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  1. yes, obviously if you crack the end with the air sack then they won't crack when cooking (as if air-sack large will expand larger when heated) but what is this to do with my soft eggs???
  2. I have had 3 ex-bats for about a year and except when it was very cold (and 2 moulted) we get 3 eggs aday. For the last 2 months we have had one very soft shelled egg that is sometimes eaten and usually just makes a mess of the nest so I have to change the bedding daily. We were getting one normal and one soft egg daily so I wormed and de-fleaed them all and now get 3 eggs a day again but one with a brittle or very soft shell. They are fed on layer pellets with added poultry spice and extra meal worms as a treat. I have not seen any re-mite but wondered if there was a reason why only one of lovely girly is laying soft eggs. I think I know which one it is and she looks healthy has a lovely coat and full crop running after my daughter when she gets home to give the worms.
  3. My lovely girls were in the WIR most of the morning. When I came home it was raining and I let them out to f/r. One stood out side the kitchen door all afternoon and the other two rolled in the mud in the rain in their dust bath area. They are now filthy! Is this normal?
  4. also what do you do when the eggs stop for the winter. I am now used to having 21 eggs a week!
  5. On of my lovely chooks has a dirty bottom. She is also laying very soft eggs - anywhere - which she is eating! They are ex-bat which we have had for a year (and lovely). They ran out of grit a week ago but they f/r most days - WIR otherwise. I add poultry spice to their feed and porrage most days so she has enough calcium. Other than this she looks so healthy with such a beautiful red/brown coat full crop scratching up my garden and running after me when I get meal worms or corn. When she first came she had very few feathers and was the bottom of the pecking order being attacked by the other two and didn't seem to eat for days. She is now the largest and always first to the food and grabbing worms off the others. Still a bit shy of strangers and doesn't like handling but we love her very much. So can anyone help me. 1. is there a reason for a dirty bottom - no diarrhoea 2. I think the eggs are soft as it is end of season - one has stopped laying but is there anything else I can do 3. I am going to worm them and have flubenvet but one of my friends said there is something from the omlet site that you can use for only 3 days - not the 7 my flubenvet says. I can't find this! 4. she is not eating the hard eggs only the soft one so hopefully this will stop, any advice. Thanks Kate
  6. wouldn't they just jump over a picket fence. They are only 15" high, even with trimmed feathers? Yes That is eactly what I want but taller.
  7. I need a fence to keep my chooks off the patio by the back door, they are making so much mess that I have had an ultimatum from my husband! They are ex-bads so never fly and if they get unb their very occationally it wouldn't matter. What I want is something not too heavy but can be easily put up really a smart looking wire type thing but I need a gate too. Has anyone any ideas.
  8. one of my beautiful exbats collected on 23rd October is still laying. The max temp here today was -7.5 (from a weather station 2miles away) She is the only one not to have moulted and re-grown feathers so now not quite as beautiful as her friends but I am so proud of her.
  9. Well done, I've now had mine 2 months and I still remember one standing still not moving for the first hour! Two have now moulted and grown new feathers an look great but still droopy combs, one of them follows me around the garden and we have to push her off the back door step to get out of the kitchen!
  10. I am sure we have no rodents as they have a WIR and no holes or evidence of rodents, there is one magpie that occationally hops in but is then launched apon by the chief girl but she can't get in there when it is shut when I am at work. I take the food out at night!
  11. I a completely amazed by the amount of food my chooks eat. I am currently worming with flubenvet, and so weighing out all their food to max the correct amounts. I give them pellet mash (mixed with warm water) it the morning and they often finish two whole galley pots and some dried ones in the grub pot. I have put out 1kg already - only 3 hens - The dried stuff is still mainly there but all the mash gone. I thought 2 kg would have been ok for the week but obviously not!
  12. she sits outt side watching me watching her constantly! It is sunny virtually everywhere else in the garden today, the other two are inside their faviourate bush in the run (no leaves) and she is sitting in the shade just hopping that foallod will come! It won't What I really want is a metal mat like they have in schools 2cm width of metal joined together to make a mat shapped thing to go out side the door with the 2-3mm side facing upwards. I have googled and can't find one. Anyhelp
  13. They are great, yes I will probably get two but I am actually looking for something out side to s"Ooops, word censored!"e you shoes on before they are removed to come into the kitchen. Surely these aren't for putting out side?
  14. why do they moult in the cold? Wouldn't it be more logical to do it a month earlier?
  15. We have a mat out side the kitchen door that is now covered in chicken poo and feathers. It is a wicker one and obviously lovely lovely and warm to sit on and watch to see if food is going to coming. BUT a, it now looks horrid b, it is very difficult to clean What is the perfect mat that can be cleaned and so feet wiped on before coming into the kitchen. PS I quite like them sitting there whilst we mutually watch each other
  16. where is a good place to buy food in South Manchester
  17. Is there anywhere in south manchester that sells bits and bobs by the KG?
  18. Well I'm really pleased mine are settling down, my daughter managed to pick one up today whilst FR she was delighted and then Jilly started purring Samantha is always the last in the eglu, I was trying to fox proof the run - digging a trench, attaching chicken wire to the run and then burying this with limestones on top then re-covering with soil. (although there is not a quarry here I think there could be one in our village so it is everywhere). I was trying to make the run safe in the last hours of light and she went into the coop and then out again looking at me asking for a worm - which I supplied and then purred and went to bed. What a beautiful girl.
  19. Does anyone elses chickens purr? I have had mine about five weeks (ex-bats) and when they let me pick them up for a stoke or follow me around the garden when I am digging make a purring noise! I'm sure it's a happy noise but shocked me the first time. Is this normal?
  20. Why won't my photo's appear the same size they are all 'medium'! I've sorted them out for you. - Egluntyne.

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