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  1. 1694 + 3 (Vera Hilda and Betty - my lovely fluffy orp's) = 1697
  2. Downloaded this funny photo from last night...looks like the raccoons have figured out they are on camera Untitled by jewilk71, on Flickr
  3. They fight over the pips - their favorite bits and they'll pick the rind dry until its like a piece of leather. Savages!
  4. I won't mention how it's been over 90f everyday for the past week and that the forecast is to stay the same for the next week... I do feel your pain - I was born in England and spent the first 27years of my life there and there are many, many, many things I miss but the weather isn't one of them Hubby saw a racoon and three babies walking across the street yesterday - looks like there are more of them in the neighborhood! I'll keep a check on the critter cam and I'll post more pics as they appear. Stay dry everyone xx
  5. the hot weather is a little much for everyone - chicks and humans but especially the girls I worry more about the heat than the cold snowy winters - they tolerate the cold better than the heat
  6. Raccoons are very common here - last summer they learned how to twist and lift the lid off the compost bin and then kindly scattered tea bags all over the garden! We also have opossum, coyotes, foxes, bears, fisher cats and hawks - its a tough life for a little chicken.
  7. My new orps are in the spare eglu while they grow old enough to join the rest of the flock in the main run. I was cleaning the and noticed some little hand prints around the door and lock. Our motion sensing critter cam confirmed my suspicions but I wasn't expecting a mummy and baby raccoon.... They are super smart creatures so I'll be double-checking that they are locked up well from now on... And I couldn't resist posting a piccie of the girls (betty, vera and hilda) cooling down with a piece of frozen watermelon - it's wicked hot here! Untitled by jewilk71, on Flickr Untitled by jewilk71, on Flickr Untitled by jewilk71, on Flickr photo by jewilk71, on Flickr
  8. I had a fox take one of my girls last week - broad daylight and unusual for us here in Boston. It totally sucks and I'm really really sorry. You do deserve sympathy as no chicken owner ever deserves it
  9. super sweet, very friendly, lovely brown eggs, can be a little broody at times my bearded lady is my favorite of the flock
  10. thank you - it was such a surprise as foxes are usually an issue here in the states poor Josie...
  11. Josie disappeared without a trace on wednesday afternoon. It was a bright sunny day and sometime between 2pm and 2.30pm she vanished while free-ranging in the garden. Our best guess was that she was taken by a Red Tailed Hawk that are often seen in the area. But the mystery was solved on Saturday morning when hubby saw a fox approaching the coop. It was 9.30am and again a bright sunny day. We don't have urban foxes here so to see them in the daylight was very very unusual. Our critter cam revealed that Mrs Fox has been stopping by for a few evening visits. Luckily the girls were all locked up safe and sound and Hero Hubby chased Mrs Fox back into the woods. No sightings of her since saturday - maybe some human interaction has scared her off? fox by jewilk71, on Flickr josie by jewilk71, on Flickr
  12. I just PM'd you - sorry for the late reply! Jane (aka bouldercroft)
  13. Great article that I wanted to share http://blog.mypetchicken.com/2012/03/09/the-best-chicken-breed-to-choose-for-the-zombie-apocalypse/
  14. The lovely Rita started laying on Monday - I expect her to be in full broody obnoxiousness by the weekend! And as soon as she is I'll pop some eggs under her and let her be the mummy she wants to be

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