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  1. Just caught up on iplayer and watched spring - autumn. Saving winter for later next week. Liked it so far....but the soil at Kew is nothing like my new allotment...where are the mountains of stones??
  2. Are they in individual pots? I found they grew very quickly and the tendrils got all tangled up....
  3. Ben Affleck (especially in Armageddon in that white vest) Kit Harington from GOT.....
  4. The sunflowers are 4" tall, its the squashes that I'm concerned about as they should be getting enough light in the conservatory? I can see the first leaf appearing now though... Peas are up! Well, 2 are, so that's a start!
  5. I grew them in a pot last year. 2 plants to a large pot and they did quite well. Pick them when they are the size of a large grape, they taste better then. Leave them too long and they tasted a bit woody. Nice flavour, sort of fresh tasting. They like to climb, so i put pea sticks in the pot and that seemed to work for me. Water well.
  6. News Flash! The Broad beans are poking their heads above the soil! The first thing to grow on the allotment! Woohoo! Just wish the peas would show themselves. I have a feeling mice have seen them.... Planting sweetcorn in pots later today. Scented stocks planted in the flower area, plus fressias. Is it normal for my squash seedlings to be so leggy? 6" tall and no sign of true leaves yet?
  7. Sunflowers, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash (summer and winter), cosmos, sweetpeas, zinnias and dill are coming up in pots in the conservatory and cold frame. No sign of the broad beans or peas in the ground yet, but hoping the warm weather will spur them on!
  8. Thanks for the link and tips, re back! I need to start yoga, as that would help more with flexibility apparently. I have the mat....just need to get my backside in gear and find a class/teacher. Popped down today and plants dill, cosmos, zinnias and sunflower seeds. Ready for my cutting patch - if they come up. Got my bean poles in, for runners and borlotto Off to work later, but glad I had a chance to pop down and do some bits, think it'll work best for me if I do a couple of hours at a time, rather than a marathon session.
  9. Thanks Alis a Girls. My back has been bad for a few years since an accident at work, but as long as I am careful (haha) it'll be ok. Just back from dog training and its raining hoping my water butt will fill up and its a good start for everything I've planted do far.
  10. Peas, parsnips, carrots, beetroot and chard planted today
  11. I'm planning on planting parsnips this weekend and some carrot seeds and onion sets. Subject to back holding out..
  12. Lol, it was 7 days this week! Over 6 days or so. Just 3 hour visits at a time as don't want to leave the Terrier at home alone for too long. When it's all tidy, he can spend time down there with me, the fence and gate are up, so he can't escape He came down yesterday and chased a pheasant away which landed in my fruit bed. I'm hoping a lightning quick terrier barking has put him off? Just what I need, pheasants! The neighbours have already mentioned seeing deer in the field before.....
  13. I'm sure they do check feedback on the website, but this isn't the website, it is a forum with thousands of posts....Just sayin'
  14. Thanks V! My back is in agony. The neighbour and his rotivator didn't happen. I have dug over 7 beds with a mattock (sp) and raked etc. I think my plot was a former Stonehenge judging by the number of stones I have dug up... One more bed to dig over (tomorrow) and it's the largest. I have planted broad beans, Blueberry bushes, rhubard, black currants, Summer fruiting and autumn fruiting raspberries so far. Straws to go in this weekend. Plus Calendula seeds and sweet pea seeds have been sown on pots. Only another 50 plus seed packets to open.....
  15. You could always leave feedback under the item description as that goes directly to the 'shop'? If you are concerned or unhappy, an email would be appreciated as well I'm sure.
  16. Thanks! The builder has put in my raised beds I can't do that kind of things as don't have the know how (or patience) and it's nice to support the man, he's a local and retired, so 'it's beer money for me' he says....! i asked if I could borrow my neighbours rotavator, but he said it is a nightmare to use and the soil is bad and he doesn't want to break the belt, so offered to do it for me! he did his daughters plot next to mine and it looks great. I'm off for 11 days from Friday, so will spend some time down there to get things ready. Next is the seed buying, my favourite.....!
  17. My neighbour down the lane has the plot next to mine, her hubby is a builder and he has transformed her plot overnight. Rotivated, beds done and a wigwam of impressive hazel rods....her soil is amazing. I wanted the corner plot as I have fenced in two sides to keep the terrier in, but mine has so many stones everyone else has loads of family near by to help with getting the plot ready but it's just little ol' me. It's gonna take me a while. I think the realisation of just how much work it's going to take is kicking in....
  18. I've actually got those drippy things that I used for my pots in the courtyard and a climbing rose when I first planted it. Good idea!
  19. Ok a little update. A lovely builder has been at the plot sorting out his wife's allotment. He charges £30 to build a base and put the shed up. Money well spent, so he's done that for me (and about 15 others). He's also built me a raised area next to shed for a gravelled seating area. Plus a green coated chicken wire fence to keep the Terrier inside my plot and made me a little picket fence style gate I have marked out my raised beds with twine and sticks and he is making the beds this weekend! to be honest, I don't have the wood working skills or the car (I have a mini) to get the wood From the shop, so him doing it is money well spent. Shed is painted pale blue with white trim, making the curtains this weekend and the solar powered fairy lights are up! I bought a few (ok, 15) dahlia tubers yesterday, which I'll start off in pots at home, ready to be planted into my 'cutting' bed later in May. I am really excited by a cutting bed for flowers, I buy quite a few flowers for the house and it'll be nice to grow my own - and cheaper. Still undecided about what veg to grow. I've bought onion sets, defitely sweet corn, beans, parsnips, carrots, but can't grow anything that needs masses of watering like tomatoes. I won't be able to go every day, so the plan is to get the soil really well matured for the hungry crops and leave then to the elements......I can go every 3 days when I'm working and hoping that if I really drench the crops, they'll be ok. Oh, discovered a bucket of raspberry canes left next to my shed and still don't know who they are from
  20. *dashes in the door* i emailed you back!
  21. Can't believe that Furface has been here 3 years, He has settled in so well no and no more ankle biting
  22. I agree with the above. As far as I am aware, the issue with toxins leaching out of plastic was regarding thin plastic water bottles, heating up in cars and then people drinking the water? Welcome to the forum
  23. Mine is 9m x 12m and I've been drawing up plans this week. Can't really get down there until the 18th November, with work etc. Wanted to pop down after work yesterday as I was home by 1pm but then the heavens opened and we had an hour of torrential rain. I need to get some paving slabs ASAP, and get the shed up first really. Excited isn't the word!

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