting for a neighbour to drop off well rotted horse dung and then I might plant them out. I have a couple of cloches that will give them protection. A few other plot holders have had their pumpkin plants out for a couple of weeks, but I noticed they were yellow and dying.....(the plants, not the plot holders...) Sunflower plants have been staked as they were falling over....need to plant some more I think.
  22. Out of 60+ pea seeds I sowed, I have 7 plants, so think the mice have been at them. Planted another couple of rows last week and they are all up Might as well dig up the first sowings and replant.... Parsnips, carrots, chard and beetroot are all up, but the bed is so full of weeds I can barely see them. Delicate hand weeding is needed. On a positive note, the rain has nearly filled my 200 litre water butt Not that it will last long. Squashes, pumpkins etc all doing well in the conservatory, but need some time outside now to harden them off. Dahlias were doing well, but slugs have had a go at them My lovely crab apple that I planted for Mum on Mother's day is beautiful. Lots of blossom Potatoes (variety unknown, from a neighbour) are looking good too. Plus the sweetcorn seedlings are around 2" tall now. Happy so far....
  23. Thanks for the tip Daphne, I will sow more later on
  24. I've got 9/12 decent sunflowers, plus one dodgy one. Sweetcorn isn't up yet but only planted it a couple of days ago. Dill is just up, COsmos doing really well, zinnias disappointing, so will sow more. My broad beans are doing well, about 3 peas have come up out of 100+ I suspect mice...... Rhubarb is rocketing away. Squashes and pumpkins seem to be doing ok, have their first true leaves now, but still leggy. I'll see how they do. Tomatoes have their seed leaves, but have just stopped... Might need more heat. 1 leaf on 7 dahlias, but they are getting there, lots of green when I impatiently dig down...
  25. People who misuse there, their and they're. Anything to do with grammar. The person who allows their (!) dog to foul the footpath near my house. I will catch you.....one day.... Homophobes People who drive in the middle lane of the motorway. People who can't be bothered to indicate. (People who start a thread with 'I hope this is ok Mods.....' - It rarely is) The Media - they feed us what they want us to read. It's all lies IMHO Bonnie Langford. *shudders* Off for a sit down and a soothing cup of tea now. Could live with - Nigel Slater Nigella Lawson (sorry) Ben Affleck Ben Cohen Kit Harington Dawn French Sarah Milicent Food, Laughter and eye candy.

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