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  1. As we're coming up to moulting season this is common - and in my experience seems to be more common with ISA warrens & Sussex breeds. As long as she isn't being pecked all fine
  2. I have to admit I agree with both of you!
  3. Our first hens were rescued so completely understand how you feel. It is a lovely thing to do but it is heart breaking having them for such a short time. Our hybrids have generally lived for about 4 years but its ranged from 9 months to 10 years Perhaps you could have pure breeds next and then in the future see how you feel about rescuing again?
  4. If you've only had him a couple of weeks, be patient, it takes a while for them to get used to stepping up onto your finger. Does he step up automatically when he is somewhere else e.g. on top of his cage?
  5. I've found that you have to splash the water yourself to show them what it is and flick/splash the water at them
  6. I do think some older chickens would love it! 🤣
  7. Reiterating Sarkymite, what are you feeding them? And it may be just as she's getting used to laying eggs Are the egg shells soft or hard/firm? Is it just the appearance thats putting you off?
  8. One of my hens has always laid eggs with extra 'bobbles' on them
  9. Oh no! I can't believe it's happened to you again so soon
  10. Yay! I've read in a few places now that (allegedly) Bluebelles can be prone to laying double-yolkers. When my Bluebelle was young she used to lay double yolkers

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