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  1. I would really like to take part but am hopeless at crochet! Olly sent me a pm about it
  2. Hello and welcome! Access is limited to signatures etc until you have made anew posts......you are nearly there
  3. It can take ages as Bumblefoot can be a nightmare! Just keep up with the antibiotics and it will go eventually. Depending on how bad it is, the vet can lance the infection, bind it and that could help.
  4. Yes, the young man in question hasn't been on for a while but is still doing ok Topics and posts are no longer deleted as Omlet moved over to a 'mega' server a while ago, so much more space.
  5. As Cinnamon says, the current mod team come up with a list of names (usually a very long list ) and then we all vote. We don't have set sections that we mod. It is just a case of spotting things when we are on line. That is why it is helpful if members use the report function, rather than pming a mod directly - the pm might not be seen for a while, but all mods can see the if the 'Report' button has been pressed and then action it. Perks?? Erm, no. If anything, being a mod can sometimes distract from the enjoyment of the forum. Sometimes you just want to sit with a cuppa and read through posts and you end up doing a spot of hoovering, dusting and general cleaning up. Having said that, I do enjoy it, even though it takes up so much time.
  6. Well the woodland track next to my house is now a quagmire No evidence of snow anymore, although it was the beginning of Feb that it hit last year, so there is still time for more......
  7. Mine started around A level exam time Lewis. Stress is a major factor I think.
  8. Cracking! Had 6 lots of it in 12 months several years ago and now only get it when really run down. I don't even get the aches and pains now, just the throat.....Someone else mentioned not eating ice cream (evil do gooders ) but not sure why? Something about dairy and muscus production or something maybe? It works for me!
  9. I have suffered for years but too scared to have them removed. Lots of fluids. Sucking ice cubes helps as does Ben and Jerry's Phish food ice cream (other flavours aren't as effective) Soluble aspirin as a gargle if she is 16+ also helps. Salty water if under 16. Rest is also key! Hope she is better soon.
  10. I think they are very young as he said they were quite small.
  11. I'm the same Olly, I have a few metres of some fabric, that I use most of, but most are smaller bits. I plan to colour code the boxes i bought in Ikea, red, blues, creams etc....that is the plan anyway.
  12. My Brother sent me this picture earlier. Luckily he doesn't keep hens...
  13. Really light flakes here but still falling.
  14. Just been upgraded to a 'Flash' weather warning for snow.
  15. You are in S aren't you BK? The weather is heading your way....My friend is in The Collingbournes....Just checked outside and big flakes are falling now. Glad I brought lots of wooden and kindling in and did a food shop earlier.
  16. That is the plan. My lovely chippie has just quoted for a shelving unit to fit in an alcove above the stairs in my spare room. I have bought boxes to put the fabric in and he is building the shelves around those, so it should look neat....trouble is, I have a lot of fabric...
  17. Stop buying fabric?? Never! Ok, I admit it, I have no idea how much fabric is in my spare room. I keep finding bags of it! I also need to find a way of keeping it all together and putting it away somewhere neat and tidy, so I can find it again...
  18. Just checked. £169.00 plus £12 P&P for the set of 6? I'm getting mine back from my niece!
  19. Keep getting text updates from a friend 10 miles away in Wiltshire. The snow has just started here again, went out to see to the hens and it was a blizzard. Failing thick and fast now and the 'report' is saying it will stay like this for another 36 hours! Glad I am off work until the 30th....it is chaos at Heathrow!
  20. Liz Earle fan here too! And Nivea Soft.
  21. It started snowing again an hour ago but has stopped now. Snow forecast from 6pm tonight until midnight TOMORROW now
  22. I have an area on the other side of my cottage, in the small courtyard. There is a fence with 40cm or so of earth, then a path and then the gravelled area with table and chairs. Will ask my lovely retired neighbour, who loves a 'project', if he can build a slim lean-to log store for me. The only trouble is, I will have to bring the logs through the kitchen and lounge to get to the courtyard, but I can do it in small batches
  23. You have to give details of the insurance you took out and then you will get one.
  24. DId you apply for one Lewis? It takes around 4 weeks...

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