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  1. Does anybody know why my Orpington has not had a full moult in 2 years? She's got ragged torn up feathers but has not moulted since I got her apart from a little loss here and there that's noticeable in the run but not to look at her. I am worried she's not moulting because she's missing something in her diet and can't afford the loss.... Thank you
  2. Thank you for your reply. I expect the 2 won't be bonded already so it would be 3 that were unfamiliar and also around the same age too, my other girls are older, don't know if that makes a difference too. I believe the source has a good reputation for healthy birds, It's Thornes poultry centre, please do let me know if anybody thinks otherwise. Yes I realise there are introductory issues too and if I wasn't so fussy about which breeds I want I'd try and avoid it.
  3. Hello there, Building building building a big new run for some new girls! I have 2 already that have a small run and house of their own but want to add another 3. The only problem is I may have to get them from different places as one centre has 2 breeds I want, black copper marans and silkies and the other up the road has Araucanas. If I get them from different places will I have to quarantine them separately? ie the black copper maran and silkie in one pen, the Arauncana alone in another and my current birds in another?!! From what I've read it's important to quarantine them & by the time I've finished building there will be 2 pens so that's not a problem but I'm worried about the other firstly being alone and making another pen for it..... Opinions/advice from anyone would be appreciated. Thank you! Meg
  4. I've just spoken to our neighbour, apparently they've been there for years! I've had chickens 9 months now, in London, they semi free range when I'm here and I've had no problems. I just don't understand. I feel like it's a time bomb but at the same time, I mean really no problem at all. The fox sometimes sleeps on the shed at the back in the day and never goes for the girls, doesn't even seem to look at them. Weird foxes ey. Well, I just can't have them dealt with I'm afraid. They are creatures too and deserve to live. I'll just have to be super vigilant.
  5. Oh yes, sympathy here too! My orpington makes a hell of a racket every morning until I let her out, she's like a rooster! When I come out she throws herself against the fence too! She's just gone broody and I'm sooooo relieved, She's quiet as a mouse now so I'm just encouraging it so we can get some peace..... I hope keeping them in helps, let us know.
  6. Hello everyone, Woke up this morning to find a fox den at the back of the garden and a massive pile of earth! The chicken coop is clearly the larder for their new children, Panic Panic..... I love our foxes and wouldn't ever have them 'Removed for good' but they can not live here.... Any Ideas? Has anybody tried repellents etc for problems like this? Thank you,
  7. My girl that's been battling with Mycoplasma for the past 5 months (We've tried Baytril and Tylan courses and now about to start Tiamulin) has recently developed a bloody nostril on one side. It didn't seem too bad at first and the vet wasn't too worried about it, now it's slowly been getting more swollen and bloody. The whole side of her face is bulbous now. Does anybody know what this is? Should I try and bathe it? If so, salty water? Surgical spirit? She hates having her face fiddled with so It may be futile. I got some wood shavings which turned out to be really dusty which has now been changed but perhaps it could be something to do with that. Poor little girl.
  8. Oh beautiful, well found!! They're so elegant.....
  9. Well I'm just hoping she will chill out! Sorry you're all worried too but I do think Daxigirl is right, the garden birds make a load of noise too and "Ooops, word censored!"ody complains about them! I'm also hoping they feel it's a novelty sound living in the city I think we need to hurry up and get some more (Any excuse ey) Which may make the noise worse but at least then I can give them lots of lovely eggs. I wouldn't mind if I was my neighbour..... But I'm not sure if that's good reasoning because I'm obviously bonkers (full stop) and about hens! I think Chickanne you better not alert them to egg announcing! Mine used to do just the same, quiet as mice till they knew I was there. I wonder if we just project all these manipulating traits onto them or if they really are that clever? I don't know if they respond to routine or not.... I'm sure now ours have got used to a bit of free range they're more demanding about it. They play with my mind!
  10. One of our girls has just started laying. She's been getting increasingly loud over the last few days! I am concerned about the neighbours as I was hoping to get more ladies soon. She must be doing an 'egg announcement' as she goes ''bok bok bok bok bok bok barAaaark!!!!!'' Over and over again..... She's also generally more noisy in the day too, until I let her out to FR when she chills out a bit and starts the usual chuckles that I'm used to from them all. Is this going to continue forever or is she just adjusting to changes!? Personally I find it quite entertaining and endearing but i think thats just because I know and love her. Not sure if the neighbours will agree...
  11. So I went out to the coop today with my 3 marble eggs in hand to put in the nest boxes (Trying to give them ideas ) And low and behold! There's a perfect little egg in the nest box! Our first one ever and we're so excited. And today to my amazement, another one! They now has their own fur lined box with a little sign saying *It's Eggsquisite!* I know, we're bonkers The house is full of eggisms! BUT..... one of the ladies has been poorly so all their water has had Tylan in for the last 5 days. It says there's no egg withdrawal period....... I feel like we still shouldn't eat it.... What do you think??
  12. Yes I tried it for Myco to no avail but cleared up some runny droppings a treat. I think it's good as long as you have no major problems. And it smells lovely!
  13. I'm really sorry to hear about your poorly girl. It sounds really alarming. I've not heard of this before but I'm sure somebody will have. I would suggest calling the chicken vet http://www.chickenvet.co.uk/ They will probably be closed now but they are really lovely and helpful. Keep us posted, I hope someone can help. megan x
  14. Ok thank you, I will put it in her water. Just a bit concerned it won't be enough to blast this thing as it's proving really hard to shift. I really hope she picks up too! Her nostrils had dried on blood a few days ago which really panicked me but it seems to be a bit better today. Quite excited about the possibility of her being better now! The vet said she wasn't too bad and should get better.
  15. Might be a silly question sorry..... We've got some Tylan soluble to treat 1 bantam with Mycoplasma. We're meant to put it in the water but I'm worried that she won't get as much as is needed. Does anybody know if I can just give it to her in a bit of food to make sure she gets enough or does it have to be dissolved in water to work properly?
  16. We have a wonderful Orp! I love her to bits. She follows me around and is interested in everything. She chuckles pleasantly while pottering about but makes a bit more noise if I don't let her free range for a bit in the day but is very popular with the neighbours. She is big and looks really striking when wandering round the garden. I've heard lots of good things about the Barnevelders too and think we may get one next. Can't comment on eggs, we've not got any yet!
  17. When you start putting framed and embroidered pictures up in the chicken coop and when you're happily boc boc boccing to your hen when you find your neighbours have been standing behind for 5 minutes and even their children think you're weird!
  18. Hello and welcome to the forum! Concerning the cold weather you could also think about the breed of hen. Here's a link to a page about good cold resistant girls. http://www.mysnazzychickencoop.com/raising-chickens/cold-weather-chicken-breeds I think generally they do pretty well in the cold but don't like draughts. You can do it cheaply or expensively, I meant to do it cheaply but It quickly became an obsession and now it's expensive. But sooooo worth it!
  19. Wow, Chickens are amazing! Sounds like all the chooks with broken legs are doing better than my b/f when he broke his leg! Good luck, I'm so pleased to hear so much love and care given to the little souls. I'd imagine many people would give up on a girl with a broken leg. Healing vibes to her. Keep us posted on her progress. x
  20. Right so I better fix the fence round the garden too! I can see myself running round the neighbours gardens already.
  21. Yes that's what I thought as well!! It was great, pretty bonkers people! And very American. Great though. Really cheered me up.
  22. It's really tricky. I'm doing mine today too.... I have a pekin who picks up mud balls. I think if you can stand her in some water for a while with a bit of soap in. It can take a while. Does she have feathered feet? They don't pick them off themselves unfortunately.
  23. Thanks coco. Or make it bigger!! Give them our house maybe!

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