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  1. I'm proud to say I didn't get sucked into the Candy crush saga However, jelly splash and now farm heroes saga is another matter!
  2. Re mealworms. 100g bags for a pound in £land at the mo! I bought 10 bags....
  3. My neighbour had 3 trees cut down and they wanted to charge him to take the wood away. He did a chainsaw 'course', chopped the wood and stacked it and then told me it's mine in 12 months! only 2 cubic metres of wood in a wheelbarrow, down the lane - that'll be fun!
  4. Here are the pictures!! 2 very cute tea lighter holders with glass inserts (patterned underneath) and two wonderful crocheted 'bowls'! The larger of which contains the home made fire lighters which are now on my shelf near the fire! I cannot thank you enough secret swapper and a huge thanks to Egluntyne to arranging the swap.
  5. I received an amazing crocheted bowl in blue & white, filled with home made fire lighters, plus 2 crochet/glass tea light holders! Thank you so much to my swapee they must have taken so long! Very envious of your talent, I am desperate to learn crochet.....! Will post pictures when back at home in a day or two.
  6. Back from a 3 day trip with work and found a parcel in my shed! Two pressies sitting under my tree! *squeal*
  7. Thank you! I have just spent a small fortune (buy with one click is a nightmare) Have bought a couple of Christmas ones, including one by Trisha Ashley who wrote 'The twelve days of Christmas' that I really loved, plus a couple of others for later
  8. I love the sneakiness of the swap! Someone has asked me to post their gift from my house, to outfox the recipient! Hee hee. There is always next year Freddie
  9. thanks, I read those a while ago and loved them! I'm struggling with that one at the moment, just can't get into it? Agatha Raisin books are best read in order. Agatha Raisin and the quiche of death is the first... Will have an Amazon splurge next week and look up all your recommendations, thank you!
  10. Hello all! Not been around much of late due to personal circumstances, but was wondering if anyone could recommend any decent kindle books for me? I love the Agatha Raisin series, twelve days of Christmas by Trisha Ashely, Hamish Macbeth etc and am looking for something 'country' and light hearted again. Any top tips? THanks!
  11. I spoke to James about it too. Omlet had changed servers and forgotten to update the notification email so none were getting through. Fixed now I hope?
  12. Could you do half hexagons for the edges? That way it looks like the pattern?
  13. Oh, go on then as it's still Saturday and I'm just in time!
  14. I bought some sweet pea plants from the garden centre this year, but also planted Cupani from seed. They are my favourite with lovely purple flowers and smell wonderful. H garden centre plants have done nothing, but my the plants from seed are 3' tall now and starting to flower. * a tip for flea beetles is to pick a bunch of 'peas, then leave them in a vase of water in the shed with the door open. In an hour or so, the beetles head towards the light.....
  15. Can't help with the reforming, but there are several Catteries around here that don't just leave them in a pen all day, especially if tey are more house cats. My friend flies for a living and takes her cats to the 'cat spa' every week for a few days. She gets a good rate as it a regular customer. The cats have their own pen together, but come into the House everyday for cuddles. Might be worth a thought?
  16. 2 out of 3 where broody last week and have now snapped out of it! Just leave them to it and they will come round! An ice pack wrapped in a tea towel worked well!
  17. The orange poos are caecal droppings which are normal. One in every 10 is from the caecum, like a clear out poo. If she is doing a lot more that than, then maybe something is wrong, but I wouldn't worry too much. The eggs were probably laid after the droppings, so flies from outside hopefully? Not sure about expiry dates, but as its a powder I would be inlined to use it.....
  18. What are you worming them with? Try Flubenvet, that should sort them.
  19. Metal drinkers here too, plus a couple of glugs. The metal ones are great as they sit on a heated pad in winter!
  20. I flubenvet the pellets and a small amount of corn....

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