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  1. Yeah sorry my fault meant to say I was worming them between ivomec treatments but worked out that it was the ivomec dosage . sorry for confusion Steve
  2. HI guys. Me again, as some of you probably remember my bantys had a reaction to ivomec spot on I treated them with last year. The reason for this was the receptionist at the vets gave me the wrong dosage so I ended up giving them far to much. All side effects have past but now im thinking I need to worm and treat again. Any advice would be much appreciated. My concern is that I don't want to risk the hens reacting worse to the ivomec if I decide to use it? Thanks in advance guys. Steve
  3. Yeah gavclojak she isn't such a silly billy. Glad she has finally learnt. It was rather annoying having to put her in every night. Maybe she was just looking some attention lol STeve
  4. Thanks Sonyascott for your help and thanks everyone. Tonight and last night she has finally went in to bed herself. Thanks Steve
  5. Thanks for all the help, I don't think she is being bullied, she is able to hang around with the other girls ok, ive saw the rest of the flock peck the new pekins more than her. She still isn't going in at night and have tried a number of things . Steve
  6. Ok thanks Grandmashazzie will have to try this. Steve
  7. Hi guys, Thought you's would be able to help me. I brought home 3 pullets from friends house about a couple of weeks ago, 2 pekin and 1 polish. The pekins know to go into the house at night after only needing to show them to go in once but the polish still doesn't know to go in, she just huddles up in the same part of the run every night so we have to put her in. Could I have any tips or advice on how to get the chicken in please? Many Thanks Steve
  8. Hi Daxi girl, Thanks for the reply, yes I had it set up in a room that is hardly used, so no windows were opened, I managed to get a few chicks out of it so I am quite relieved. Thanks again Daxigirl
  9. Hi guys, Hatching eggs in a brinsea 20 eco at the minute. I made sure the temperature of the incubator was correct before putting the eggs in but the temperature doesn't seem to stay at 37.5, at the minute it is just over the 37 degree mark, im only a couple of days into incubation and a bit worried, could someone please advice me? Your help would be much appreciated STeve
  10. Thanks red wing for your help Steve
  11. Hi guys, Another piece of advice I would like please from those who show birds, could you tell me other than layers pellets do you feed some pigeon conditioner or anything else to bantam leading up to a show? Thanks Steve
  12. Yes I will try and let yas know, I have used honeycomb,snowflake and vanilla thats the only thing, but thanks for the ideas guys. Keep them coming if you can Steve
  13. Hi guys can you please give me some ideas for chicken names for these hens which : 1 White Pekin 1 Barred Wyandotte 1 Columbian Pekin 1 Buff Pekin Names would be great because I cant come up with anything decent Thanks guys Steve
  14. Yes thanks egghead, so glad they are ok and was only after buying 4 new ones so was ripping
  15. Hi there, Start reading up now, I found beekeeping was not something to rush into as there is alot to learn. joining a local association will give you contacts to where you can obtain bees but also some local association let you use their extraction equipment. Beginner course I would recommend because you can learn the basics along with people at the same level as you. Hope this helps Steve
  16. 5ml per hen, was nearly sure I told them I kept banties, no Idea of the strength sorry. Steve
  17. Thanks for all your help guys. Yesterday none seemed to be walking backwards and they seem fine otherwise so that a possitive. Thanks Steve
  18. Thanks very much, the vet that I was speaking to today said that neuroligical problemssuch as blindness and lack of co-ordination can occur if given to much. Do you know if the effect wore off on the chickens in the ex batt forum? Thanks Steve
  19. Good as long as I put it in the right place, one was still doing it and was still out so I put her into bed, I rang the vets earlier to enquire about the doseage and the receptionist said she would ask the person that served me yesterday. Steve
  20. Yeah put it on the back of their neck, is that not where you are supposed to put it? Thanks Steve
  21. Good idea, I could do that, please watch this video and you will understand what I mean Thanks Steve
  22. Brilliant thanks redwing, wasnt sure as she has had them for a few weeks now but i think its getting feathery now. Stephen
  23. Hi guys, I have a polish bantam and the feathers on its head are a bit wirey like pictured below. Wills this straighten itself out in the next moult? Thanks Steve

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