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  1. Mine is 9m x 12m and I've been drawing up plans this week. Can't really get down there until the 18th November, with work etc. Wanted to pop down after work yesterday as I was home by 1pm but then the heavens opened and we had an hour of torrential rain. I need to get some paving slabs ASAP, and get the shed up first really. Excited isn't the word!
  2. Thanks Em, am thinking of a small pond, just the issue of a water loving terrier and them frogs.....
  3. Well I'm at my Dad's in Germany at the moment but the colouring pencils will be out next week when I draw up my plan!
  4. No poultry allowed, but that's ok, I have my hens at home. Am tempted by bees, but my neighbour down the lane is getting the plot next to mine and she has a young boy, so slightly concerned about him and bees....?
  5. It's just been a field for years (probably 20+) but they put horses on it for a few weeks to get the grass down. The local farmer ploughed it and the soil looks good. It's very chalky in this part of the world, but I've managed to speak to a lady with horses and she is more than happy to give away manure No electricity on the plots, but have my trusty Kelly Kettle and a gas ring for tea making The council are putting a main path down the middle of the site, but plot holders are responsible for the individual paths. Glad I have a corner plot as that means only two paths to do....
  6. Thanks everyone. No idea yet Olly! Things that don't need much watering every day due to me being away with work I guess? I have a watering system in the garden at home, so things like tomatoes. etc I will grow here. Standard things like potatoes, onions, pumpkins, sweetcorn, globe artichokes (love them) and veg that takes up lots of space. Plus loads of flowers! I have already picked out the colour for the shed (Sage green, white trim with matching kennel for Milo)!! I can't wait to get started. 10 plots have gone so far and I know a few people there. Plus my neighbour has the plot next to me, so watering when away will be easier. I'm glad I saved my old wooden bedroom windows, so I can make a couple of cold frames now. Well, try and make some. Need to find some pallets to make a compost bin too!
  7. After a patient 3 year wait, it is finally happening! I contacted the council and asked them to provide allotments for the Village and they have! 20 plots, about a 5 minute walk from the house and on my usual walk with Milo! I am sooooo excited. The field was ploughed a few weeks ago and they marked out the plots today. A main path is going in, water in the Spring and they are providing us all with a 6 x 4' shed each, a water butt, plus huge shed for communal use. They said no sheds originally, but I emailed and asked them to reconsider, as you need somewhere to shelter from the rain (and put up bunting) £52 a year which I thought was expensive at first, but others have said thats about right and they are paying for the sheds. Away next week, but after that I'm heading down there to start planning. Got my colouring pencils out ready for the plan!
  8. I would only leave pellets out for them. Otherwise they will fish out the corn as they prefer that (if you mix it with the pellets)? I throw the odd apple into the run and they peck at it. It takes them longer to eat it that way Welcome, by the way
  9. *not mentioning Dairy Milk bars with Oreo cookies*
  10. I buy Hippofan now, pronounced "hippo fan"
  11. My favourite quote - "I've had so much plastic surgery, when I die, they'll donate my body to Tupperware...."! RIP Joan.
  12. Probably eaten my mice, I have to start mine off indoors, same goes for peas and beans
  13. I seem to have slugs and snails everywhere! It's so disheartening when your entire row of seedlings is munched overnight! Doing well so far - Beetroot in pots sweetcorn tomatoes Pattypan squash chard Kale Appalling - carrots (4 lots of seeds planted now and all eaten) Radishes (all eaten) Parsnips (ditto) The above are in a raised bed surrounded by old copper pipe which is useless. I'm getting nematodes next year - expensive but they work! Plus I only have a few raised beds so can stretch out the nematode use.
  14. Vent gleet tends to leave a white pasty mess around the vent feathers. I would try feeding her anything other than layers feed for a few days. Mixed corn, sweetcorn etc to try and interupt her laying cycle and give her system a chance to recover. Soft shelled eggs do take it out of them as they have nothing to 'push' against and it exhausts them. Good luck!
  15. I've flagged it twice this week. James is working on it.
  16. Whilst we are more than happy to allow members to post their eglus/cubes for sale on the forum, could you please let the moderators or Tom@omlet.co.uk know when they are sold. More and more people are not keeping the mods updated, which is increasing the work load. Many thanks.
  17. I think he needs the training. He's quite a clever terrier (well I would say that)! And needs the mental stimulation. He's just such fun (sounding like Miranda) to have around! He's been brilliant for my dad who looks after him when I'm at work, good company for him and gets him out and about meeting people. Plus his blood pressure has dropped dramatically and he's on less pills now
  18. Nearly 2 1/2 years since Furface arrived and I think he's settled! Just! He is doing really well. Still a couple of issues (namely joggers) but I can let people into the house without him getting 'friendly' with his teeth and with their ankles now. Still go to 'problem dog' training on a Monday evening and love it. So does he. He still won't come back every time I call him, but always comes back when he's good and ready to.
  19. Just finished a baby quilt for ex's sister's new baby boy.
  20. Probably best to keep her away from the others in case she passes something on to them. You could put her in a crate in sight of the others though as that should make it easier to reintroduce her when she's better. Antib's are good and I would finish the dose. Try apple cider vinegar in her drinking water as a pick me up. 1 fl oz per gallon, or equivalent.
  21. Give it a good ocean out and then sprinkle mite powder, everywhere should do the trick!
  22. I got 2 new herbs in June last year and kept them separate for a few weeks, but in sight of the old girls. Lots of feather pulling when they where all introduced, leaving one hen completely bald on her back. She has been like it for nearly a year! the other one has just started moulting around the wings, as they are the same age, I'm hoping that Oona's feathers will come back now! I bought a 5kg bag of chick crumbs with higher protein and will feed them all that for a week to see if it works. It is supposed to stop egg eating too (a whole other thread - Oona is laying very thin shelled eggs, and the others wait outside for her to lay, then dive in)!!!!
  23. 'Torments us'?? Lol! I haven't been around 'live' as such for months. I still do the admin for the forum etc and log in every day, but don't post as often as I should. I lost my Mum to breast cancer (aged 64) last August and it's made me reevaluate parts of my life tbh. I do love the forum, but with the wonder dog that mum and I rescued, the hens, garden, crafting, quilting, bento box making etc etc I have less time for the forum now
  24. I have a concrete base that the run sits on, plus weld mesh sides and roof. I am away with work for a few days each week (overnight) so had no other option.

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